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  1. out of all Nigerians in the world........
  2. Rate fast food joints HELFYness
  3. gimme ya opinions,thanks
  4. charlesjones ,just a few questions for you
  5. tsa`s dream... to be rich living in the burbs witha white women
  6. Blue Balls
  7. a serial horse rapist? wtf
  8. Shit you'll never drive
  9. does someobody wanna suggest some hobbies for beautifulrock!?!?!!?
  10. ''And for our 4th date, hee took me to the movies n fingered my asshole''
  11. After 3 Years in jail, 'Victim' says she lied about gang rape
  12. see,im not one dimensional at all,different style of production,check it
  13. when was the LAST TIME you went to the dentist?
  14. Derek If you are Male...
  15. Staring At A Woman's Boobs Can Extend Life By 5 Years
  16. Stem Cells Cure Blind Man
  17. Pheeewww, been runing aroundike a mad man, late xmas shoppers of death kiid
  18. ATTN: blakula_spetakula
  19. I wuz Gavin's s3cret Santa
  20. have a good X-mas yall
  21. I'm sick as eggs
  22. Home for the holidays
  23. Hall of Holocaust Quotables
  24. Raw Video: Pope Knocked Down at Christmas Mass
  25. my christmas present to all
  26. "Can the race that rejected me, propose some herpe remedies?"
  27. Anyone know where I can cop these in store?
  28. 26th Dec........
  29. Sean Kingston Sings 'Suicidal' For Sick Kids In The Hospital
  30. what if black people could breathe in space without helmets
  31. is dec 25 a good or bad time for people
  32. A pair of FEIT theshaolin igbo would keep clean
  34. what did you get fo' X-mas?
  35. bald boy body'd chix make my boner boing boing cause i'm gay.
  36. Oh Snap!
  37. how to eliminate debt and create wealth(audio)
  38. happy holidays from steve
  39. *HOW TO* kick to the face edition
  40. Dec 27: Today the iranians fight back once again
  41. Comedic Winning: A Discourse in SOAWF Igbotism
  42. White ppl and their gay taste in women ruin the holy grail: KIM KARDASHIAN
  43. People who analyze humor
  44. Attention anyone with myspaces
  45. So these are the space jam retros riots were breaking out over?
  46. Why do dudes beg???
  47. Teen Wolf Dick Out
  48. Dec 27, Today the Iranian people freed hanged protestors, and were shot at by police
  49. I can`t stand those fake ass G`s who act like they can have any girl they want.
  50. Heard a new rumor about HAARP
  51. Is this a racist KFC commercial?
  52. 10 years ago around this time, I went crazy...
  53. Tha TROOF of the IGBO Mentalitee
  54. Grafitti Tagger gets 8 years in Jail, no chance of early release
  55. The JOOS have no choice but to steal, THEY ARE TAUGHT TO IN THEIR SCRIPTURES
  56. When you take a shit do you??
  57. ouch
  58. Happy B-DAY Tomb!!
  59. So a Nigerian tried to blow up a plane, and the 'TSA' has now changed flight rules
  60. I wanna make peace with skampoe (no homo)
  61. Street Art
  62. Trixx Wishes You All Well, Shes On Vacation right now...
  63. race =/= sexuality
  64. from ''fuck the police'' to rockin man thongs?
  65. cuz it looked like ALLAH?
  66. What's good Wu-Corp?
  67. New Years Plans??
  68. rocket launcher on a bike
  69. print out fuckable pussy.
  70. Why did I get into Wu instead of ICP? these bitches are hot...
  71. Tourettes Guy Is Alive
  72. What the fuck happened to tony bandana
  73. some stupid ali baba bitch tried denying me beer at da local bodega
  74. who here like the show "rules of engagement"
  75. No wonder China's yoof grow up to OFF themselves
  76. People that believe your energy is your spirit
  77. Jewelz Wars: Koran V. Bible
  78. SHIT! AHahahahhaahhaA! DID YOU READ THIS SHIT!?
  79. Funeral home offers drunk drivers a free burial.
  80. Speak on it's likka stoe run...what rly happened
  81. Do you ever find LINT on your DICK??
  82. Post your spirit Animals!!!!!! (Its a Gay Thing)
  83. Fat kid tries a cannonball on a frozen lake.
  84. ppl that say fuck but don't say god damn
  85. check two
  86. Jake the Muss
  87. black dooDs, womens hand bags, explain?
  88. alcatraz was correct about whoights in the grocery store
  89. Peep ma digi snax- str8 from the sheltuh!!
  90. yo. Happy Wu Year, yo.
  91. My perverted photoshop collection
  92. Crazy satanic rituals in Philly involving hundreds of animals?
  93. Shyheim "Disrespectfully Speaking" interview
  94. Do you have any New Years Resolutons?
  95. Tyra Banks quit doing her show
  96. I heard blacula had ze behbee
  97. Online dating
  99. Peace to the mudd society !!!
  100. yeeee happy new year wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  101. fat bitches or skinny bitches
  102. So fuckin hung over!!!
  103. a cry for help... beautfulrock 2010!!!!!!!
  104. How does the corp feel about nicky tooch being 43 !!!!
  105. shortest song in history
  106. Its too bad the Forum doesn't have trend topics..
  107. What do you wish you smelled like?
  108. what was your greates acomplishment in 09
  109. Whut album(s) are you bippity bumpin' right now?
  110. Guys that like big asses, subconsciously want a big dick...observe
  111. I ♥ SideBoob
  112. http://www.pornstarorpotato.com/
  113. lion bites zebra, zebra drowns lion
  114. The current status of the TSA/Crow ongoing saga.
  115. Post in here every time you take a piss while on wu-corp.
  116. Cleveland State of Mind
  117. 2010
  118. Lets all chip in and get CharlesJones a laptop
  119. I got an itch today
  120. worst comment ever on live TV
  121. Where will you go when America collapses
  122. In exactly 1 year, wu-corp gained 2,264 members, but only 11 active members
  123. Versions of kick ass ppl in different countries.
  124. What are you Reading Rainboa constrictor rrrright NOW?
  125. Happy new uber-douche everyone...
  126. I want to collect albums. Should I take the plastic off the CD case?
  127. How did I sleep on Jersey Shore?
  128. I just look at the pictures.
  129. how to make the prodigy's 'smack my bitch up'
  130. fuck wucorp soawf
  132. THE GREAT TEASE OFF (Alexis Texas v, Jayden James v Kagney)
  133. SID BANANA! the whore that spawned his retarded self noods
  134. Should I hit it?
  135. Are you willing to suck cock for 120 lessons?
  136. It is that time again.
  137. Evolution of.. DUH EYEBROWZ
  138. From the skinnies to this? What part of the game is this?
  139. lacey bones nightmare!
  140. "Pit Boss" a TV show about an ex-con midget that rescues Pit Bulls...F'ing brilliant
  141. NOW thats what I call SPIRIT FACKIN! ANIMALS
  142. I'm fully convinced Prolifical ENG..
  143. Skampoe's wife looks like...(THE OFFICIAL HOLIDAY MOVEMENT)
  144. Post things you'd NEVER DO WHILE ON VACATION
  145. hahahahahaha bitch i live in a fuckin trash can
  146. My night of passion with skampoes wife (detailed account)
  147. "The True Story of the Bilderberg Group"
  148. 19 sisters of Wu Tang Corp forum members
  149. Pensho Finn Ltd: Public Service Announcement Part 2
  150. Do you ever genuinely feel sorry for someone on here.
  151. does anybody got a prisonplanet.tv membership?
  152. On My Way to LA
  153. So i was smackin my ape without lube....
  154. Is the Beautifulrock guy for real?
  155. Fam wants to pack up and move to Atlanta
  156. Detroit's Unemployment Rate Is Worse Than Cleveland's
  157. How Does The Welfare System Work?
  158. LOL@I Don't Like Sex
  159. Dennis Rodman's Bad As I Wanna Be book
  160. Every African must know..
  161. Things YOU Wanna DO Before You're THRU
  162. dont spend ya time wit stpid post and chek it
  163. chek out my new shower head
  164. Food for Thought...
  165. I just coughed and a big glob of spit landed on my F2 key
  166. Coming soon to cell phones..
  167. Artie Lange tried to kill himself
  168. Strange Fruit a.k.a Karamel Sundae???
  169. I am in LOVE
  170. its come to my attention that
  171. Where in the werld is sid
  172. The Art of War- UK Edition
  173. Apparently she doesn't like it black & sweaty
  174. do you like tattoo`s ????
  175. Random Creepy Guy .com
  176. In a minute...
  177. Coming soon to tables..
  178. What's up fam?
  179. Chris grant dog beating video
  180. Post Your Snow
  181. Weird People
  182. is too late to say u.......
  183. Necro - The Human Traffic King White Slavery Pt 2
  184. Is it just me or does skampo remind you of vinni paz.
  185. having a dog = having a baby [craziest 2min video ever]
  186. former bilderberger blows the whistle....
  187. money or fame which one would you choose
  188. dont be mad lol
  189. George Lopez Speaking The Truth About Racism In Hollywood Towards Minority Actors
  190. Why Does It Take So Long To Get Housing When You Apply For Low Income Housing?
  191. Ignorant Black Men Have A Mental Problem And They're Afraid To Get Help
  192. How Many Of Ya'll Are Unemployed?
  193. How Many Of Ya'll Have A Car?
  194. What's Your Favorite Cereals?
  195. Wanna take you to the movies
  196. Which Restaurant Is Better? Applebee's Or Friday's?
  197. Popeye's Chicken
  198. CharlesJones, please please please please
  199. how to post youtube videos
  200. for those who watch snuff videos
  201. Im Off supervision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  202. How much does skampo weigh ... (seriously).
  203. Someone, did'nt pay the bills.
  204. Peak Oil Crisis
  205. Hot Chicks + Hotdogs = Nuffsaid
  206. Black People White People
  208. is this how the world views america?
  209. b rocks effort must be acknowledged.
  210. google chrome >>
  211. fun slides
  212. Female WTC members looking for legalized male prostitutes?
  213. Strange snacks ya eat
  215. White People are just too fucking much... AVATAR? fo real dude?
  216. Wunded,Magma,Nakhi......
  217. Shit Threads
  218. Double Fisted
  219. haha robotic sex doll
  220. Im going to the Dominican Republic jan 29-31
  221. tsa White Girls Can Really Rap Too!!!
  222. CES 2010: Hands-On With Transparent Display of the Future
  223. Gavin/ Gravey bless this beat..
  224. White women that like black men exclusively are the worst breed.
  225. do not watch this video after eating or if you have a weak stomach
  226. More proof that nigerians are the whorededest
  227. Ass-loving black men had the right idea...
  228. Aunt Jemima's Pancakes And Bob Evans Sausage
  229. Apple Pie, Strawberry Cheesecake, Cookies And Cream/Vanilla Ice Cream/Rainbow Sherbet
  230. Why Do Black Men Say That's My Man When They're Talking About A Friend?
  231. Krispy Kreme Or Dunkin Donuts? Who's Glazed Donuts Are Better?
  232. Michael Jackson Cause of Death Updated
  233. A-rabs fear the I-talians
  234. Transformers: War for Cybertron - Extended Trailer
  235. Don't go to Mexico, you will end up with your face sewn onto a soccer ball.
  236. Y'all seen this "Amazing Racist" cat?
  237. two fingas is all in ya hole
  238. GTAIV is better than I thought
  239. WaterMelon, Fried Chicken, and Grape Soda
  240. No Strings Attached
  241. White ppl like to complain.
  242. So...
  243. Nwata Vs Gongo Aso
  244. Oz Gang/Crime Videos...
  245. A moment of silence for the haiti victims
  246. Dam kid haiti got fucked up
  247. ha,i beat my case
  248. LMFAO Gary Busey....
  249. Emails to use on the SOHH forums??
  250. Italian City declares all blacks must leave