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  1. An 114 year old Nigerian man caught with 6.5 tones of pot?
  2. can i be a member of the vatican
  3. just got back from the bar and got blindsided by a dickless fuck
  4. Nutting on a black girls face
  5. Heading to London
  6. Nebraska mans shoots crossbow at neighbor for calling his Lab a Pit Bull
  7. Happeh 21first TSA
  8. australians, lol, who gave these people their own country?
  9. Whats Crackalackin
  10. Eac & Lame Cd Rip Guide
  11. Jesus christ this is the least funny shit i've ever read in my life
  12. WTF ! is wrong wiff yall
  13. girls and texting
  14. The Moment of Death
  15. Shit went down in Pittsburgh this morning.
  16. "sexting" - The fuck is this shit?
  17. Kid opens his N64 for christmas, this is one of the funniest things ive ever seen
  18. what a bunch of losers
  19. The snuggler-snuggle
  20. Ok, so whos idea was it to let me view the veteran section?
  21. friday night
  22. is it wrong for guys to date younger women
  23. For beer drinkers: Trappist Beer
  24. Oh again the white man's law ruins the black mans 21st bday
  25. Moral Dilemma 2: What Would Julio Do?
  26. I got caught beating tha meat
  27. What up, My gay ass is back!
  28. EMO philics
  29. THe Bartenders Corner
  30. I Need Your Opinion!!!! Yes You! LOL
  31. Shamwow guy uses his shamwow to clean up hookers blood
  32. Speed dating
  33. Time to move to Afghanistan.
  34. Obama Bin Ladens G20 Europe trip
  35. Store Clerk fights oFf armed robbers with a golf club
  36. The UK to monitor everyone's e-mails and internet traffic for the next year?
  37. i have Salmonellosis
  38. english slang
  39. Is it arse or ass?
  40. User Groups
  41. What was Tza's 21 Bday bash REALY like ?
  42. Porn And Shit, Feel Me?
  43. I sent Brock a photo of a cookie cutter shaped like a gun
  44. BeauyFlyB strikes back!
  45. Ellen Degeneres. Damn her to hell! Right to fucking hell!
  46. Improving the 'Ledge
  47. Gardetto's
  48. That banned Poh homo PWNT youtube!
  49. Tyson(2008)
  50. Weng, Weng, I'm single now....
  51. best shit ever...
  52. what dose it mean to be Wu
  53. Casa De La Spic
  54. feelin the design
  55. How many times a day do you pound your bald-headed bishop?
  56. four word story
  57. ...................................
  58. SMH at this Diddy twitter shit
  59. Ghostlaced must of took notes from my sig
  60. Good friday
  61. Just in case you need another reason to HATE Sinbad..
  62. put it on HLN High speed chase goin on with a dumb ass broad
  63. How often do you drastically lower your standard for sex?
  64. Wu-Corpin' it in class??? anybody??
  65. Tissa trys to blend in with the whoights in nebraskee
  66. YO Jammin!! Peace to the God!! How u, God??!!!
  67. What's your favorite pussy shape?
  68. I love this site
  69. Would any of you ever hang out with other Wu-Corpers?
  70. Are YOU Catholic?
  71. Who invented the fitted hat?
  72. General chat and what exactly it is.
  73. lets network
  74. Show some love
  75. happy easter everybody
  76. Skampoe of all people needs to hear this song
  77. SpeakonitGod gets sonned by Asian built Robot
  78. average pussy size
  79. A Day in the Life of CJ
  80. Who is the antiChrist?
  81. Wolf has a conversation with his non-existant 2ndry
  82. easter is stupid
  83. Let's Say Some Fag Owed You Like 10 Camels...
  84. Pastor Melissa Scott, You know, That Hot Televangelist You Watch While Drunk at 2 am?
  85. Real Leprechaun sighting!
  86. Movie one-liners trivia with Tooch.
  87. Mercedes Benz Built in White Gold
  88. peace gawd
  89. evil accapellz
  90. happy b day
  91. VJ'ing with the Wii-Mote
  92. GEN-Twitta... TheWuCorp Version of Twitter
  93. guess who was droppin science on the train
  94. check out the new track
  95. Sandwich shops fucking up your sandwich
  96. So my white friend came over yesterday
  97. Most sexual inneundo in 45 seconds.
  98. Girl chooses Japan over parents
  99. Howard Stern crew gets lady to say "Niggers" over store PA by paging "Nick Gerz"
  100. MY HATERS my number 1 fans!!!
  101. Lindsey Lohan makes a video looking for love on eHarmony.
  102. I fuckin LOVE Craigslist
  103. Why having ballerific shit is not a good idea
  104. Imagine a Wu Tang Corp iPhone App?
  105. Irish comedian Tommy Tiernan sets world record n does stand up for 36 hours straight!
  106. sluts, do they turn you off ? or is it just me
  107. BigBadMan can still fuck you up
  108. Dont you hate it when Wu-Corp members try to be smart and type intelligent shit?
  109. wumusicgroup.com is now "Wu-Tang Corp - Official site of the Wu-Tang Clan"
  110. Whats the coolest toy you ever owned as a kid??
  111. do you have BEEF with CELLULITE
  112. Tons O' Lyrics
  113. African Man Escapes Python Grip By Biting it
  114. I was just thinking....
  115. Cheerleader Coach Fired Over Nude Pics
  116. Pro eng, do you hate the black jesus?!?!
  117. Respect
  118. an explaination of mix tapes for you men who still wear wu wear and think puffy daddy
  119. Advice needed
  120. There is a new user group in town: The Non Ignorants.
  121. youtube videos
  122. Now I Remember Where I Seen Rihanna Before....
  123. If you remember me, read this.
  124. Anybody wanna play Chinese poker?
  125. white movie stars who date black women
  126. How do you fags stay loyal to your boyfriends?
  127. my region
  128. If someone ever tells you they are a social media expert...
  129. LOL I just found TruWizDumb's Youtube account!!!
  130. You Laugh, You lose.
  131. How many triangles?
  132. You ever notice the guy snorting a line of coke in the Coca Cola Logo?
  133. Tupac Shakur is locked up in Clinton
  134. Lets talk about Cock-Blocking.
  135. income tax
  136. Hey baby-
  137. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha -dead-
  138. Has raekwon blown it...again?
  139. ahahahaha-You May not Truly Understand My Joy
  140. New Miss USA
  141. happy 420 niggiz
  142. My thoughts on life
  143. Vision's Ask a Question, Get an Answer
  144. The Freaks Come out at Night!!!
  145. Happy 4/20 everyone
  146. 5,000 posts
  147. 3G Or Not 3G
  148. I miss George W. Bush...
  149. Why are Redheads....?
  150. You mad??
  151. I Have Some Tragic News
  152. A Bag Of Weed
  153. no reservations
  154. on a day like 2day
  155. \\\ Post Ur Trick ?uestionz ///
  156. Cleveland Tourism Video....Art will love this.
  157. Favorite number between 1 and 40?
  158. Head, or girlfriend
  159. dispite popular belief (wu corp edition)
  160. Yo Its Time To Form A WuCorp Union
  161. Which one of u bastards is this
  162. A 12 year old in college?
  163. oh sweet
  164. whats the meaning on 4/20 day
  165. 973.409.3271 To Vote To Legalize The "Precious"?? Is It Legit???
  166. watts fo dinner? tha thred.
  167. Gardening with STYLE
  168. Slang Gargoyle Has A TV Show lol
  169. Cooking-gardening-arts n craaffffsssss
  170. U.god new era cap
  171. taking masturbation to a new level
  172. Jigsaw Loves Little Carrots.
  173. finally got one of these
  174. how to be mo attractive to women??
  175. yo sledgehammer
  176. NEW DUB ZERO's!
  177. Okay, umm.. I almost shit my pants
  178. watch tv free streaming
  179. I need advice, seriously!
  180. Im t.n.t
  181. Str8 m seeking advice/friendship from other str8 m (esp. DJs)
  182. I Got Mad Friends Sun...
  183. i got skype
  184. F*cking GANGSTER!!!!!!!!
  185. STONER CHICKS---not for duh queers-
  186. Peace to tha Gods and tha Eaths!!!!
  187. Were all the usergroups except the 1% deleted?
  188. Woman's Bra stops bullet
  189. They let the monkey out
  190. Buttah face killaaaaaaaaa
  191. Beyonce singing off key
  192. How many of you use 'Google Chrome'?
  193. How to roll a blunt from BReal
  194. Harley quinn
  195. What Grinds Your Gears?
  196. Gotted me a phressh cut shun (Bitchin Dooz)
  197. Klonopin
  198. Fuck the Police
  199. Aussie cats feel left out the war
  200. Two cheers for NOT getting a hoodrat pregnant
  201. cassie vs mya
  202. Heres a random video of an Asian Girl seducing a banana
  203. Some almost universal shit about black sexuality i've noticed
  204. Ja Rule and his gay chronies make a homo erotic video
  205. Stoner Thread: Stupid shit you've said/Done while high..
  206. I'd inappropriately fondle Ricki Lake
  207. Detroit is a hellhole.
  208. Deadly new flu virus in US and Mexico may go pandemic THE END OF WORLD
  209. What some other forums i can through my music up on???
  210. Looney Tunes + Weed = Awesome
  211. Dad skull fucks his son during hockey celebration.
  213. Can a girl be "Out Of Your League?" What does it mean, really?
  214. Rapidshare snitches!
  215. Exactly who on here is Karamel married to?
  216. a good site to learn poker?
  217. Legalize
  218. Uncle Bungle featuring Impact, Nate, Skampoe - Snake & Crane (2009)
  219. Cereal is for fags
  220. Pat Bateman Is Hip-Hop!
  221. Drunken Monk is Jesus Christ resurrected
  222. Pork eaters
  223. So I sent a bunch of you clips from GUMMO
  224. i want to apologize to wucorp
  225. any D.C. heads out there?
  226. The cool thing about having a big dick.
  227. Thinking like a woman
  228. Where did TSA's classic post thread go?
  229. Swine flu latest
  230. http://crackle.com
  231. people that jock other people
  232. Why do i only like down SOUF musik when im high ?
  233. Da God just got fleeced for half a G. .By a dentist
  234. List all that is wrong with this picutre
  235. I bet SKAMPOE has better grammar and writing skills than SPEAKONITGOD
  236. An 8 year old girl divorces her 50 year old husband?
  237. So how about Egypt slaughtering all those pigs?
  238. Crate Diggin Excursions (what you got on vinyl muthaphuka?)
  239. Another Cleveland Tourism Video (Detroit is a Hellhole cont.)
  240. not cool
  241. I Got A Job BItcheSSSSSSSSSSS!!!
  242. BREAKING NEWS: Toddler Is First U.S. Swine Flu Death!
  243. The swine flu is just a scheme 2 control the mexican drug trade...
  244. its really swine flu important for u?
  245. Is Nicky Touch a Douche?
  246. What's your favorite kind of chips?
  247. Headbutted by a horse???
  248. Salvia
  249. You know your shitty myspace band sucks when....
  250. Cell Phone GUNS!