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  1. Shigeto - No Better Time Than Now
  2. EDM (post tracks , interviews ,etc)
  3. Which One Of These HAIM Girls Would You Bang?
  4. Digital @fterLife (the band) meet em'
  5. The worst Super Bowl music act of all time
  6. East coast/west coast country music feuds
  7. New Elvis Costello w/The Roots is awesome
  8. Pee Wee's girlfriend Dottie on the Voice
  9. So It's Confirmed That Teddy Pendergrass Was Bisexual
  10. Michael Jackson's Secret Lover Was A White Guy LOL
  11. best song/video of 1985
  12. Kenna -Hell Bent
  13. Pretty Lights
  14. British Lostprophets rock star jailed 35 years for child abuse
  15. Classic song by Noel
  16. 4 Jazz documentaries to watch
  17. Kiss, Nirvana & others inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
  18. Nice New wave song -5 O'clock In The Morning
  19. George Benson - Affirmation
  20. Joni Mitchell
  21. Ozzy is hilarious in this vid, nice funky/rock song
  22. Get off your ass and jam!
  23. Deer Tick
  24. Daptone Records..........
  25. Arctic Monkeys album sucks
  26. Ladies & gentlemen, Chuck Mangione
  27. Best albums to listen to while high?
  28. Go mental
  29. shes the one
  30. The Truth About John Oates's Mustache and His New Solo Album
  31. serious vocals serious metal
  32. Return of the fly!
  33. Why'd you have to lie?
  34. Bob James Touchdown album
  35. dope punk rock chick
  36. How is this dude one of the best selling artists?
  37. ...I don't know
  38. Your emotions
  39. Com Truise
  40. Jealousy
  41. Macho Insecurity
  42. No Rulez
  43. You can't bring me down
  44. sky ferreira - "i blame myself" (music video)
  45. Tonio Rosario
  46. In the shelters down below...
  47. do what u do
  48. One of the Greatest masterpieces in the history of Jazz
  49. Tommy Lee joins Smashing Pumpkins for upcoming record 'Monument to an Elegy'
  50. Riverbottom Nightmare heavy metal Band vs The Jugband
  51. Post annoying songs that were stuck in your head for months
  52. arcade fire - we exist (music video starring andrew garfield)
  53. Get to the choppa
  54. RIP to crooner Jerry Vale
  55. England disrespects Macaulay Culkin's band
  56. Death Grips - niggas on the moon
  57. The Funkiest Lady To Ever Live
  58. R&B Thread
  59. Taylor Swift wins again
  60. RIP Bobby Womack
  61. Greatest acoustic guitar album ever
  62. New Pink Floyd album
  63. Songs you like from genres/artists you don't like?
  64. Angie Hart
  65. Tommy Ramone, Founding Member of Influential Punk Band, Dies at 62
  66. Led Zeppelin
  67. Miles Davis - Human Nature (GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN)
  68. Majid Jordan - A Place Like This (Album/EP?)
  69. Fat women singers don't like to delayed from eating hamburgers
  70. The Book series 33 1/3 on classic albums.. Great stuff
  71. If you don't feel hyped by this, then I don't know man.
  72. Michael Cera -True That indie album
  73. Harry Manx
  74. Joe Jackson no longer a part of the family
  75. Gene Simmons: 'Rock is finally dead'
  76. Is Prince overrated?
  77. U2 scammed their horrible new album onto your Itunes
  78. Swans - To Be Kind
  79. Taylor Swift And Sky Ferreira Are Obsessing Over Each Other On Twitter
  80. Shellac - Dude Incredible
  81. UK Rap/Grime Cypher 2014
  82. Obese Patti Labelle had bodyguards beat up man which lead to brain injury
  83. Jennifer Lopez - Booty (feat. Iggy Azalea)
  84. Jars of Clay
  85. New Damien Rice album
  86. favorite 90s female pop songs
  87. Lorde - Yellow Flicker Beat
  88. Pharrell Williams - It Girl
  89. Courtney Love Refused to Pay Her Sound Tech...
  90. wtf is this scary ass shit
  91. Barbara Streisand hooking up with OG Prince Charles
  92. Prince Paul interviews Kirk Hammett from Metallica
  93. CHVRCHES - Get Away
  94. ILoveMakonnen - Tuesday (feat. Drake)