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  1. Armand Van Helden
  2. The Sexiest Music Video's
  3. Which J-Live album is the best ?
  4. The DeBarge Family [Official Thread]
  5. help with a unknown track
  6. Music of Wressalin'
  7. "Bad" - The Greatest Michael Jackson Record?
  8. Stevie Wonder's Jungle Fever Soundtrack
  9. Take 6
  10. Terrance Trent Darby?
  11. Booba 0.9 2008
  12. I Monster
  13. Anyone Dislike Project: Mersh?
  14. WORST cover versions EVER!!!!!!!!
  15. raphael saadiq "the way i see it"
  16. whats your favorite instrument?
  17. Salsa, Mambo etc?
  18. Son of a Gun
  19. Who ain't gonna play sun city?
  20. Rock and Roll took the most tragic nose dive ever.
  21. Bands you love, lead singers you hate.
  22. Michael Jackson Is In Poor Health
  23. Bands everyone loves but you hate.
  24. THE 4 chords... that rule mainstream
  25. Dropkick Murphys
  26. Miami Bass, Ghetto Tech, Ghetto Bass, Chicago House??
  27. Siouxsie And The Banshees
  28. Hail To The Thief Vs. Kid A
  29. Drum&Bass + Anime Movies
  30. John Frusciante's new album
  31. i just love this song!!
  32. Recommendations
  33. Jimmy Cliff?
  34. System Of A Down
  35. The Official: Mike Patton appreciation thread
  36. NIN releases 400GB of free HD concert footage via torrents
  37. love songs
  38. Is TP-2.Com the greatest R&B album?
  39. EAST 17- ha ha!!!
  40. RIP Billy Powell
  41. Hed PE
  42. Dope australians, any info, australians?
  43. Man, songwriting has hit a new low.
  44. The Best Thing I've Ever Seen
  45. Ween
  46. Bob Dylan - All The Tired Horses
  47. Wu-Tang influence in Metal
  48. Which ANother Brick in the Wall Part do you like best?
  49. Aaron Neville appreciation thread.
  50. Ghostland Observatory
  51. punkgasm
  52. Propagandhi NIGGAZ
  53. Fela
  54. Clyde Stubblefield Appreciation Thread
  55. Soundgarden - Half LIVE 94 OMG..they stretched the track for two epic minutes
  56. Jesus fucking christ (George Harrison-Gopala Krishna)
  57. Flower Travellin' Band
  58. Beatle Breaks
  59. Grateful Dead Thread
  60. Radiohead-How to Disappear Completely
  61. Voodoo Chile or Slight Return ?
  62. Bell Biv Devoe Is Coming Out With A Album
  63. Public Image Ltd. Vs. Sex Pistols
  64. Stranded Island Albums (RECOMMEND AN ALBUM)
  65. Just post shit that's FUCKING gangsta
  66. The Offical: Best covers ever thread
  67. AC/DC live 03/01
  68. Mavado: Mr Brooks A Better Tomorrow In Stores Now
  69. Van Halen
  70. What is the best non hip-hop album of the millenium so far?
  71. so payaso y me tieblan los pieeesss ,, a suuu ladooooooooooo
  72. golfaaaaa
  73. Fun Lovin Criminals - Loco
  74. +JULIO IGLESIAS: The Thread+
  75. Radiohead Fans
  76. Awesome 70s rock from Zambia i would like to share
  77. Irie Riddims: Reggae Request Thread
  78. Best Beatles Single
  79. R&B Music Became Boring After 70's/80's Funk Bands Disappeared
  80. Ive come to find im a fan of really gay ultra poppy songs
  81. Sting
  82. Jazz Recommendations
  83. Billy Joel's An Innocent Man album
  84. Street Sweeper
  85. UPDATE: Neil Young's Archives 'absolutely amazing'...full track list unveiled...
  86. Homosexual Musicians
  87. Top 10 Non Hip Hop Albums
  88. Steely Dan
  89. Doobie Brothers
  90. Surreal Moments In Music History
  91. Favourite Pop Song?
  92. House music
  93. Random shit you dig (enjoy)
  94. SebastiAn
  95. R.I.P. Lux Interior of The Cramps (1946-2009)
  96. Scars on Broadway - anyone feeling them?
  97. Jack White's new band...The Dead Weather
  98. Bubblegum Populace 3 Hosted By Lendo Duggan
  99. Albums for lonely drunken nights
  100. Modern Talking?
  101. Lucky Dube is a HEAVY contender for G.O.A.T
  102. Cool Dubstep Track - Infrared LION
  103. has there ever been a disstrack outside of the hiphop genre?
  104. Top ten david bowie cuts
  105. Popular music in your country
  106. Quiet Storm....lets do this
  107. DONK DJ - Turns Any Track Into Happy Hardcore House!
  108. Cold World
  110. I eat antipasto twice just because she is so nice...
  111. 1972 S.O.U.L. record
  112. Bossa Nova
  113. Meth Mouth, heard of these guys?
  114. Taylor Swift
  115. Lady Gaga
  116. Rye Rye. (Baltimore club)
  117. Make BEATS - Trigger Finger
  118. Making of NIN Closer Video
  119. It's Live!!
  120. Beyonce's voice suck hahaha
  121. Conway Twitty
  122. Staten Island PS22 Chorus
  123. Good Ass Bands..
  124. Les Claypool
  125. Girl Talk
  126. Dan Deacon!
  127. Mariah Cussing Out Usher
  128. Bitchin groove.
  129. Soundgarden
  130. Liar-the jesus lizard...who the fuck has it????
  131. one question
  132. Anyone into gypsy punk?
  133. the ian carey project-get shaky
  134. Anyone know what the name of the song is that goes...
  135. Natural Trance Recommendation
  136. Rekevin
  137. I saw Bonnie 'Prince' Billy live tonight
  138. songs to mong out to
  139. anyone know where this sample comes from?
  140. Let's discuss tastes: BORING MUSICIANS
  141. Fink
  142. Artists/Bands You Don't Like to Admit you like
  143. Electronic Music Thread
  144. Who was the last iconic musician/band?
  145. Latin Jazz
  146. AniMusic - Pipe Dream
  147. Your Top 10 Beatles songs
  148. World music from iran to trinidad & tobago around tha world!!! Against racism
  149. Bob dylan-masters of war
  150. What track is this? Help!
  151. West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum....
  152. Songs that make you wanna fight
  153. Jungle Soul with VIDEO
  154. MC5 - A True Testimonial
  155. Portishead-Third
  156. The calming influence?
  157. The Animals: Greatest Band of the Sixties?
  158. Slave and Steve Arrington
  159. Cibo Matto Appreciation Thread
  160. Nofx
  161. Minutemen
  162. My apologies to all Radiohead fans
  163. Soul Legends
  164. Soundtracks
  165. Pink Floyd vs. Led Zeppelin
  166. Beatles vs. The Rolling Stones
  167. why do they always ignore MJ's Dangerous album?
  168. 1970's Chicago Funk
  169. Tyondai Braxton...
  170. Autechre, Aphex Twin
  171. Michael Jackson Tribute Mix by DJ Premier
  172. Dat nigga Nico go hard doh.
  173. Devendra Banhart
  174. Citizen Cope - PABLO PICASSO
  175. Is lutan fyah the best reggae artist at the moment?
  176. We've had Beatles vs. Stones... but now, Beatles vs. Beach Boys, who was the best...?
  177. Patriotic songs
  178. kenny g
  179. Rockin the beergut
  180. Opinions of Stones Throw???
  181. Soul Music - Suggestions?
  182. Who have you seen live?
  183. Albums You Bought Recently
  184. Eliane elias GOTTA CHECK THIS OUT
  185. Silversun PIckups-Panic Switch
  186. What's your favorite Beck album?
  187. King Kong REGGAE check the video LOOOL
  188. Michael Rose - Mr Collie For Pharphar Sound Pixar
  189. your input on the lyrics- "God's Love" by Bad Religion
  190. Need help with this "Rain" song
  191. Deerhunter
  192. Sids shack
  193. what's the name of this song?
  194. Anybody here like the group Longwave?
  195. A remix of Nina Simone - See Line Woman I cant find....
  196. new Gorillaz album?
  197. ALBUM ART has been taken to the next LEVEL!
  198. Reggae Appreciation Thread
  199. El DeBarge - In The Storm
  200. Most mistaken genre
  201. Buckshot LeFonque
  202. Pet Sounds
  203. Pet Sounds V. Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
  204. Just when i thought In Ghost Colours was the shit
  205. C.R.E.A.M. - DnB REMIX
  206. Top 5 Floyd Albums
  207. This shit right here will make you (and your lady) fly to the moon
  208. Noel Gallagher leaves Oasis
  209. The Garage Revival Thread
  210. Ace of Base is the shit! lol
  211. I Laugh At R&B Singers Saying How Much They Love Women And What They'll Do For Them
  212. Bell Biv Devoe's Poison Album Is The Best 90's R&B Album
  213. Jasper listens to...
  214. just a random great track...
  215. Band on The Run Vs. Plastic Ono Band Vs. All Things Must Pass
  216. Nick Cave appreciation fred.
  217. El Princpe Gitano - In the Ghetto ROFLMAOOOOOO
  218. Cum together right now, over me
  219. Opera
  220. f*uck That Last Thread ....Beatles Vs Pink Floyd
  221. does any body got lauryn hills the world is a hustle?
  222. Musical Youth, We Salute You
  223. What is ya fav track when u are smokeed
  224. Jim Croce
  225. A Hidden Gem Not Many Know About...
  226. If I hear that god damn Cadallic commercial witht he phoenix song 1 more time
  227. Hardcore House or Terror Thread
  228. Hardstyle Battle wit weird movements
  229. Massive Attack New EP - Splitting The Atom
  230. I find todays music way too polished.
  231. Robots~!!
  232. Ky-mani Marley - Smile
  233. Michael Never Lost it yall... Final Recorded Song...
  234. LEAVING jAMAICA '88
  235. Zach Deputy Live Wormtown 09
  236. The Blues
  237. Art of Noise - Moments in Love (beautiful instrumental)
  238. Had to make a thread: Distant Lover
  239. Chill music.
  240. Best song on Dark Side Of The Moon
  241. Easy Star All Stars
  242. The Critic's Chair
  243. Nightmares On Wax
  244. The Sea and Cake
  245. Tenacious D vs Flight of the Conchords
  246. Ever Hear of Bobbi Humphrey?
  247. Acid's Acid Archive
  248. David Gray
  249. Them Crooked Vultures first song is out
  250. Post dead serious music that's hilarious for no reason.