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  1. Gorillaz documentary
  2. Greatest Movie Soundtracks of all time
  3. Why Are Ya'll Always Posting About Wack Singers?
  4. Red Hot Chili Peppers/John Frusciante
  5. i cry
  6. Raggajungle official thread (against racism & fascism)
  7. Best P-Funk Album (Not stepped on)
  8. has anyone copped the Dam-Funk album yet?
  9. The Bug - London Zoo
  10. capleton
  11. 1958 Births
  12. who's the best r&b singer out right now...
  13. Numero Eccentric Soul Revue (Syl Johnson)
  14. Recommend me an stevie wonder album!
  15. LOL@R Kelly's Real Talk song
  16. What's your favorite Michael Jackson songs?
  17. What's So Special About Jodeci?
  18. Does Anybody Have R Kelly's Unreleased Album Loveland?
  19. I Wish Ya'll Could See The Dramatics Do What You Wanna Do Album Pictures
  20. Radiohead
  21. Zapp And Roger Troutman Documentary Is Coming On TV One's Unsung
  22. Earth Wind And Fire's Shining Stars Documentary Is Very Good
  23. anyone who can't respect morrissey's swag is a faggit
  24. I fucking love this song.
  25. The Bamboos
  26. R Kelly Has A New Album Called Untitled
  27. R Kelly's Bad Man song
  28. Rockwell And Michael Jackson's Somebody's Watching Me song
  29. Oran Juice Jones In The Rain song
  30. Sun RA
  31. Gaza an gully beef squashed
  32. 2 requests if anyone can help....
  33. 70's Disco Music
  34. Pebbles Mercedes Boy song
  35. Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam's I Wonder If I Take You Home song
  36. Mtume's Juicy Fruit And You Me And He songs
  37. Shalamar's For The Lover In You song
  38. Teddy Pendergrass Was With A Woman The Day Of His Car Accident
  39. Frederick's I'll Be Gentle(Callin Your Name)song
  40. Rolling Stone" 100 best albums of the decade
  41. Rock Blaugs?
  42. tribute to fallen gawds
  43. BlueSky BlackDeath
  44. Dubstep - top 10 tunes of the decade and the evolution from Garage.
  45. alicia keys cant sing
  46. Alice In Chains - Dirt
  47. Sarah McLachlan - Worlds On Fire
  48. share spotify playlists...
  49. Jim Morrison of The Doors predicting Hip Hop
  50. GRIME: Wiley vs Big H recorded mobile conversation lol!!!
  51. Al Green
  52. Sade
  53. rock fans...what's the verdict on DatSuns?
  54. soundgarden is back??
  55. Guess who left RHCP...
  56. Chinese Man
  57. Massive Attack - Heligoland (leak)
  58. Dr. Octagon classical sample question
  59. Madonna's Dress You Up To My Love, Borderline, Into The Groove, Holiday songs
  60. Phil Collins One More Night, Don't You Lose My Number, In The Air Tonight songs
  61. Billy Joel's Daughter Tried To Commit Suicide
  62. Hall And Oates I Can't Go For That song
  63. Props To Berry Gordy For Being The First Black Man To Own A Record Company
  64. Who can sing like this?
  65. Spoken-word poetry!
  66. RIP (Teddy Pendergrass)
  67. Italo Disco / 80's
  68. BEWARE - The Beatles Remasters Stereo Box Set - FAKES!!!
  69. Gorillaz new album - "Plastic Beach" tracklisting
  70. Anybody on here like videogame music?
  71. R&B Music Died After The 80's
  72. The Dramatics Any Time Any Place and Shake It Well Albums
  73. Ambient/Minimal
  74. Metal Thread
  75. Limp Bizkit appreciation thread
  76. What is your favourite Beatles song right now?
  77. Brian Auger's Oblivion Express
  78. Spotify
  79. Curtis Mayfield
  80. I've looked everywhere...
  81. P Money Grime RAP
  82. Sailors think im playin with this Nigeria 70s shit
  83. Heart of The Congos was the best album made in the Reggae genre imo
  84. Vendetta Kingz 2 Exclusives
  85. Concept Albums
  86. Bill Withers
  87. The Hues Corporation Rock The Boat song
  88. The Doobie Brothers Listen To The Music song
  89. Billy Joel Or Barry White? Which One You Think Did A Better Version Of........
  90. James Ingram And Michael McDonald's Yah Mo Be There song
  91. What's Your Favorite Luther Vandross Albums?
  92. Lionel Richie's Can't Slow Down And Dancing On The Ceiling Albums
  93. The Brothers Johnson's Look Out For #1 Album Is Good
  94. Chic's First Album
  95. Happy Birthday Smokey Robinson
  96. What's Your Favorite Isley Brothers Albums?
  97. Have You Heard These Jackson 5 Albums?
  98. Rene And Angela's A Street Called Desire Album
  99. Player's Baby Come Back Song
  100. Music that's (lyrically) inspired by Hip Hop?
  101. who sings this song
  102. What do people here think of The Specials?
  103. Recommend me some rock
  104. Fsol
  105. anyone got this song please?
  106. Your Top 10 albums
  107. What Are Your Thoughts On Blondie's Rapture..
  108. trey songz
  109. Fuck electronic music!!! Call it speedcore!!
  110. Namata (2 music videos)
  111. I'm lookin' for some good jazz fusion
  112. Dramatics co-founder Ron Banks dies of heart attack From The Detroit News
  113. Alice in Chains
  114. What is the most important album from each decade of music?
  115. what do u guys think about vampire weekend??
  116. My Favorite album of all time: Bottom Belle
  117. World Music
  118. Album of the year...
  119. Lou Reed and/or David Bowie Fans, Assistance Required
  120. Breakbeat
  121. Dub-Hop
  122. Pepper
  123. Slow, relaxing, dark-ish tracks /albums
  124. Baby makin music (request)
  125. Why
  126. Erykah Badu : NA2: Return of the Ankh
  127. Hip-Hop covers made into non-hiphop songs
  128. The Mighty Sparrow
  129. Songs like willie williams armagideon time?
  130. London Pirate Frequencies (documentary)
  131. aawww shiiit! MIA vs Gaga!
  132. Is it possible to be a music critic? I don't.
  133. Electronica Request Thread
  134. Hip Hop samples appreciation thread
  135. Original vs Covers
  136. its setting in
  137. Michael Jackson's Invincible Album Sucks
  138. The Whispers
  139. What's currently on your Ipod?
  140. bullet proof crowns chi king free mixtape
  141. Heat of heat?
  142. God bows to Math
  143. Help with NIN
  144. NIco is a fuckin god.
  145. Check out my badass Michael Jackson video!
  146. Reggaeton help
  147. Dub
  148. WU-tang/Latin/Jungle fusion by Statickbeats
  149. If I Was A R&B Singer, I Would Sing Only Jams
  150. Augmented Reality will change music
  151. The Pixies are quite possibly the best band ever
  152. Tina Marie- one of the baddest chix in the game
  153. New Dam-Funk mp3 (monsta)
  154. i love this song!! dont act like its just me lol!!
  155. Joy Division/New Order/Electronic
  156. Fugazi rocks!!!!!
  157. deathcore,grindcore,metalcore,etc.
  158. Favourite Guitar Solo's?
  159. Youtube to Record Deals
  160. RIP Ronnie James DIO
  161. Album Review Thread
  162. Parliament Funkadelic One Hour Documentary
  163. Stoupe & Liz Fullerton....
  164. Siousxie and the banshees
  165. One the greatest metal songs ever made.
  166. Im really feelin the new Kelis album
  167. All the Original CD's lovers
  168. Did the Brits make the best music?
  169. RIP Bo Hansson
  170. its funny...
  171. How to destroy angels (New Trent Reznor side project with wife)
  172. Recommend me reggae albums
  173. The XX [cool stuff mate]
  174. Am I the only one
  175. Cocorosie - They're simply awesome!
  176. R Kelly & DJ Drama - The Demo Tape Gangsta Grillz
  177. Marvin Isley Of The Isley Brothers Died
  178. Walter Williams Of The Ojays Has Multiple Sclerosis
  179. BeSt MISFITS tracks
  180. Let's Rob a Bank - Size 14
  181. Zo! - "The Greatest Weapon Of All Time" feat. Sy Smith (Contemporary Soul)
  182. M.i.a - maya
  183. Kool And The Gang's Videos DVD
  184. Funkadelic guitarist Garry Shider (The diaper man) dies of cancer
  185. George Clinton documentary on VH1
  186. 8-Bit stuff
  187. Slayer
  188. Hardest metal that DOESNT INVOLVE SCREAMING?
  189. Korn III
  190. Prince is kind of a moron for this
  191. Anyone know where I can watch the DeBarge episode of Unsung online?
  192. Recovery (My revised Version)
  193. BADASS PiANO covers!!! (check this chick out)
  194. Lupe Fiasco's Punk Band, Japanese Cartoon Just Dropped Their First Album - Free DL
  195. The Stuff I Read About Michael Jackson's Brothers Is So Sad
  196. recommend an album
  197. Drum and Bass/Jungle thread
  198. Any Muse fans out there?
  199. Gwyneth Paltrow tackles country
  200. Indian Summer
  201. Rammstein Video For "Pussy" *NSFW*
  202. Damn I just listened to two dope trip hop albums
  203. Is R Kelly Coming Out With A New Album?
  204. A glimpse of ex Yugoslavian rock
  205. Robert Wilson Of The Gap Band Died
  206. Soul Train TV Show Documentary Is Coming On VH1 Saturday
  207. Best album of Stevie Wonder's Classic years?
  208. Memorable 80s songs
  209. Cee-Lo - "Fuck You!"
  210. Some really good shit i accidentally found: Zehorah
  211. Serj Tankian (System of a Down) "Left of Center"
  212. N.A.S.A. (Feat. Kanye West, Santigold & Lykke Li) - Gifted (Masuka Remix)
  213. Spragga Benz-"This Is The Way" feat Nas MP3 DL
  214. video: Kellz new single......can Trey Songz do this? nooope
  215. country music apperciation thread
  216. Moody Blues - "Days Of Future Passed"
  217. Ben l'oncle Soul
  218. The Doors
  220. anyone heard the new Bilal album?
  221. Steve Perry Greatest Rock Singer Ever?
  222. Damn, was it really 40 years ago...
  223. Marvin Gaye's Sanctified Lady, Savage In The Sack, Masochistic Beauty Songs Are Funny
  224. Kashif's Oooh Lover Come Turn Me On Song
  225. "The Climb" Can Get You Over
  226. Which kelis album to start from?
  227. Older/unreleased Dam-Funk tracks
  228. need some rare folk/indigenous/ancient music downloads/torrents
  229. The Beatles at Shea Stadium - NY - 1965
  230. Noah and the Whale -Britain's best up and coming band?
  231. Put me on some great Massive Attack songs
  232. dubstep has now taken the backseat
  233. Death Metal in your ear
  234. I Didn't Know Isaac Hayes Did A Video For Don't Let Go Song
  235. Vanity 6's Nasty Girl Video And Appolonia 6's Sex Shooter Video
  236. Toni Braxton Has Filed For Bankruptcy Again
  237. R.I.P. Solomon Burke (1940/03/21 2010/10/10)
  238. yo god them muslim worship songs go dumb hard
  239. Darkstar - North
  240. some buddy any buddy
  241. Solar Records Owner Dick Griffey Died
  242. there's a big drop-off after Radiohead....
  243. Any Blues Fans Up In This Motherfucker?
  244. RIP Gregory Isaacs
  245. Taylor Swift's new cd is fire!
  246. yall feeling this flight of the conchords song??
  247. The Good Times Are Killing Me
  248. Great Live Music Videos/DVDs
  249. The cinematic orchestra
  250. spokey dokes