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  1. The recent race war we are amidst....
  2. Should the Obese get taxed?
  3. Watch me suck my own dick!!!!!!!!!nsfw
  4. How can we make the forum more like a Dave & Busters?
  5. please help me ... http://twitter.com/mollymshephard
  6. Lets take it to the charts!!!
  7. Any 1 has noods of this whore ya can share?!!
  8. Would you get emotional and upset if somehone had a different taste in music then you
  9. Gangbanging Is Stupid
  10. Religion Thread
  11. Japs are good at math
  12. Desktop
  13. Women infects 500 with AIDS!! Still out giving it out...
  14. wutang-corp.com/forum trivia question
  15. Nobody gave a shit about China's earth quake..
  16. Will there ever be a wu tang corp get together.
  17. Does this remind anyone else of BROCK TRACK REVIEWER
  18. Google is showing MORE real-time results
  19. 1 cool trick
  20. When Did Wu Ever Do Something This Ghetto?!
  21. alcamahole is ......GREAT
  22. CharlesJones, I would like your opinion on the late night fiasco on NBC
  23. Jewelz of the wounded fox
  24. somebody tell this fool this isn't real
  25. I Know 7 People on Wu-Corp. Who Don't Get Pussy....
  26. Jack of All Trades Vs. Master of One
  27. Has skampoe's wife collected enough Acorns for WinTah?
  28. if u were white whats the first thing u'd do
  29. Do you view skampoe as a nigga ?????
  30. What happened to the raw dress styles?
  31. LOL, han translation please!!
  32. The future is near - transparent computer screens....
  33. Im glad tissa is using the bike he got for xmas
  34. Generic race thread.
  35. nicky tooch`s iraq war flashbacks
  36. Is that T$A behind Hillary Clinton?????????????????????????????????????????
  37. who here has had their wisdom teeth removed
  38. ASIAN BUFFET Raid on Camera LMFAO!
  39. The coming out expose___12welve jewels edition
  40. Eko Atlantic City (buy your land now pussies)
  41. The Paper Philosophy
  42. Wait a second........
  43. African Beauty v/s African-American Beauty. WOW!
  44. FBI releases age-enhanced images of Osama bin Laden
  45. i hate people
  46. jayz bird man lil wayne
  47. new forum !!!!
  48. this iz rediculus !!!!!!!!! help us please !!
  49. hahahaah
  50. peep this
  51. Kids Reenact MTV’s Hit Series "Jersey Shore"
  52. Oh, yuh though TSA's nostrils were big? Well...
  53. this forum is weak
  54. Bow down to the white man`s god !!!!!!!!!
  55. White Ppl Snacks...
  56. The Aura of your city
  57. So, let me get this straight...
  58. What If TSA got a Magazine in 2011? The future of Cablephones...
  59. all this end of the world shit only affects white people
  60. Congrats on your promotion Robby!
  61. Adolf Winterz banned me from KTL again.
  62. The Pre-drop
  63. Weight Watchers group gatheres for a routine weigh-in, got a ways to go imo.
  64. Mlk
  65. Benny Fubu aka. Foodforthough
  66. A Thread so Blackula can show off her phat ass picture, yet again.
  67. Anyone else into that Pick-Up Artist stuff?
  68. How to move iTunes library from Mac to computer or from computer to Mac?
  69. Kids Reenact The First Thanksgiving
  70. U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes
  71. Fredro Starr On 2Pac And The East Coast/West Coast Beef
  72. And This Lil Piggy Stayed Home...(pcp)
  73. if youre 15 on a message board...
  74. Raekwon Re-Releasing CL2 .......
  75. 3 days in a row of 42 degree (107 Farenheit) heat...
  76. T$A and the 1% were stalking me for my ass photo and Toochski for his poetry
  77. Gimme that Christian side hug Prof zooruka
  78. Are you SERIOUS?! A 6.1 aftershock just occured in Haiti.
  79. Should i drink skampoes piss?
  80. Should I wipe SIDs ass?
  81. Decisions...
  82. New all white Basket Ball League.
  83. Post wimmin pics---the hetero thread
  84. Solar-powered Bibles sent to Haiti
  85. the new meth ghost and rae shit is the BOMB
  86. Atlanta ranks as the gayest city in America.
  87. Palantine
  88. Yo Godz, knowledge dis right quick.....
  89. SID-Time
  90. Chicken wing drumettes or flats?
  91. sidious hideous graffitty
  92. Fuck ur window!
  93. who gots that Firefox 3.6?
  94. blakula_spicktula's next boyfriend:
  95. Its been a long time.....
  96. Supreme Clientele is the best rap album ever, fuck what u think
  97. Ether Tools for the Etherologists
  98. Who hates my "thicket of twigs" ass the most?
  99. Is it really that real?
  100. my first plane ride
  101. Look I want to apologize, I dont like all these feelings..
  102. Coco's last show tonight :(
  103. Woman bobsledder's pants split live on TV
  104. GOT DAMN Ms Keys!!!
  105. What kind of music did you listen to as a teenager?
  106. WTC reps per posts (RPP) batting averages
  107. Haiti Fund
  108. Sid"s groupies await his performance @ the cock tavern
  109. ΓΑΜΩ
  110. a video that precisely sums up me at a party.
  111. Hi, I'm Technician I am Technically good at...Blow Jobs, Hand Jobs and Stalking men
  112. you knew somebody would do it...
  113. The official make the doo doo thread.
  114. My 10,000th Post Peace
  115. Tick Tock
  116. NickyTooch
  117. Rewind the tape twelve.......
  118. Do you wear your shoes in your house???
  119. the soreness after busting a nut
  120. Don't you just love those fast food type of apple pies?
  121. I think pringles initial intention was to make tennis balls........
  122. sha stimuli
  123. want free t-shirts?
  124. Rihanna's New Boyfriend Has Abused Women Before
  125. Why Do Guys Pay Strippers For A Dance But Won't Pay Prostitutes For Sex?
  126. Playing The Lottery Is A Waste Of Money
  127. look at this dumb shit in my city
  128. Dope Aussie Shit
  129. One year, 1,000 posts
  130. is anyone here "someone" irl?
  131. I heard robby was a troubled youff!
  132. Meet the world
  134. Who is the king of general chat.
  135. men that know damn well they have never had sex with an attractive woman that constan
  136. Directors don't approve Danny Glovers Haiti film because it "lacked white heroes"
  137. Whatchu talkin’ ‘bout, Utah County Sheriff’s Office?
  138. Bum Hunter
  139. Anyone else think Taylor Swift looks like a..
  140. I'm in need of acceptance, please say I won.
  141. 12welve Beauty Pageant. hot or not?
  142. people sign petition to get rid of first ammendment
  143. Juice Box's new hobby (plus I have more of that on my hard drive)?
  144. Ghostwriters
  145. So, i hear b-rock is the fitth element!
  146. Slang Gargoyle goes to Iraq
  147. How does one get inducted into the 1%?
  148. white people need 2 stop holding black babies
  149. TSA, Black Women's Attitudes Is The Reason Why Black Men Date White Women
  150. None of you are as gangsta as this grandma
  151. People: POST EM
  152. Hey check out this 'work safe' comic!
  153. Happy Birthday Prolifical ENG!!
  154. Wikipedia Round Up
  155. Lemme break it down faya virgins/nopussy gettin fags-
  156. The 1UP thread v3.0
  157. BREAKING NEWS: Diggy is not MIXED!!!
  158. Make a Wish Foundation
  159. If you were Gerard Butler, would you have taken Jennifer Aniston back to the hotel...
  160. On some real talk. Do any of you still develop crushes?
  161. Fantasia is a sexy woman, in my opinion.
  162. Mario Lopez raping chicks and other sexual hijinks at Bayside High.
  163. What kind of weed should I grow
  164. Apple iPad
  165. Question: Morning Wood
  166. apply here fo REVOLUTONARY STATUS
  167. My favorite 1% thread (except for the one where T$A was looking for my ass)
  168. Swoop in on yall niggas like...
  169. State of the Union Thread
  170. State of the Punani thread
  171. Which race has the creepiest albinos?
  172. North Korean pusseh must be hard to cum by
  173. OMG, mic gets shoved in his mouff!!!!!!
  174. There should be a forum for being ignorant
  175. american blacks are the most popular people in the world
  176. Is it normal to hear voices in your head?
  177. Bronze feet!
  178. Which Race makes the best fried chicken?
  180. A Call For Decency
  181. Do 1%'RS have grease under their finger nails?
  182. I dont think Daryl's nose is as bad as everyone says...
  183. Toss salad is the dirtiest thing !!!!!!!! But I love it. Peace be with you
  184. Ya'll niggas on dat nipple shit or what?
  185. When Bedbuds attack.
  186. find your twin
  187. how much money..
  188. Its gon be a baarn burner!!! Vote!
  189. vicodin is the SHIET
  190. Undercover: Inside TSA's nose. @WARNING NO HOLDS BARRED@
  191. Proof that God's on my side
  192. This is what happens with niggas that hate to hear the truth
  193. ALCATRAZ could learn a bunch from this film..
  194. More Fish is a great album
  195. is it ok to mix shrooms and vicodin
  196. A Facebook argument causes rival female gangs to shoot each other in the buttocks?
  198. imagine living below this nigga
  199. Mo' vegemite Mo' problems
  200. ive gut it!
  201. Books...
  202. Make some extra $ writing articles, reviews or whatever you want
  203. Im black ya"ll
  204. Catching Feelings
  205. Charles Manson appreciation thread
  206. 4 ma ktl niggaz-is there any truth behind this.
  207. School me on this gen chat business right quik
  208. seriously how is my rep the same as people who have only been here a minute.
  209. SID bragging on another forum how he got banned from here
  210. I think men wearing skirts would probably be the norm...
  211. 2009 was a mixed bag...but 2010 seems to be startin off wita bang...
  212. Black History 2010
  213. hairstyles ever since the beginning of man
  214. -VOTE- My High School Biology Teacher.
  215. SIDs drive by music
  216. Im trying to trap and kill a crack possum in my basement (aye!)
  217. Quoting Quotable Quotes in Hip-hop
  218. Abbattoirs Memoirs---Gen Chat's Lyrical Bloodbath
  219. Fredy Mech is a total meanie that kicked sand in my mangina
  220. Enter the Ninja
  221. racism at 35000 feet.
  222. Porno Accidente - guess what goes wrong
  223. Free sid aka Andy Dufrain
  224. Vagina Exam
  225. Inked Oinkers
  226. OK Drunken Monk, who is Justine?
  227. Fuck You.
  228. MORE shit brix photo's
  229. 5 digit post
  230. suicidal ninja
  231. Man V Goose...
  232. What is your favorite beer? (for the 21 and over only)
  233. whats wrong with me
  234. Getting big.
  235. not for the aussies or euros [thomas paine]
  236. Angry! = The Fulton Reed of WTC
  237. Howwwww lowwww cannnnn youuu go?
  238. Something that might contradict the 9/11 theory?
  239. Do you think that college was a waste of time and money?
  240. IIght lets Talk About Leon Botha....
  241. I will NEVER go on a blind date!
  242. *wu corp gets a sexually educated by magma*
  243. Roast Pork Anyone?
  244. Have you ever wanted to just get nekked and stroll around the crib?
  245. Annoying fucking horse
  246. eHONDA oF this rap shit
  247. duh DUCKFACE. its gettin out of hand.
  248. pigs gone wild
  249. 40 welfare rats beat 46 yr old city worker
  250. WAIT.. London Bloods?