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  1. Karate kid
  2. Recommend a movie
  3. Karate Kid sequel already underway
  4. Red Dawn Possibly Cancelled
  5. New Jet Li movie...
  6. Batman-City Of Scars
  7. Seth Rogens' Green Hornet Trailer Online
  8. Has there ever been a movie for blacks that wasn't about blacks??
  9. Never pay for a movie theater again with this website!
  10. Knight And Day With Tom Cruise And Cameron Diaz
  11. Moon
  12. The Transporter Movie Is Gonna Be A TV Show
  13. 80's TV Show The Equalizer Is Gonna Be A Movie
  14. Little Fockers [Movie Trailer]
  15. Anyone fans of the Deadwood TV Show?
  16. Next DC Animated Film: Batman/Superman Apocalypes
  17. Zombie movies
  18. Eastbound and Down
  19. rzas two new test trailers for his movie
  20. The Official: Paranomal Activity 2 thread
  21. The Amazing Spider-Man Official Thread
  22. Great New Sitcom-Louie
  23. Waking Life
  24. New Machete Trailer
  25. Beavis and Butthead coming back with new episodes?
  26. Happy Birthday Sylvester Stallone
  27. Don't Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood
  28. Edward Norton NOT reprising Hulk character for The Avengers
  29. Transformers 3 set pictures.
  30. Xmen is a decade old today.
  31. Ryan Reynolds As Green Lantern (First Official Pic)
  32. DUE DATE : Trailer : Robert Downey Jr. + Zach Galifianakis
  33. Xmen: First Class
  34. Inception!!!!
  35. 12 Angry Men
  36. The Town - Ben Affleck, Jeremy Renner, Slaine
  37. Whats your favorite sub genre?
  38. The Invention of Lying
  39. The Social Network Trailer - New Movie By David Fincher
  40. should hollywood stop with the comic book movies already?
  41. Empty Mind Films
  42. The first beat-related movie
  43. The Avengers Movie
  44. Kung Fu Panda 2: The Kaboom of Doom
  45. The hangover 2
  46. Robert Rodriguez, Machete, Deadpool, Predators 2, Sin City 2
  47. Zack Snyder's SUCKER PUNCH Trailer Online
  48. Larry Fishburne Is Stupid In This Scene In Boyz N The Hood
  49. Puff, Puff, Pass [2006]
  50. Scott pilgrim vs the World
  51. Anybody on here remeber that Kane movie See No Evil?
  52. X-Men 1st Class Director changes film after watching Inception
  53. Another G.I joe ...and other movie news...after the jump haha
  54. I have never seen Shrek; is it worth seeing?
  55. Should I watch Avatar; or is it just some stupid cat people movie?
  56. Is Snakes on a Plane worth checking out?
  57. American Me
  58. Jackass 3 Trailer
  59. The Human Centipede (First Sequence)
  60. The expendables
  61. Would you like to see the Hitcher Part 3 movie?
  62. Just watched a film called "Director" (2008) With Prodigal Sunn
  63. George Clooney's The American
  64. Steven Seagal Doesn't Like Jean Claude Van Damme
  65. New M. Night Shyamalan....Devil
  66. Weeds season 6
  67. Just watched Derailed(2005) with Clive Own,Jennifer Aniston, RZA and Xzibit
  68. Death At A Funeral Wasn't Funny
  69. Bryan Singer Spills Some Info On X-Men First class
  70. I have not seen Friday After Next; should I watch that?
  71. The Rock's Faster
  72. I Don't Understand Chris Tucker
  73. Cat Shit One the series.
  74. The Walking Dead
  75. Darkman twenty years later...
  76. I Don't See Why Some Blacks Were Upset About Soul Plane Making Blacks Look Bad
  77. Burn Notice Season Finale Is Tonight
  78. Dark Blue TV Show Is Back
  79. Tyler Perry's House Of Payne TV Show Is Starting To Get Boring
  80. Iron Fist
  81. Avengers animated series
  82. Toonami Aftermath
  83. New Conan Film
  84. Tarantino´s only really good film is Jackie Brown
  85. Rutger Hauer as HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN (New Grindhouse pic)
  86. Hobo with a shotgun
  87. i agree 100%
  88. Machete
  89. you guys will like this short movie
  90. Captain America Costume Worn....By Stuntman (Helmet Has Wings)
  91. Enter The Void by Gaspar Noe
  92. How is that Resident Evil Afterlife 3D?
  93. Denzel Washington's Book Of Eli Sucks
  94. Michael Caine's Harry Brown
  95. Have Ya'll Seen 50 Cent's 2 Latest Straight To Video Movies?
  96. Agent Salt is one of the worst films ive ever seen
  97. Martin Scorsese gathers gangsters: De Niro, Pesci and Pacino
  98. Resident Evil: Damnation (Animated sequel to Degeneration)
  99. Ferris Bueller sucks man
  100. Carlitos Way is Pacino's best film
  101. Outlaw Tv Series (Starring RZA)
  102. The Fighter Trailer[New Movie Starring Mark Whalberg, Christian Bale]
  103. Name a random good movie
  104. Sticky Fingaz A Day In The Life Was Corny
  105. The Bounty Hunter And The Killers Suck
  106. The Wrath of Cain 2010
  107. Greatest TV Dads?
  108. Boardwalk Empire
  109. Danny Boyle's 127 Hours
  110. how is that new Robin Hood?
  111. 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' Trailer HD
  112. Ice Cube's NWA Movie
  113. Recommend me some stand ups.
  114. Waking Life= An Awesome movie
  115. Favorite Kung-Fu Film
  116. "All Star Superman"
  117. The Sopranos
  118. Quentin Tarantino vs. the Coen Brothers
  119. GREEN ARROW Animated Short Online
  120. Spider-Man: Birth of a Hero
  121. UK Mr.Nice Movie
  122. Animated Avengers Series Coming Soon (micro eps ready to watch, DON'T MISS EM)
  123. Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich's Red
  124. anybody here like david mamet...?
  125. The great characters in any and all films, thread. [Pictures Only]
  127. Blair Witch Project type films
  128. Family Guy Abortion Episode (Banned from TV)
  129. Whats You Favorite Amblin Movie?
  130. Red
  131. Catfish the movie and TV series
  132. FF7 last order
  133. October's Horror Film Marathon (2010)
  134. Knucklehead: Starring Paul "Big Show" Wight (WTF...seriously)
  135. WTF? am I the only one who thinks..
  136. Why did Hurt Locker win best picture Oscar
  137. IRON MAN anime episode 1 online (subbed)
  138. southpark ...snooki wants smush smush
  139. True Grit
  140. Tyler Perry's For Colored Girls
  141. Michael Clayton is a good movie you should watch
  142. Toy Story 3, a classic?
  143. WOLVERINE 2 Directed By....
  144. Jesus Fuck Bamboozled is a terrible fucking movie
  145. the 8 films to die for
  146. M. night hires will smith
  147. Leonardo DiCaprio and new twilight zone
  148. New remakes on the way
  149. Paranormal Activity 2
  150. Asian Horror
  151. Gantz
  152. Funky forest
  153. Superman/Shazam The Return Of Black Adam (Watch Online But Be Quick)
  154. the event
  155. Batman 3 = "The Dark Knight Rises"
  156. You guys gotta check out this movie.
  157. Scream 4
  158. What you think about White Ribbon
  159. El Don, I Don't Appreciate You Deleting My Stone Topic
  160. Inland Empire.
  161. WU-CORP VOTE!!! The Charles Jones Movie Thread!!
  162. What Tim Burton's Superman Would've Looked Like
  163. 2012 Apocalypse is Apparently True: Fox Greenlights 'Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter'
  164. The Dark Side Of Chocolate (2010)
  166. Pinky & Brain infiltrate the Illuminati: episode "T.H.E.Y"
  167. "Grindhouse" style movie poster recreations
  168. South-American / Latino gangster flicks
  169. best scenes of movies
  170. Burton and Depp's Next Film: 'Dark Shadows'
  171. another high movie idea
  172. Will Smith - The Last Pharaoh TBA
  173. Due Date......Have U seen It
  174. Quick question anime fans, should I...
  175. The Box
  176. voltron movie concept pics
  177. have you heard about this yet
  178. Good blaxploitation Movies
  179. Denzel Washington's Unstoppable
  180. Robert Downey Jr's Due Date
  181. Liam Neeson And Russell Crowe's The Next Three Days
  182. Green Hornet
  183. What in the World Are They Spraying? (2010)
  184. Cowboys & Aliens From The Director Of Iron Man
  185. Movies Of 2010
  186. HULK TV SHOW (Guillermo Del Toro Involved)
  187. aaron mcgruder's black jesus
  189. Tekken...anybody seen it?(thoughts and opinons)
  190. Pootie Tang
  191. Inside Job
  192. The Human Centipede
  193. The Brother from Another Planet (1984)
  194. Pai Mei from Kill Bill 2
  195. New reality show involving competitive facial hair growing?
  196. this is gonna be awesome
  197. Family Guy - It's a Trap! (Third Star Wars Spoof)
  198. the new harry potter..
  199. ohh... ME...
  200. Odd Question, But why are there so few black martial arts actors?
  201. Wesley Snipes Gotta Do 3 Years In Prison For Tax Evasion
  202. Happy BornDay To One Of The Greatest Martial Arts Actor
  203. Battle angel alita movie, james cameron [2013]
  204. R.I.P Leslie Nielsen
  205. Conscious Movies
  206. Big Momma's House 3
  207. DC's Young Justice Animated Series
  208. DeviL
  209. Power Rangers...new...2011
  210. Bat Man - Under the Red Hood
  211. 13
  212. SkyLine
  213. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Trailer
  214. The Netflix Exchange
  215. Is anyone else just really enjoying Community?
  216. Jason Statham's The Mechanic
  217. Stomp The Yard 2
  218. Banksy Doc- Exit thru the Gift Shop
  219. Favreau not directing Iron Man 3
  220. Fast & furious 5
  221. Who here likes the show Coach ?
  222. Malcolm X
  223. New Blog Devoted To Movie Reviews
  224. Innocent Venus [Anime]
  225. Any sites that have episodes of Too Close for Comfort?
  226. Fresh
  227. The Lennie James appreciation thread.
  228. Nude Nuns with Big Guns (2010)
  229. Wrath Of Cain (starring Nipsey Hussle & Ving Rhames)
  230. My Top 15 DVD Buys in 2010
  231. RIP Pete Postlethwaite
  232. Anybody ever watched Bored To Death (HBO)
  233. Movies of 2011
  234. The Fighter
  235. V and Caprica returned tonight!
  236. Black Swan
  237. Wild Things 4
  238. Steve Austin's The Stranger And Hunt To Kill
  239. BET brings back a canceled show that nobody heard of, and it...
  240. Talia Al-Ghul May Play Villain In DKR
  241. Mentos be goin in
  242. Anybody into Jim Jarmush? (recommendation)
  243. My Kung Fu Blog: Help
  244. X-MEN FIRST CLASS - First Official Group Pic
  245. Marvel's Black Panther series is in stores now
  246. Punching The Clown
  247. The Next Race: The Remote Viewings (2009)
  248. 2 New Matrix's might be in works
  249. 2011 Academy Award Nominations
  250. Thundercats Making a Comeback On TV (first official image)