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  1. Head Fuck Music Thread
  2. Girl Talk
  3. Glitch?
  4. Beatles Catalog Lands on iTunes; Years of Legal Wrangling Ends
  5. Blast from the Power Past
  6. Greensleevse Sampler 18
  7. Rolf Harris' Canadian Seal Cull Protest Song
  8. Michael Jackson - One More Chance (2003)
  9. Hot Scottish Hip-Hop Club Track
  10. NEW E-40 - The Weedman
  11. Cheens - For So Long
  12. Miles Davis interview, 1982
  13. After Jimi....
  14. Dam-Funk - Hood Pass Intact (Official Video, Vocal Version)
  15. Dope christmas
  16. System of a Down reunion
  17. Can anyone identify the vocal sample in this Tricky song?
  18. Led Zeppelin vs Deep Purple
  19. Im putting together a compilation of movie themes..
  20. Blue Sky Black Death & Yes Alexander ~ Heart Attack Official Video
  21. Don Van Vliet, aka 'Captain Beefheart', dies aged 69
  22. R Kelly's Love Letters Album
  23. Ronald Isley Has A New Album
  24. Simon & Garfunkel
  25. brand new video~! everybody`
  26. Jazz
  27. "Kind Of Blue" vs. "A Love Supreme"
  28. Gigs and Festivals Thread
  29. What do yall make of Marsha Ambrosious latest video?
  30. help me with some punk....
  31. Top 3 Albums By The Who?
  32. Ol' Dirty Trixx's Bust A Nut House Cracker Suite
  33. What Pink Floyd song is this?
  34. http://mapofmetal.com
  35. best Weather Report album?
  36. "Headhunters" vs. "On The Corner"
  37. Earth Wind & Fire Live
  38. Pandora Stations
  39. question for the reggaton listeners
  40. Tyler The Creator is back!!
  41. The King of Limbs
  42. DJ Rahdu - Something The Roots Made
  43. Purchases
  44. Europe's most popular music group -Blue Nile
  45. Metaform
  46. Post some dope LIVE Performances
  47. Willow
  48. Adele is number one album
  49. Chico Mann
  50. School me on Kraftwerk
  51. Broken Bells (Danger Mouse & The Shins singer) - new EP
  52. Nick Drake -Gone to soon, one of the all time greats
  53. Vernon Reid's debut with Prince Paul and Teo Macero - Dope!
  54. Bruce Lee Music Video by Tiffany Lunn
  55. favorite BAD BRAINS track ?
  56. Best Guitar Song and Album You've Heard?
  57. why don't this sub-forum have a reviews section?
  58. The Beach Boys
  59. Solid album from female singer
  60. charles bradley any one????
  61. The Free Jazz Thread
  62. OK Computer vs. Urban Hymns.
  63. charles bradley at the echo
  64. R.I.P. Gil Scott Heron
  65. Keith Jarrett appreciation thread
  66. Which Street Fighter Soundtrack Is The Best?
  67. Favorite Coltrane Album
  68. Been rockin to this here
  69. I don't know if all of you realize this, but there's been some great funk coming out
  70. Vybz Kartel > Wu
  71. Peter Gabriel 4 the WIN
  72. Nantes - Beirut
  73. Araabmuzik Releases Electronic/Dance Album
  74. The Weeknd
  75. Suede!!
  76. how can u characterize this type of music?
  77. Amy Winehouse Found Dead In London Home
  78. charles bradley covers nirvana stay away
  79. What's people's opinions on Dubstep?
  80. the best weed song in the whole world.
  81. Burial Untrue
  82. is there a song that combines rhyme structure/imagery better than 'Sweet Baby James'
  83. stereolab
  84. RIP Nick Ashford
  85. I'm With You - Red Hot Chili Peppers
  86. Tom Waits releasing new album, 'Bad As Me,' on October 25th
  87. The INF takes on DUBSTEP
  88. if u wuz tryna put a foreigner on to AMERICAN MUSIC
  89. Punk Rock meets FL Studio 7
  90. this Lloyd joint featuring Andre 3000 is pretty hot
  91. Techsteppin' vs. Torque vs. Prototype Years
  92. Tekitha freestyle
  93. My 12 Play is getting played out...
  94. du du du du Im not rich but the sun shines for me
  95. Sly Stone is living in a van down by the river?
  96. Hank Williams JR. DISS TRACK...GANGSTA
  97. Jazz listener why do people think that
  98. Curtis Mayfield
  99. Wynton Maralis
  100. Rock Documentaries
  101. Almighty presents Iron Cladzmen - The I C 2 LP
  102. So does anyone on here use spotify?
  103. Gil Scott-Heron
  104. anyone here listen to slam poetry?
  105. Legendary Dj Ron G The Mix king City of kings 2
  106. Folk
  107. what are some songs with a similar style of....?
  108. Jazz listeners: Who are your favorite pianists
  109. Gotye -Australia's chosen one?
  110. Worst Decade For Music?
  111. Sonny Rollins Interview With Tavis Smiley
  112. And the greatest rock band of the past decade is...
  113. Santana!
  114. so D'Angelo is making a comeback this year...
  115. if album covers were honest...
  116. Radiohead's Jonny Greeenwood and Penderecki
  117. Africa - Music From Lil Brown vinyl...
  118. Ornette Coleman
  119. New Bilal
  120. Will.i.am - The Hardest Ever ft Jlo, Mick Jagger
  121. Dramatikal-Walk Through Uptown
  122. I Don't Like Prince After Watching Jesse Johnson's Interview
  123. 2012 - The Final Countdown
  124. Lana Del Ray - Born To Die
  125. Wrecking Crew Orchestra
  126. Gene Simmons and Tommy Lee diss Rihanna's horrible stage shows
  127. Noctourniquet - TMV
  128. Ya'll Gotta See David Ruffin Unsung Documentary
  129. anyone heard the new Anthony Hamilton?
  130. Is it just me or is this a pretty good song?
  131. Mel Gibson: "John Lennon Deserved to be Shot..."
  132. The Coltrane Legacy
  133. Miles Davis
  134. Art Blakely
  135. [Stream LP] Norah Jones / Danger Mouse
  136. Faye Richmonde -My Pus*y Belongs To Daddy album
  137. Millie Jackson
  138. SWV has a new album
  139. LOL@The Jacksons Are Gonna Do Concerts Without Michael
  140. Yusef Lateef
  141. Unsung (Documentary) - Bootsy Collins
  142. Salem.
  143. Monophonics
  144. New Jack White album Blunderbuss, any fans?
  145. Eternia sunflower bright
  146. Kem
  147. Oldies & goldies
  148. The most popular group in the UK ?
  149. Coldplay: 'Radiohead are better than us'
  150. Frank Ocean Previews New Song Summer Remains
  151. Creative Shit & Lyrics
  152. Stax/volt the complete singles download
  153. Frank Ocean (of Odd Future)- Pyramids
  154. The weeknd On Crew love or Nate Dogg Aint No Fun
  155. The Metal Appreciation Thread
  156. Can ya help me identify this track?
  157. Waiting for the Rapture
  158. frank sinatra - song for swinging lovers
  159. Santigold? Thoughts
  160. Spike Lee Finishing Documentary About Michael Jackson’s Bad Album
  161. Ol' Dirty Trixx's Pixels At High Moon
  162. Ol' Dirty Trixx's Minority Resort
  163. Crystal Castles - Plague
  164. Where to start with Soul?
  166. guccispa.com 2 plush velvets s
  167. fAvorite MisfitS tracks?
  168. Favorite Led Zeppelin Track?
  169. Favorite Red Hot Chili Peppers song
  170. Phantogram
  171. Madonna sued in Russia for supporting gays
  172. Where the fuck is the love
  173. Can Somebody Post Footage Of Unsung's Documentaries On Sly & The Family Stone And....
  174. Wendy & Lisa
  175. Thievery Corporation
  176. New The xx album 'Coexist' streamed
  177. can u identify these tracks please?
  178. Any Jimi Hendrix aficionados? - I have a question!
  179. Meditation Music...
  180. Recommend me some reggae
  181. Sun Ra
  182. DJ Muggs - Soundclash Business Free EP (Dub/Trap)
  183. Corinne Bailey Rae?
  184. JohnDoe - December Lights (video has two chicks in it)
  185. The Heavy vs The Black Keys
  186. Gen3 Zig-Zag Universe (Zu World Single)
  187. Who's The New Guy In Tony Toni Tone?
  188. Creature looking Nicki Minaj calls Steven Tyler and everybody else a racist
  189. Flying Lotus - Tiny Tortures [video]
  190. The KKK's role in folstering early Jazz music
  191. Modern folk music
  192. 90s female r&b
  193. She's Better
  194. Dream-pop
  195. Happy Birthday Maurice White Of Earth Wind And Fire
  196. any Smashing Pumpkins fans here?
  197. Cibo Matto.
  198. What is your favorite Alicia Keyes album to date?
  199. zur Strafe
  200. Mood for love.... or sex
  201. Beautiful Pieces of Music.
  202. willie the kid never a dull moment unreleased version
  203. NEW Czarface feat. Action Bronson - It's Raw
  204. WU Wednesdays - Sav Killz - Killin Fields (classic Meth True Master Beat)
  205. Weird Russian president hires Boyz II Men to help boost the country's birth rate
  206. My group, album and song of the year
  207. AraabMuzik - For Professional Use Only
  208. New Bowie Album
  209. Rhye - Woman..
  210. Lovely Voice - Powerful Voice
  211. Biting Elbows "Bad MotherFucker"
  212. Best Album Closers/Closings
  213. 2 Of The Temptations Recently Died And Bobbie Smith Of The Spinners Died
  214. New kids on the block new album
  215. Beyonce And Keyshia Cole Are Beefing
  216. Inxs
  217. Numero Uno
  218. The Can - Tago Mago (1971)
  219. buy this album
  220. Black Sabbath "God is Dead?"; new single from upcoming album "13" released June
  221. Daft Punk - Get Lucky (Official Audio) ft. Pharrell Williams
  222. Odetta - Waterboy [greatist performed]
  223. Lead singer of christian heavy metal group arrested for murder for hire
  224. Paramore
  225. Listen to Daft Punk's new album for free on itunes!!!
  226. anyone know what this song is????
  227. SeX PiSTOLS cover (GoD S@VE the QUEEN)
  228. Happy Birthday Faith Evans
  229. LOL@Oran Juice Jones In The Rain Song
  230. RÜFÜS - 'Desert Night'
  231. i hate street dialogue
  232. Corey Feldman as Michael Jackson in his new music video
  233. good remix for the summer..
  234. Belle - Im in Love with You
  235. What's Your Favorite R&B Videos?
  236. david lynch new album worth checkin
  237. Johnny Rain
  238. I need this in my life
  239. 2012 WAS THE YR OF ROC MARCY, 2013 IS THE YR OF THE GoD...
  240. R. Kelly - R.
  241. CFCF - Outside
  242. kindly put my thread back
  243. Post LIVE music you have seen
  244. Eddie Murphy And Snoop Dogg's Redhead Song
  245. New band what do you all think?
  246. The DoorZ
  247. Robin Thicke sues Marvin Gaye
  248. what do you think of charli xcx?
  249. Favorite Bob Dylan album ? (and/or track)
  250. Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now