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  1. Josh Brolin and gzajector star in Thrashin'
  2. Mud -modern day Huck Finn type of movie?
  3. Pain & Gain Trailer
  4. Angela Lansbury appreciation thread -masturbation she wrote
  5. Kevin Hart is not funny
  6. Snowpiercer
  7. A very brady christmas
  8. Black Thought Of The Roots And Common's New Movies
  9. Broadchurch -England's most popular show
  10. Arab film features the first gay protagonist
  11. Clown picks wrong time of month to mess with PMS COP
  12. RoboCop (2014) Gets a Trailer
  13. The Rock to star in film adaption of legendary TV series
  14. Online Brides -meet David
  15. Ninja: Shadow of A Tear - Trailer
  16. Who's In Charge Of Casting???
  17. Samsara
  18. ATT. 100pr00f [AND/OR OTHER KUNG FU HEADZ]
  19. Robert Deniro, Michelle Pfeiffer, Tommy Lee Jones The Family
  20. The Best Man 2 - I give it 3 chest nipples out of 4
  21. The Arsenio Hall show cancelled
  22. Some obese girl keeps posting about the have and have nots?
  23. Isaiah Washington And Deon Richmond's Blue Caprice
  24. Jason Statham's Redemption
  25. LOL@House Party 5
  26. Ben Affleck, Justin Timberlake, Anthony Mackie's Runner Runner
  27. Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal, Terrence Howard's Prisoners
  28. Michael Jordan:An American Hero
  29. Mike Tyson With Michael Jai White
  30. 50 Cent And Clifton Powell's Before I Self Destruct
  31. Scanners
  32. Congrats to Bob Newhart
  33. Homeless scene-Stealer inspires everyone
  34. The Goldbergs -The new Wonder Years?
  35. Mr. Nobody -acclaimed sci fi movie
  36. The box office king right now is..
  37. The Dead film
  38. Black Italian documentary -answers why aren't there any black pizzerias around?
  39. Disconnect -watch what you're addicted to
  40. Street Hawk TV Show Is On DVD
  41. Nicolas Cage, John Cusack, 50 Cent's The Frozen Ground
  42. Bill Bellamy And Tiffany Amber Theissen's Fastlane TV Show Is On DVD
  43. Head of the Class started going downhill when the first teacher left
  44. The Internship
  45. Gravity
  46. Avengers II Teaser
  47. Ron Howard's "Rush"
  48. Is this movie for real?
  49. The Blacklist
  50. Alfred hitchcock presents
  51. Dick Cheney roast includes waterboarding jokes
  52. Escape from Tomorrow -the horrors at Disney
  53. Remington Steele getting a remake
  54. Dog with a Blog killing in the ratings -wtf is this?
  55. Preachers of L.A.
  56. Iconic TV show Falcon Crest is coming back
  57. The new ironside show is a disgrace
  58. HOLY FUCK...this shit is fkm EPIC
  59. Michael Bay attacked on set for doing terrible movies?
  60. Best Undercover/Narc Movies ?
  61. Why do they keep remaking the movie Carrie?
  62. Harrison Ford Talks Blade Runner 2
  63. Wolf Creek 2
  64. Predators 2
  65. Another remake of a classic show that changes the lead role's ethnicity
  66. Besides Will Smith....
  67. Better call saul
  68. 6 Movies that Are Inexplicably Getting Sequels Decades Later.
  69. Happy 90th birthday to the legend Bob Barker
  71. I've Seen 4 Bad Movies In A Row
  72. New Full House show with D.J. and busty Stephanie Tanner being the main characters
  73. Enders Game
  74. Saw 8
  75. Marvel and Netflix Join Forces to Develop Historic Four Series Epic..
  76. Independence Day 2
  77. Fatso film
  78. Room 237
  79. Full 30 Mins Return of the Jedi EditDroid Laserdisc
  80. Need for Speed Official Trailer (HD) Aaron Paul
  81. Dallas Buyers Club -film of the year?
  82. Don Cheadle to play Miles Davis in long-planned biopic
  83. Andy Kaufman believed not to still be alive
  84. Noah
  85. It's a Wonderful Life Part 2 coming out
  86. One Of The Best Movies This Year...DON JON
  87. Kevin Hart, Michael Ealy, Joy Bryant's About Last Night
  88. Naomie Harris And Idris Elba's Mandela
  89. The god Hunter is back
  90. Rodney Dangerfield's bottle of sweat is still in his refrigerator
  91. Sleepy Hollow
  92. Catching Fire
  93. Bill Cosby: Far From Finished
  94. Family Guy's Brian character discontinued due to death
  95. Star Trek: Renegades
  96. Bill Burr
  97. Out of the Furnace
  98. Shark Tank
  99. Sin City TV Series in Development
  100. 300: Rise of an Empire - Trailer
  101. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Trailer
  102. What happened to the Pound Puppies?
  103. Favorite Horror Movies
  104. Fans complain about scrawny flat chested female to be the next Wonder Woman
  105. Mob City TV Show On TNT
  106. X-Men: Apocalypse (2016)
  107. PROXiMITY (Short Film)
  108. Edge of Tomorrow (Tom Cruise) Trailer
  110. Christopher Nolan's Interstellar
  111. Lone Survivor
  112. Life Of A King (Starring Cuba Gooding Jr. & Dennis Haysbert)
  113. Best fight scene in a movie
  114. Ice Cube Confirmed There's Gonna Be A NWA Movie
  115. The 10 worst movies of 2013
  116. What is this about?
  117. Duck Dynasty dude with moldy beard suspended for racist and anti-gay comments
  118. Marvel's Ant Man film -2015
  119. Coen brothers film getting great reviews -Inside Llewyn Davis
  120. Spike Jonez movie about a guy who is in love with an operating system
  121. Transcendence - Official Trailer - [Johnny Depp & Morgan Freeman]
  122. KUNG FURY (Trailer)
  123. The Fifth Estate....
  124. the secret life of walter mitty
  125. 12 Years a Slave
  126. As Anything Seems Possible Now....
  127. Harrelson and McConaughey in new HBO show -True Detective
  128. Shaolin V Wu-Tang on Big Screen
  129. France bans racist comedian from doing shows
  130. Pulp Fiction as an 8-bit video game
  131. The Richard Bey Show
  132. About mandarin and ironman 4
  133. Shia Labeouf retiring from show business after plagiarizing half the world
  134. Why Did Spike Lee Call Arsenio Hall A Uncle Tom?
  135. Alfred Hitchcock’s unseen documentary on the Nazi Holocaust
  136. Tarantino's New Western is The Hateful Eight
  137. Last Vegas
  138. Captain Phillips
  139. Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes trailer
  140. The Wolf of Wall Street Movie Review
  141. The best superhero movie you might not have seen
  142. RIP to The Professor and Reuben Kincaid
  143. El Topo
  144. Cult classic film -The Baby
  145. T.V show: Big Bang Theory
  146. Steven Seagal Is The Best Action Movie Star Of All Time
  147. Jack nicholson gets carded
  148. I Wish Blockbuster Video Was Still Open
  149. You're Next film
  150. Download for Hateful Eight script
  151. Cocaine Cowboys
  152. Bates motel
  153. mike to be a regular on "better call saul"
  154. The Red Green Show
  155. Terry Gilliam's "The Zero Theorem" - Official Trailer
  156. Collision Course movie -Pat Morita and Jay Leno
  157. Mark Wahlberg working on remake of classic Highway to Heaven show
  158. Jerry Seinfeld Confirms ‘Seinfeld’ Reunion of Sorts
  159. Dusk Till Dawn TV Series
  160. Chimpanzee and Bulldog
  161. Fast & Furious 7
  162. Family Guy fifteen year anniversary.
  163. Beauty and the Geek show
  164. All Is Lost
  165. The Butler vs 12 Years a Slave
  166. The Counselor
  167. Best Michael Douglas Movie
  168. any movie is a surprise ,do you prefer books or film ?
  169. Transformers 4 Age of Extinction
  170. End Of Watch
  171. How has that Ride Along movie been number 1 for a few weeks?
  172. The Bag Man
  173. Best Philip Seymour Hoffman Movie
  174. Best Denzel Washington Movie
  175. Best Robert De Niro Movie
  176. Best Sir Sean Connery Movie
  177. Best Jack Nicholson Movie
  178. Best Samual L. Jackson Movie
  179. Ravenous film -cannibals?
  180. Zombie Beavers -looks like a classic in the making
  181. Best Anthony Hopkins Movie
  182. Nurse 3D
  183. Best Clint Eastwood Movie
  184. Under the Skin
  185. Brick Mansions - District B13 Remake
  186. The Purge 2: Anarchy
  187. Found footage involving a guy selected to do a porn star and things go terribly wrong
  188. RIP to the King of Comedy
  189. RIP to Ralph Waite
  190. Make sure you returned all your VHS tapes to West Coast Video Charles Jones
  191. Penny Dreadful Trailer
  192. The Returned TV Series
  193. Jamie Bell, Michael B. Jordan, Kate Mara and Miles Teller are The Fantastic Four!
  194. Martin Lawrence Saturday Night Live appearance that got him banned from the show
  195. Why is Robocop 3 trashed so often?
  196. R.I.P. Harold Ramis
  197. Mrs. Brown's Boys
  198. RIP to MovieFone
  199. Escape from New York or Escape from LA?
  200. American Hustle
  201. Problem Child
  202. Will Smith and son win big at the Razzies Awards as worst actors
  203. 'Nebraska' nominated for best picture
  204. Gingerdead Man or Evil Bong ?
  205. Sin City 2: A Dame to Kill For Trailer
  206. Locke
  207. Avalanche Sharks
  208. House of Cards
  209. Is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen the worst movie of the last decade?
  210. Shogun Assassin
  211. Andddd the next Horror movie I'm hyped for...Deliver Us From Evil
  212. Best Kevin Spacey Movie
  213. Best movie dialogue ever
  214. The Quiet Ones
  215. Wrong Turn 6
  216. Pat Robertson Warns that Horror Movies Give Demons Permission to Destroy Your Life
  217. Brewmore Baltimore Documentary
  218. Is VH1 the Hoodrat Network now?
  219. Tin Can Man
  220. Funny Japanese movie -Invisible Man
  221. Best Morgan Freeman Movie
  222. Marvels: Assembling a Universe
  223. Skin Trade - Tony Jaa - Trailer
  224. RIP to actor James Rebhorn
  225. "Only Lovers Left Alive"
  226. The Grandmaster
  227. The Phantasm: Ravager - Trailer
  228. Wolf Cop
  229. The Conjuring is overhyped
  230. Soylent Green
  231. Internet Archive to preserve woman's VHS and Betamax tapes from 1976-2012
  232. good movies by python members
  233. Bad Johnson film - penis can leave the body if you're a ladies man
  234. Alien Abduction (2014)
  235. once upon in china 1 2 or 3???
  236. enter the dragon or return of the dragon
  237. Tarantinos next move with "the hateful eight"
  238. Noah movie review
  239. only god forgives
  240. Goonies Part 2 coming out
  241. Hardcore Pawn stars arrested for re-pawning stolen items
  242. Slasher musical film starring Meatloaf
  243. new ip man on netflix already?
  244. Michael C. Hall Rumored For Daredevil "Would definitely consider it"
  245. Odd movie -Borgman
  246. Stephen Colbert named David Letterman replacement for Late Show
  247. 22 jump street bitches
  248. Controversial thriller
  249. Ice Cube says he was robbed after losing to Paul Walker at movies award show
  250. The Bunnyman Massacre