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  1. The mind/brain how easily it can be programmed
  2. Affirmative Action
  3. the real origins of the "swine flu"
  4. Reverse Racism
  5. Crackheads Gone Wild -- Real SH**
  6. why the only name of God is Allah ? ( For Mr Muhammad )
  7. Rza on Twelve Jewelz
  8. Descriptions
  9. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  10. Overeducation and America
  11. Colombia's Forgotten Black President
  12. What is the purest form of ART?
  13. How much longer will it be...
  14. MisunderStandings
  15. When white people say i hate niggers but black ppl are ok
  16. Who killed Malcolm X
  17. Interpretations
  18. ladies and gentlemen ..Bohemian Grove!
  19. Word is Bond
  20. Why is eating swine bad?
  21. Hate for the homeless dates back to when you were in grade school. build wit me
  22. Master Fard Muhammad was/iz not....
  23. Fake Homeless People
  24. "The DSM-IV: Inventing Mental Illness"
  25. Does the intricateness of the human body mean there is a creator?
  26. ANGELS&DEMONS - Illuminati false flag operation by Hollywood
  27. "The End of Democracy" by Dr. Ian Dallas
  28. Elephants getting revenge against humans because of poaching?
  29. Brotha Malcom's Day : Be prepared !!!
  30. Bloom's Taxonomy
  31. Scientists Unveil Missing Link In Evolution .
  32. Bilderberg 2009 Attendee List
  33. The Muslim view that Jesus was a Muslim.
  34. Michael Steele
  35. what i would give for audio of barack obama....
  36. The Power of Myth
  37. The more you study Physiology
  38. White ppl have melanin
  39. Melanin linked to Nicotine Addiction
  40. Revelation 2
  41. The hypocracy of drug policy
  42. What Is the Opinion of 5%ers In Relation To Hitler?
  43. Prophet Mohammed (p.b.u.h) mentioned in the bible
  44. Do you think obama is going to close Guantanamo as he said?
  45. Who were the indigenous Americans?
  46. Negative Rappers
  47. The laws of my life
  48. If You're Not Part of "THE SOLUTION"...
  49. Heltah Skeltah
  50. America's Covert War on Hip Hop
  51. king solomon
  52. Vid:Busta Rhymes On 5%'ers & White Peoples Devilish Nature
  53. what do u expect to go down dec 21st 2012?
  54. 2001 Hip-Hop Summit
  55. Fasting.
  56. Slave Catchers/Resistors
  57. Is the Nation of Islam an "Extremist" Group?
  58. the zietgiest movement
  59. Weed makes blood rush to head (Good or Bad?)
  60. Beware of the Dajjals (Antichrist)
  61. Our ends will be justified by their means
  62. anybody here into shrooms?
  63. Have you ever thought you Had a psychic experience???
  64. Tiger Woods & Eminem
  65. Impossibility
  66. Do Black People Have a Reason to Complain About the Condition Slavery Left Them In ?
  67. Thoughts on bringing extinct species back to life?
  68. What do you think Heaven/Hell is like ???
  69. Alex Jones: "AAAAaaaaaaaaaaagggggggrgrgrgrgggfggaaaaAAAA!! !"
  70. Alcohol versus Cannabis
  71. bob barefoots breath will cure your mom of syphillus
  72. Swine Flu Hype
  73. US ship survivors tell Press TV of Israeli attack .
  74. The Wooden Bowl
  75. Elaine Brown: New Age Racism
  76. He Who Opens the Door
  77. Chronological history of the new world order
  78. maybe you already know this...
  79. The domino effect....(food for thoght and acknowledgement)
  80. Moors
  81. what are we doing with our K.O.S.
  82. A needed laugh
  83. Information
  84. Afrocentric Historians
  85. Rev. Wright speaks to the Chicago Tribune about Obama, Israel
  86. Then What Happened?
  87. Strangers in a strange land
  88. Did You Know?
  89. Before and After the Cream was Added
  90. Obama's Other Face
  91. Sorry guys, Obama is not a hero. Quite the opposite in fact, he has done nothing.
  92. Some Quotes Of Note: Polticians Damning New Technologies/Cultural Artifacts
  93. Is Islam Really Mathematics?
  94. Justifiable Homocide
  95. Raw Milk Facts!!
  96. Is AIDS a Biological Weapon (of the US Government)?
  97. The Iran situation
  98. Twitter has a strong role in the developing Iran situation
  99. 9/11 Symbolism In Hollywood
  100. Supreme Architecture
  101. Whats the difference between African-Americans and African-Canadians?
  102. Prince speaks with Tavis Smiley about Chemtrails & other things...
  103. money credit and the deficit
  104. Dont ever put a tracking device in your dog.
  105. Holistic Wellness for the Hip Hop Generation. pt3
  106. Leaked pictures of NAU Amero money!!
  107. Why We Fight.....documentary.
  108. Mutabaruka debating about Rastafarians, Haile Selaissie, African History, Religion
  109. The Tree of Life
  110. Allah mathematics
  111. Marcus Garvey
  112. NYOIL speaks on the influence of Islam in Hip Hop and Manhood vs Masculinity
  113. Malik Shabazz Reacts to Barack Obama and Rev Wright!
  114. World hunger and starvation hits 1 billion
  115. The Brain
  116. Non dairy milk, such as rice milk?
  117. Colour Photos (100 Years ago)
  118. The Bilderberg plans - Update
  119. Siftables (MIT DEMO)
  120. Who are the "Americans"?
  121. Hidden Frame of a man appears in Barbara Bush TV AD
  122. What is Critical Thinking?
  123. North Korea Threatns To Wipe Out The United States!
  124. The effects of drugs on your spirit!
  125. Obenga on Ancient Kemet
  126. Dr.Sebi on Health
  127. Religion
  128. Comparing Penis size....
  129. Mikaeel Jackson (formerly Michael Jackson) conspiracy?
  130. Why the Confusion ?
  131. The NOI were stealing money from Michael Jackson?
  132. How We Want To Be Perceived
  133. something happened to my cousin
  134. Essential
  135. I live in a box and urge you all not to listen to a word I say
  136. If the NOI are a non profit organization, why do they provide commercial security?
  137. Posting in KTL
  138. Some examples of Deductive Reasoning
  139. damn why is our society so backwards in certain aspects
  140. Immortality achieved in nature
  141. The Peoples List
  142. Money equals debt
  143. INTEGRATION according to Tiger
  144. The Oneness Of God
  145. Where You AT ?
  146. Brother Farrakhan's famous(and first) speech following 9/11
  147. hahaha lol @ the nation of islam
  148. do you believe in sky god?
  149. Critical Thinking pt. 2
  150. What Does Germany And Russia have to do With the Current War in the Middle East ?
  151. who did Yeshua pray 2?
  152. http://www.sixtysymbols.com
  153. Vegetarian diet weakens bones: research
  154. A Question on Roman Catholicism
  155. BackGammon !
  156. A True and Lasting Peace, PSA #2 from Unseen
  157. Jinn explained
  158. The Death Penalty
  159. Inspiration and Spirit
  160. Limitations
  161. Laughing Buddha
  162. Its Off !
  163. is jesus a person?
  164. Music as a Healer
  165. Rahsan Abdul Hakim
  166. new Dr. Affffffffffffff
  167. Some guy breaks down the third verse of Nas - I Can
  168. questions fo fivers
  169. What was W.F. Muhammad?
  170. Questions for the Nation Of Islam (Muslims)
  171. Dogs and Swine
  172. Ahmad bin hanbal
  173. Obama's popularity among Americans now stands at 56 %
  174. The Complexion of a Pool
  175. this whole thing with the plastic bottles and fish/human mutations
  176. Seymour Hersh: "Executive Assassination Ring" Answered to Cheney (among other things)
  177. Catching the Holy Ghost in Church
  178. Crime Pays!!
  179. Rothschild time - line
  180. I am
  181. The michael jackson cover-up (pt 1)
  182. The Father The Son and The Holy Ghost
  183. Codex Alimentarius and the famine to follow
  184. some people in k.t.l talk jibberish.
  185. Should welfare recipients be restricted from purchasing luxury items?
  186. obama is apart of the Illuminati.
  187. Voodoo
  188. Slavery Still Exsists
  189. Battle psychiatry, mind control WW II documentary
  190. Did Anynone Catch This???
  191. Save the World
  192. Louis Farrakhan speak about Michael Jackson
  193. the hidden Superman volume
  194. Tory's Copying US Gentrification In London
  195. Science V. Theology
  196. Tasteless Class
  197. Designer Babies
  198. man i missed the save the world thread...gotta add on
  199. The Future
  200. Israel Creates "Internet Warfare" Squad .
  201. how do angels fight each other ?
  202. A story with a moral
  203. The Book of Enoch
  204. Obama: ĎOur Kids Canít All Aspire to be Lil Wayne or LeBroní
  205. What's on your plates??
  206. Professor Griff Speaks on the Industry
  207. what do you think about mandatory car insurance?
  208. STILL ALIVE: Man, 108, Enslaved in United States
  209. Coping with Babylon
  210. Global Pandemic
  211. CIA Alledgely Killed David Kelly?
  212. Guy gets put through roadside DUI check, passes but gets tasered and arrested anyway
  213. What Lies in Plain Site Part 1
  214. I found a series on the origins of humanity in north america and other places
  215. Exercise
  216. who here is a christian ????
  217. Love & Marriage
  218. radical truth, knowledge and revolution
  219. Left Eye talks about 2Pac
  220. The Creator
  221. Wise Intelligent Interview
  222. Tron was the original Matrix
  223. Hip Hop Culture as Conditioning...
  224. FARRAKHAN SPEAKS on "The Crucifixion of Michael Jackson"
  225. Luminous Beings Are We....
  226. question 4 Prof Zoorucka
  227. Portions of Anacalypsis
  228. Elijah Muhammad and 'How To Eat To Live'
  229. The Jewish Strategy: The Jewish So-Called Religion
  230. The Bible got the value of Pi wrong.
  231. Noi?
  232. The Disappearing Male
  233. did you watch the crucifixion webcast?
  234. Is Heaven Hotter than Hell??? (science disproves bible's accuracy...again)
  235. Let's Drop Some KnowLedge!!
  236. the "power" to be racist?
  237. women are more vulnerable to Satanic deceptions than are men.
  238. The greatest story ever told
  239. "What IS Real?
  240. You sent me to these books and this is what I read
  241. How soon and what way do you think our existence will end?
  242. Americas true terrorist
  243. I choose to eat the swine.
  244. Sex Magik...
  245. Athiesm is not therapy, but restored mental health.
  246. RIP To Boyd Ed Graves
  247. AIDS Is Man Made Part 2?
  248. i'm considering changing my last name
  249. The Bible was Sexist and demeaning to women [Timothy 2:11-15]
  250. Do humans have three brains?