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  1. tuesdays suck some funk ass
  2. Robby was talkin that shit until a nigga stole on his jaw
  3. Happy Jewday Dan!
  4. People who have breath that smells like poo.
  5. its springtime in utah rejoice! (LOL @ the east coast)
  6. who do you think is the one star hit squaddd lol?
  7. Vid for lacey bone
  8. The Video The USA Army Doesn't Want You To See .
  9. Run a total background check on yourself (etc)
  10. When you were a child; after being put on timeout
  11. I Love a Big Booty
  12. Ppl that dont wanna
  13. If a woman will have approximately 500 periods in her lifetime...
  14. I knew TSA was a mason.
  15. Cannabis farm discovered in 1m home
  16. Amsterdam 2012
  17. People that wanna 'do what they love' are gay
  18. no title
  19. Today is National Grammar Day
  20. Little Things That Make You Happy
  21. da sling shot mayn
  22. Lol
  23. would you stab ur own moms fo a stack?
  24. Do you park your vehicle face in or face out
  25. What would you do if you were driving in your lowrider late one night
  26. Che Guevara : Genchat Edition
  27. what is your opinion on dating and relationships?
  28. Operation Weezy F Baby
  29. Rip hair guy
  30. Superjail (Now on DVD)
  31. Long Distance Relationships
  32. White folks rock
  33. The Adventures of Heat
  34. I'm not trying to be racist but DAMN NIGGA
  35. As a life goal, how wet could your dick get?
  36. The president of Detroit Public Schools is barely literate.
  37. Prolifical eng
  38. faggitz
  39. Visionz
  40. Why has the wu tang corp link been deleted from yahoo ????
  41. Moral Dillemma (
  42. hoppin out the ride with a hot asshole
  43. SMH...Nigerians
  44. Are you a Niggerman?
  45. Detroit police to air girl's 911 call in double slaying
  46. lolwut
  47. Your favourite WWE Diva ever
  48. This dude we know has gone into hiding after receiving 10'000 pound payoff
  49. A Trailer for Every Academy Award Winning Movie Ever (genius)
  50. When did you have your first GF?
  51. Fear of allah
  52. How much would you pay for a slave?
  53. Did any of you used to get on partylines?
  54. Whites taking over...even more
  55. Tounge Twisters
  56. Why do bitches go to clubs/bars just to "have fun?"
  57. blackula had this dream.....
  58. i know you've had a bad experience wif: Duh Greenzzzzz
  59. yo gavinmasterr
  60. raheem devaughn just scared the bejeezus outta me lol
  61. SKAMPOE what are you doing with Ron Artest?
  62. Extra small condoms aimed at 12 year olds
  63. Burkas. I mean whadafuck man. whadafuck.
  64. Lil wayne just went in the bing
  65. Sunglasses in the dark (REVISITED)
  67. So wahts the math with this World of Warcraft shit anyway?
  68. The reason there's problems in the middle east
  69. Arabs gave birth to the west
  70. fire congress!
  71. Duh Offishal Pubez Thread AKA Talk about cho trim bro?>
  72. Getting professional nudes done
  73. Whoight kid walks miles to nowhere
  74. Guess which fag figured out how to get moderating next to their name
  75. The Eternal Blessings of my Couch
  76. Lax is the New Black
  77. I miss everybody!!!!!!!!
  78. R.I.P. to Corey Haim
  79. Need sum crackaz for my stew!!
  80. Fuck the american mustache institute
  81. the block is hot
  82. Skampoe makes this place cheap, tacky and tasteless
  83. Who has better facial hair, Italian girls or Spanish girls?
  84. i dont care with everyone thinks....
  85. Chuck Norris aka Ned Flanders
  86. have you ever secksed to duh woo?
  87. Lol Twitter background picture
  88. all black everything
  89. im a religious hip hop head
  90. What is preventing you from being truly happy?
  91. How we do
  92. Court Says Apple Doesn't Own The Letter "i"
  93. Chinese grandmother grows "devil" horns
  94. Sometimes when I drink milk...
  95. Mytron The Fifth, Illuminati Ruler And Secret Overlord Of All Humanity, Dead At 112
  96. the guy that played spider man can't act
  97. why is it so fun/easy to yell at women?
  98. best fight scene of all time,hahahahaha!!!
  99. another great fight scene lol
  100. Mr Krueger IS BACK
  101. One of ya'll niggas need to come to nebraska and party with the god man
  102. I inquire of the former age
  103. Soft ass bitches
  104. Chatroulette
  105. anti heroes are the shit
  106. Happy birthday Karamel
  107. Provide Me with Somethin.....
  108. Can i be serious for a moment...
  109. wu massacre?
  110. Hittin' It
  111. I need one Albert Einstein picture
  112. how rough is your neighborhood?
  113. Screw you Emily
  114. shrooms or acid?
  115. Any of u ever see shit that makes u think about it all day, lose your appetite, etc?.
  116. Does it scare anyone else that t.s.a works with the mentally ill.
  118. Homo freudian freestyle slips
  119. Disclosure update: NASA finds life...
  120. damn..im strung out
  121. Rae check'n out our animals in Australia
  122. M2thak at it again!!!
  123. Congrats to Beautifly B!!!!
  124. DAMN havent been here since 07 where the old cats at
  125. Prospec Entertainment/Central Nervous System ft ArimA Uncensored
  126. people called jonathon or christopher
  127. Best Pause Ever
  128. Whats the name of......????
  129. Here is a more in depth account of this picture:
  130. another baby-boom?
  131. Porn techniques
  132. I have a headache...
  133. Its dad remember when i bought u the nintendo with the pads?
  134. Man i can make a hard ass video game if i had the access
  135. 'Game show' tricks people into believing they are killing others by electrocution?
  136. A Day in the life of New Zealand
  137. check it out
  138. San Juan Puerto Rico- butter pecans wif dix check in.
  139. U r the father!
  140. im going to vegas to get married (Who gives a fuck!)
  141. Lawd knows a tryed
  142. R.I.P. Robin Harris:Twenty years later.
  143. smoking weed prevents cancer ?
  144. Why do albums leak?
  145. Tiger Tiger Woods Y'all
  146. Vagina Cologne (Vulva)
  147. Ironman = Wayne Brady of this forum
  148. Healthcare fight
  149. Nicky Tooch: THE MOVIE...
  150. Labels should only release singles.
  151. The military: dude drop it.
  152. English military spending
  153. I'm gonna smoke some weed
  154. Rappers and their animal counterparts!
  155. I could control a country if i wanted
  156. black cherry citrus fresca
  157. LOL Nikki Minaj is Igbo
  158. they should do one of those super slow motion vids of krs one sneezing
  159. Boyd Coddington - American Hot Rod
  160. #WhiteCussWords (now trending)
  161. Harry Potter and the Black Leather Cunt
  162. 6 millones de doloresssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
  163. This shit is CRACKER!!! dope instruments thread.
  164. Cartoons
  165. need hi-res wu logos
  166. Happy birff day bronze feet!!
  167. username reference thread
  168. I just chose salad over burger and I feel like a poopy vagine.
  169. U just had an epiphany...
  170. ra blak ink, on your mark, get set
  171. Posting with a gimmick
  172. Knife-wielding man stabbed and killed six children at school in China
  173. 2010 Census
  174. Aye Yo ironman! yo dick been on my mind all week.
  175. where the reverbnation peoples at
  176. Obstacles journalism is facing
  177. Protect ya Neck parody (which of you raTards did this?)
  178. PA, and CA Fail, NJ For the Win
  179. HOly jessus! this looks fake.
  180. SO i guess that nigga B-ROCK was being Fathertime MAD BEERS! ahahahahah
  181. I need your support
  182. if you post your cock for male viewing on a wu tang forum you deserve to die!!!!!!!!!
  183. Nip/Tuck was the best tv show ever
  184. gays, ppl that fuck dogs, and almost anything that can be drawn to sexual preference
  185. Let's play answer the fucking question
  186. GOATS go HARD
  187. Facebook fags
  188. Whats your style
  189. Fake chicks
  190. Axe: Clean Your Balls
  191. Nigerian spent 2 days in Mexican jail for crossing the border with soup spices
  192. Just a question people
  193. Summer is coming, Stockin up on some fly one layers
  194. Would You Make Your Kids Listen To Dead Prez Before They Go To Bed?
  195. How do you react to this?
  196. I wanna help Killbot find his place in the world
  197. Leggings.
  198. ahahaha Bush wipes hand on Clinton after shaking hands with Haiti earthquake victims
  199. Tourettes Makes Man Constantly Face Punch Wife
  200. I wanna............
  201. Sister Kills Her Sister
  202. Moving to Tennessee
  203. How do i giv rep?
  204. Pennsylvania man arrested for giving mouth to mouth to roadkill.
  205. Give me suggestions on how i could raise my blood pressure
  206. Diddy strikes up a vodka war
  207. LOL@YungSunny's Picture Of Gary Coleman
  208. Why Do Blacks Put A Small Amount Of Gas In Their Cars?
  209. Weird interesting story about Scientologists monk like zombie robots.
  210. What Ya'll Think Of Terry Crews Reality Show?
  211. Sondra Bullock's Man Cheating With Several Women
  212. Charlize Theron Is Single Now
  213. The Universe is out to get me.
  214. ahahah They brought back In Living Color on BET
  215. Black dudes can be good
  216. Comic Book geeks help me out
  217. New York vs Los Angeles vs London vs...
  218. Whats your haircut whoodi?
  219. more dubstep please
  220. Wuwarrior
  221. I Can't Live Without....
  222. yall know about hyphy???
  223. TSA had a fight @ the welfare office???
  224. Teh Good Bad, and duh ugly
  225. The Official Cock Push-ups Discussion Thread (SAFE FOR WORK)
  226. So she says she "doesn't know what she wants"
  227. I just realised Gavin was 1 half of a progressive british trip hop group frm the 90's
  228. When "Da Rockwilder" goes wrong
  230. how many of y'all didnt know obama won a grammy award in 2006?
  231. Lady Gaga is for the kids!
  232. I still got it. not bad for an old man thread.
  233. Improv night at Chatroulette.
  234. Harmony
  235. Have you ever...
  236. man what's with this bullshit
  237. Beautiful Rock Priorities List Challenge
  238. cheese burger josh
  239. I Can't Live With
  240. somebody kill this cracker.
  241. what does blackulas cunt smell like?
  242. Yet another "how come when black people..." thread
  243. Would U Bang A Bad Chick W/ The Herp?
  244. I Am The God Of This Cypha.
  245. If you have started a sentence with "Why do/are black people..."
  246. Portraits made out of left over roaches
  247. Cudi + Wale or Nas?
  248. Relevant and practical socialist documentaries
  249. So i take it ChatRoullette is a Gay site?
  250. "street racing"