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  1. 3 new trax yo werd up i needs sum feed on the real
  2. Nation about due for a big cult suicide!
  3. The ultimate clothing item for thebobbleheadassassin
  4. Anyone here ever have a thought provoking conversation with a female younger than 35?
  5. cool U.S.B. gadgets
  6. Name some famous people even more annoying than Queen Latifah
  7. Roughest city to grow up in
  8. Pittsburg(h)
  9. Remembuh those ho's 3LW?
  10. Reptillian brainwashing by mass media?
  11. crunchy pizza is the bomb yo
  12. Alot of new and ill tunes on here fam-stop sleeping!
  13. Who are these girls in Gravel Pit?
  14. What's the longest you've been awake
  15. post your browser foo
  16. US worker dies in chocolate vat
  17. Do you think MJ was sacrificed for corn harvest?
  18. Illest clothing line
  19. Happy Birthday HAN
  20. Altered beats is coming soon!!! Who wants to play ???
  21. So I am channel Surffing...
  22. Go get high and watch this
  23. Dopium
  24. test corp survey
  25. House Nigger vs Paper Plate
  26. who heres been to job corps?
  27. Wayne Brady - OB4CL Part 3
  28. LOL We all love ass dont we...
  29. dirty hoe, weed and melons
  30. Fucking Headlines
  31. Thank you Jessica
  32. Morgan Freeman To Marry His Grandaughter
  33. Ipod Touch
  34. at least we still have Janet
  35. House Nigga Buddens message board getting owned
  36. Texts From Last Night...
  37. Texting Teen Falls Down Manhole
  38. party niggas dont know how to act
  39. NickyTooch and Sunny Winters Science Projects
  40. mike jackson cover up
  41. There is nothing Wera likes more than a hard cock jammed in his rectum
  42. WTFUCK happened to P-Noid Brownose?
  43. Cherries and whipped cream on Karamel Sundae
  44. Eskovonne... What THAT Smell Like?
  45. TSA's thread for discussing Gavin
  46. Chunkula spunkula gets her monthly vd treatment
  47. CSI:Miami Comic
  48. TSA Art Gallery
  49. Newton's Law is a mutha...
  50. Shaq is visiting the Shaolin temple Getting Head from Ghostlaced at this moment
  51. What's an eighth these days in your area? WARNING:Cops want to know
  52. How Disappointed Will Nagra Be When He Finds Out OB4CL2 Sucks?
  53. hahahaaahhahaahha Coors Light INtroduce "Shotgunnable Beer Can" for alcoholics
  54. Footage released of MJ's hair being set on Fire (fuck! ghostlaced wants to lick him)
  55. Ahahaha-Damn
  56. Lower IQ 'a heart disease risk'
  57. this one goes out to robby dee
  58. My new JAM "Im RAD"
  59. people the circles we deal with
  60. Da fuck is going on with this bitch
  61. This might be the scariest thing ever...
  62. any of ya on twitter?
  63. Is it a coincidence Ghostlaced & 50 cent are transexual?
  64. Some MJ GIF's Made by Michael's #1 Fan
  65. Was Michael Jackson Murdered By Ghostlaced?
  66. How hot is it where u at?
  67. u ever fuck widdim Rasta niggas?
  68. Post your fav Outdated Black President Joke..
  69. Would You Hit It?
  70. Lets get the first names fellas
  71. The Offical: Story Time with Fredy
  72. A Guide on how to spot goldiggers (Charles Jones Please Read)
  73. The most popular used word on this site..
  74. Burff day win!!
  75. Peep my iced out robby digital
  76. ever get the feeling so many people over the age of 40 are so fucking DUMB
  77. R.I.P. to the most trusted man in America, Walter Cronkite.
  78. The Most Beautiful Woman On Earth
  79. Is this site for real?
  80. The wiener mobile gets a little too excited?
  81. lol i got a date with a chubb in 20 minutes
  82. WWJD? Luv dem hoes?
  83. Nutella is like pussy for my mouth, i mean, if pussy could be melted and tasted yummy
  84. Discuses
  85. i know this is where everyone is so..
  86. Do you have more posts on here than $$$ in your bank
  87. Let's talk about drippe k sig(The infamous shaking booty)
  88. Summertime and the livin' is easy...
  89. Just got home from an all day cook out
  90. Wu-Tang Corp Forums - DUMB ASS RANT
  91. Rugby League Referee gets KNOCKED OUT
  92. Do you have more rep points on here than years on this earth
  93. Who the phuck is this Fred character?!
  94. I CanT ConCentRate on PoaSting in FreDs Cuz...
  95. I realized the world is one big clusterfuck
  96. These are our heroes... :']
  97. Runners
  98. BWAHAHAHAHAHA Slang owns the wu
  99. ITS HOW I STAY SO PLUMP...digi snaz
  100. KTL is fucking trash
  101. Gavin's new 'business' card for yall
  102. Yo Ghostlaced ..Do Me A Favour Jigga
  103. Has KaramelSundae got n00dz yet?
  104. Anybody here live in Detroit?
  105. F y i
  106. Whats todays mathematics with eyebrows, gawd?
  107. Vagiphobia
  108. Who is this fraud ass sharknigga?
  109. Who's been kicked out of a titty bar?
  110. New York
  111. Nuclear bombs sis
  112. R.I.P. to the Taco Bell dog
  113. I'm not dead
  114. let me tell yall a story about a female on here
  115. Black in America 2 CNN
  116. the picture train thread.... no text.
  117. Post your Yearbook Photos.
  118. Who only visiits wucorp when ur drunk as fuck.
  119. Whats the best movie to watch while blazing?
  120. Unblocked radio stream....
  121. "The Crucifixion of Michael Jackson"
  122. when slangin dick, ever hold back?
  123. PSA for Ghostlace
  124. Dead bear found on porch
  125. The birth control pill may be less effective with fat chicks?
  126. why 'Ghostlaced is boring, predicatble and homo....
  127. When virgins discuss sex.
  128. lacey needs a fisting session situation, situation.
  129. Being friends with a dudes mother.
  130. Your Fav His & Hers Scents
  131. so which is better?
  132. hey blackula
  133. She's Alive
  134. the dumbest MJ analysis yet
  135. Bedroom Vocals
  136. I have hit 1k, it seems.
  137. Im gay and feel disgusted by the female body
  138. Patient to Ban David Daniel Davis -Daniel Day Lewis-Parker Lewis Can't Lose
  139. If WuCorp was a prison
  140. My Latino boyfriend sez I'm a racist cuz I want to have a threesome with a white man
  141. Frustration
  142. what happend to jordi
  143. what are your nicknames in real life ?
  144. Yo dawg
  145. Getting Angry ?
  146. Your Papers
  147. My brother believed me - I said if I fucked him in the ass his penis will get bigger.
  148. Skampoe broadcasting live....in the nood
  149. boogie down the aisle
  150. How dare they just...
  151. Just thought I would say............
  152. $55,000 Pussy!
  153. the illest mc in the wu iz !!!
  154. Grafitti animation... coolest shit i have ever seen
  155. ''im scared to speak about how my dad touches me back there so i make up stories
  156. question...
  157. Happy birthday tooch!
  158. Nation Of Islam according to their own website
  159. Anybody a fan of T-Shirts???
  160. When Being A Smartass Goes Wrong.
  161. Ironworkers Guild presents A Man Called Relik
  162. Those dirtbag Mormons came knocking at our door at 8:30 tonight
  163. why acidphosphate hasn't logged on today
  164. I haz no teef so all I can eat is candy apple - what am I missing out on?
  165. Peace out!
  166. Stereotypical behaviour
  167. AWWW SHIIIIIT Word to Ghostface!
  168. Atlanta to become the first US city to get rid of housing projects.
  169. which one would you sex bwoy?
  170. I fought another Marine
  171. why cant all my files download this fast
  172. This is friggin hilarious...
  173. Who retitles threads into funny/gay shit?
  174. Ivonne needs 2 lose some weight..
  175. Want to make it rain?
  176. gen chat trivia fuckers
  177. 100 Things Your Children May Never Know About
  178. what are you snacking on this very moment?
  179. Mother strips and dances on webcam in front of young son
  180. My Vision
  181. You wanna know we african's opinion of these shows?
  182. Any you niggaz play forumwarz
  183. Yinka Shonibare
  184. Am I a cracker??
  185. shit goes down in TX son
  186. Sunny done stole all my hoes
  187. Skampoe spotted Ridin' Dirty
  188. man i just saw some crazy shit downtown
  189. White men and horses
  190. Godamn! 1st MJ now this....
  191. Which car should me and my boyfriend use for our fuckmobile?
  192. i think that umm, yeah? be a nympho is a something but sorta disease
  194. hide the banana peels, the monkey is on funny patrol.
  195. Well Heres WU CORPS most SHOOK FGGT!! LMAO
  196. I noticed Ghostlace is in total distress
  197. ghostlaced irl
  198. I look at general chat and see...
  199. in todays episode(a G shifter production video)
  201. Pcp t-shirt line for the uk fans
  202. Homophobia and mysogyny in WuCorp
  203. Rapper threatens cops by name and gets time.
  204. Do white people enjoy being demonized?
  205. Dan Insults Your Grandmother
  206. the objective of me being black on wutangcorp is to spread disinformation to duh youf
  207. Ok, i get it
  208. Post Whores from Your Country
  209. Since it's summertime..
  210. file sharing programs
  211. Text a girl, ask "Can I Tap That?"
  212. How long would it take The Game to have a mental breakdown on this forum here?
  213. Overkill
  214. The Care Bear Brigade says "Fuck your Couch" I care ALOT about rep you faggots
  215. Thread changer title, Bitch I is, I'll kill fuck you with a spoon rusted
  216. Anyone have a pussy?
  217. right or wrong how do you determine
  218. I shit hershey kisses! What did you crap out @day??
  219. Slang's Question: Continuing the human race.
  221. Tza since his banning.
  222. How the economy doing in your part of the world/country?
  223. did black people vote in Obama to piss on white people?
  224. HAPPY BORN DAY GZInjected...
  225. Watch This Video
  226. Rehab staff 'killed web addict'
  227. Eddie Winslow (Darius McCrary) Goes In On Karrine Superhead Steffans!
  228. I'm on a mission to get them Kanye doodoo babies (check out these Blazers!!!)
  229. Male assholes are deh bombz
  230. 'I take it up my ass and style my eyebrows with the cum that hits my face (consensus)
  231. Vanessa Hudgens nudes--not for the blazer clad!
  232. Win rep now....guess what movie this song is from.
  233. who is SUNNY WINTERS?
  234. Igbo war tactics as spoken by virgins
  235. Wu Tang Financial Comic Skit (Gotta get those $'s)
  236. 7th grandpanties
  237. ah man just went bikeriding like seven miles
  238. Skinny Jeans Vs. Jeans Around Your Knees
  239. Canadians fail to admit fault with their abnormal mutated heads and raspy voices.
  240. Skampoe in jail
  241. Who wants to listen to a fuckin retard pretend likes he knows something?
  242. Am wondering?
  243. ROBERT N BATEMAN tag team gavins dick
  244. WHoever banned Patrick Bateman has issues.
  245. My Life According To....
  246. Somebody post a picture of Tomb LMOA!
  247. Blackula's relation to this forum (Uzi)
  248. Your love/hate for me has got you disrespecting yourself
  249. sharon stone looks a bitch wit 50 yearz old
  250. Can any of you negative mofo's answer this?