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  2. Thor movie review script SPOILERS
  3. Pet Sematary remake/reboot
  4. The Dog Who Stopped the War
  5. Flatland(2007)
  6. X-Men First Class official trailer
  7. 127 Hours
  8. The Sunset Limited
  9. "Juice"
  10. What if...Style Wars
  11. Revolver starring Jason Statham
  12. Jake Gyllenhaal To Replace Matt Damon As 'Bourne' Star?
  13. DEVIL MAY CRY Movie Coming To The Big Screen
  14. Road to Perdition
  15. HBO Series: A Game of Thrones
  16. What do you got on VHS tape?
  17. Inside Job(2010)- starring Matt damon
  18. Will ferrel to replace Steve Carell as Michael Scott
  19. paul
  20. Tony Jaa clone.....not bad
  21. 50 Cent and Val Kilmer's Gun
  22. Cuba Gooding Jr's The Hit List
  23. The King's Speech - dope
  24. Conspiracy Movies
  25. post apocalyptic movies
  26. New Resident Evil CG Movie Teaser Online
  27. Why in the hell is Batman being rebooted?! Are they serious?!
  28. Are There Any Films That Show Us What It Would Be like if Nazis Won WW2?
  29. Remember this classic episode of Tales from the Darkside with the talking food ?
  30. Ten Commandments
  31. Dogtooth -- awesome Greek film
  32. new Green Lantern trailer
  33. Most Underrated/Overrated Actors or Actresses
  34. Hobo with a Shotgun
  35. Re-Animator
  36. Mortal Kombat: Legacy - Mini Web Series
  37. why does donnie yen get so much recognition as a martial arts star
  38. Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes Trailer
  39. Scream 4 ?
  40. Silent Films
  41. Eli Porter documentary 'People's Champion'...
  42. Anyone seen Kill The Irishman yet?
  43. Hanna was dope
  44. Insidious
  45. The Man From Nowhere
  46. Another Earth:Movie Trailer
  47. Arnold Schwarzenegger to be the Terminator again(Terminator Genisys: 7/1/15)
  48. Criminal Minds
  49. Transformers: Dark of the Moon Official Trailer
  50. i watch Scrubs
  51. LOL@Tyler Perry's Madea's Big Happy Family
  52. There's Gonna Be A Expendables 2
  53. next Tarantino film: Django Unchained
  54. Source Code
  55. Across 110th street
  56. Dave Chapelle Returning to tv?
  57. dopest kung fu flick in a long while TRUE LEGENC
  58. Conan the Barbarian Trailer 2011
  59. Spinning into Butter
  60. New Conan movie
  61. [Blu-ray] Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI)
  62. War Machine spin-off movie in the works...
  63. Sheen's Two and a Half Men replacement is....
  64. Mudflaps & Skids will NOT be in Transformers III
  65. Colombiana Trailer Starring Zoe Saldana
  66. Fright Night Trailer
  67. TV show cancelled after 23 years.. fat white women and their boyfriends rejoice
  68. NAPOLEON DYNAMITE - Animated Series
  69. Transformers: Dark of the Moon review
  70. BLACK DYNAMITE The Cartoon - From The Makers Of Boondocks
  71. V renewed for season 3
  72. Something That Has Came To My Attention After Watching The Wire
  73. George Orwell - Nineteen Eighty-Four - Entire Film
  74. Patrick Swayze's most thugged out movie performance
  75. Avatar Decoded
  76. Priest anyone seen this
  77. the Hit list
  78. I need to find this movie!
  79. Super 8
  80. Hobo with a Shotgun is amazing
  81. Funny incident involving a stupid girl that was kicked out of the movies for texting
  82. Batman: Year One (Animated Film)
  83. Your Top 10 favorite Quentin Tarantino characters?
  84. TNT Amusements infomercial
  85. The Tree of Life
  86. Melancholia
  87. The Avengers thread
  88. Cabbage Patch Kids may return to TV
  89. The Last Circus.....looks insane
  90. The Lazarus Project
  91. Tracy Morgan
  92. why didnt dude from Menace ii Society reached sucess like his co-stars?
  93. French slavery/comedy/buddy movie!!
  94. I Saw Jason Statham's The Mechanic And Nicolas Cage's Drive Angry
  95. Superman Movies
  96. Transformers: Dark of the Moon reviews are in!!
  97. anyone seen the new x-men
  98. Letter To the President
  99. Mega Movie List: Movies Coming Out In the Future (2011-2016)
  100. Classic movie: Hill Street Blacks
  101. the Tree of Life
  102. Movies that suck but you like anyway
  103. The Fisher King
  104. Movies so horrible that it becomes Hilarious
  105. Just finished King Of Kong.
  106. Smokin' Aces
  107. One of the most popular TV shows of all time set to return
  108. do you guys ever cry when watching films?
  109. Flesh Lightning official TRAILER
  110. NETFLIX just caused a major consumer backlash
  111. Rise Of The PLANET OF THE APES...WOW!!!
  112. The Lincoln Lawyer
  113. Oddities
  114. Harry fucking motherfucking pottuh
  115. Fraternity Vacation, best comedy movie of all time
  116. Weeds = worst season ever
  117. Rank & Rate Your Fav Tarantino Films
  118. Hard Time on Planet Earth
  119. Deleted 10 Million Dollar Opening Scene from Superman Returns
  120. Spike Lee
  121. The Dark Knight Arrives In Pittsburgh
  122. The Thing -(prequel to the 1982 film)
  123. Buried movie with Ryan Reynolds
  124. Cowboys & Aliens
  125. Anyone ever seen this Movie Murda Muzik
  126. What is the Worlds Obsession With Stars Wars?
  127. HENRY CAVIL Is SUPERMAN (first official pic)
  128. promo scene from new Conan movie
  129. The Chosen One: Interesting, compelling movie with Steve Buscemi and Rob Schneider
  130. The Boondock Renewing its show?
  131. BLACK DYNAMITE -the animated series WATCH THE PILOT EPISODE
  132. Altered States (1980)
  133. best thing on tv since Chapelle and Boondocks starts tonight
  134. the amazing spider-man trailer!
  135. HULU plus
  136. Dinner for Schmucks
  137. Films that you seen the most
  138. FBI investigating threat to cut off lowly Jew David Letterman's tongue
  139. drunk and on drugs happy funtime hour
  140. Bladerunner sequel/prequel coming bScott, no Fordy Ridley
  141. Classic movies that everybody watched - except you
  142. Ghost Rider 2 Spirit of Vengeance trailer
  143. Tom Arnold's Sister,The "Queen Of Meth"
  144. Steve Urkel in Mega Shark Versus Crocosaurus
  145. great critique on Tribe Called Quest movie
  146. I want to play a game... 5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
  147. "The Help" just grossed 20.5 million this weekend?
  148. Titantic Part 2
  149. Four Horsemen - Official Trailer (documentary)
  150. Apollo 18
  151. David Cronenberg's "A Dangerous Method"
  152. A Better Look At The Superman Suit
  153. Ticked off trannies with knives
  154. Attack The Block
  155. Martyrs (2008)
  156. Style Wars 2 (trailer)
  157. Why was that Knocked Up movie so hyped?
  158. Films About the Porn Industry
  159. Favorite Clips in Kung Fu Film
  160. Racist Cinema with Paul Mooney and R.A. Rugged Man
  161. How To Be A Player
  162. Louie
  163. Top 5 Comedies of 2011
  164. A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
  165. Under the Red Hood
  166. Movie Symbolism
  167. The Rum Diary
  168. Andy Rooney leaving 60 Minutes
  169. I like it that Disney rereleased Lion King....
  170. Boardwalk Empire
  171. Creepiest movie of the year? Yellow Brick Road
  172. Terra Nova
  173. A serbian film
  174. Cannibal Holocaust
  175. wow, Playboy Club cancelled after 3 shows
  176. i highly suspect
  177. The last exorcism
  178. Orgazmo
  179. Shottas The Series!
  180. Voltron..............this was different
  181. before you spend your hard earned money on the Tribe documentary
  182. Akira gets the green light
  183. Spawn
  184. Dave's Old Porn
  185. the Rite
  186. Priest
  187. Donnie darko
  188. Dumb and Dumber 2
  189. fears of the dark
  190. what is your favorite season of the wire
  191. Mo Betta Blues
  192. question for movie watchers and jazz listeners
  193. In Time
  194. Rappers and Acting
  195. Don't answer the phone !!
  196. In Living Color is coming back
  197. Kidulthood/Adulthood
  198. Hell on Wheels
  199. I can't wait till this comes out
  200. Why was 8 Mile praised so much?
  201. 2001 a space odyssey (stanley kubrick)
  202. The Munsters is coming back
  203. Holy shit the new twilight is the best movie ever
  204. A Bittersweet Life
  205. John Adams miniseries.
  206. Limitless
  207. Barney's Version
  208. Hollywood movie posters (look at this uninspired bullshit)
  209. movie news...SoReel Flix
  210. I need to find this movie
  211. Is the Muppets the movie of the year?
  212. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Best DVD Commentary Ever???
  213. Nas to star in Movie Way Down South
  214. old school karate kid rehearsals
  215. Bernie Mac Show
  216. The Trailer Park Boys
  217. The Devils Double
  218. Tales from the Hood
  219. The Football Factory
  220. Sign up to see a special screening of the Dark Knight Rises in your city Tuesday nigh
  221. Bobby Fischer Against the World
  222. Ice Cube "Yes, I'm Bringing 'Friday' Back!"
  223. Louis C.K. New Hour Long Special for $5
  224. Men In Black 3 Trailer Online
  225. Nick Frost Says He, Simon Pegg, and Edgar Wright Are Hoping to Shoot THE WORLD’S END
  226. G.I JOE Retaliation Trailer Online (This actually looks better)
  227. Expendables 2 Teaser Trailer Online
  228. The Dictator (From the people that made Borat and Ali G)
  229. Perfect Blue
  230. 'And then there were none"
  231. Wrath Of The Titans (Sequel To Clash)
  232. Warrior (2011) = Badass
  233. Children of the Corn Part 8
  234. ALIEN PREQUEL: Prometheus (Trailer) Directed By Ridley Scott.
  235. Tekken Blood Vengeance
  236. the man from nowhere
  237. Takashi Miike hs done it again (13 assasins)
  238. The Chaos Experiment
  239. Was the Dark Knight overhyped?
  240. Is Dexter worth checking out?
  241. Warner Brothers Will Make Netflix, Redbox, Blockbuster Wait Longer for New Movies
  242. Prometheus trailer
  243. What is a Movie/TV Show/whatever that you'd strongly recommend?
  244. What Was Wrong With Predator 2?
  245. Gigolos reality show on Showtime
  247. wong turn 4
  248. Hostel Part 3
  249. Ban me cuz!
  250. Is Treme any good?