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  1. This is fucking brilliant
  2. GOD in Person
  3. Whats the name of the black radio host with a thin mustache?
  4. The 3 types of extra-terrestrial civilizations
  5. recieve my wisdom and not silver...
  6. i have been initiated..
  7. Changing Reality
  8. Fourth Spatial Dimension 101
  9. Is Creativity a Quantum Process?
  10. The True Functions of The Heart
  11. Saviours' Day 2010 'THE WHEEL' Episode 1
  12. Are societies better when the citizens are closed minded?
  13. does music influence the youth?
  14. 5 largest armies...what would happen?
  15. Are We Zeroing In on the Hard Problem of Explaining Consciousness?
  16. How often do you question the veracity of the history you've been presented in life?
  17. Why do people want immortality?
  18. Tim Geithner in China Getting laughed at by Chinese Students
  19. Fort Hood shooting
  20. Prophecies To Come
  21. documentary on genetically engineered foods
  22. the deficit and bailouts
  23. do heaven and hell exist
  24. its all a belief
  25. wathca meen
  26. THE IMMORTALISTS - a short film by Jason Silva
  27. 5 stages of the sun
  28. Chronology of the Prophets (attempt)
  29. check it out
  30. concentration camps in america
  31. nut jobs talking about conspiracy theories
  32. Interview with rap artist turned Muslim
  33. Women to blame for Earth Quakes?
  34. lack of comunication
  35. Which has the higher standard of moral teaching the koran or the new testement !!!!!!
  36. secret societies basic training
  37. Russia to ban all Scientology related books and violaters can be prosecuted.
  38. Is Muhammad the NEW Jesus?
  39. Immigration Reform in Arizona
  40. Text 2.0
  41. "Atheists have no morals, just look at Stalin & Hitler"
  42. Matthew 15:24 (question for the christians)
  43. Noah's Ark found (or was it?)
  44. A military plane that crashed in the Monongahela River in Pittsburgh was never found
  45. 2 new alex jones documantaries
  46. Another Bible question for Zook or other bible thumpers
  47. malcolm x
  48. A jew declare that Islam was the original message of the prophets
  49. Malcolm X's letter from Mecca
  50. flashbacks
  51. Passion of the christ or of the Antichrist
  52. knowlegde of self
  53. The spiritual side of Jeet Kune Do
  54. How many of you fast.
  55. Profile of the Sociopath
  56. They Sold Their souls to the devil
  57. -1 for big pharma
  58. immigration laws
  59. Quizz : Wich verse is from the Quran ?
  60. A message for Zooruka
  61. Who are the Shiia ?
  62. Question to the real muslims.
  63. Black People Before Religion
  64. Neanderthal Interbreeding in Europe/Asia
  65. Classic quotes from the man who made marijuana illegal
  66. who are the real Muslims?
  67. Who stands behind demonizing marijuana?
  68. the Gospel of Hip Hop by KRS ONE
  69. there has to be only one...
  70. can someone explain the soul and the spirit
  71. what do you think about homosexuality?
  72. Do you live this life conscious of the judgement day of God
  73. Christianity = pedophilia
  74. Who is the real muslim ? (poll)
  75. If Muhammed would live in todays world.
  76. Guess what?
  77. Information
  78. is the vatican behind the pedophilia?
  79. Rituals
  80. In defence of Islam
  81. Napoleon from 2pac's Outlawz talks Tupac, Hip-Hop and ISLAM
  82. Investigators: Obama using Connecticut Soc. Sec. Number
  83. Christianity and islam will always be enemies.
  84. The Universalism of the Golden Rule
  85. Petition to ban Zooruka faggot
  86. What do you think about Asexuality?
  87. The Christianity = Pedophilia thread was fine until I brought up Muslim mistreatment
  88. government defectors
  89. Ununpentium
  90. Celibacy and Religion - Sexual Crimes
  91. The story of Muhammad and Islam (video)
  92. The differance between a terrorist and mujahideen ( an islamic perspective)
  93. The differennce between a christian and a pedophile (a christian perspective)
  94. How do you guys feel about shamanism?
  95. Pro Zooruka thoughts on this...
  96. The devil
  97. Clocks
  98. End of Days
  99. Hua Hu Ching: 43
  100. Your Thoughts
  101. Whites are racist by default
  102. The cure for AIDS
  103. Everyone trying to speak english.
  104. Yesterdays Today
  105. The original message of Jesus
  106. Muslim extremists to attack Dutch & Danish Fans on The Soccer World Championship
  107. the future of food
  108. the eurocentric state of mind
  109. Why do we feel bad about things?
  110. And you try to convince me theres not a war against Islam ?
  111. The true enemy of the Abrahamic religions
  112. Hellspawns thoughts on this.
  113. A civics lesson for americans
  114. Synthetic Creation
  115. what are good questions to ask jehova witnesses
  116. bomb went off in WTC before first plane ever hit ?
  117. Alchemy
  118. Black Man's skeleton found in England dating back to medieval times.
  119. A Question for Sense-A
  120. Alex Gray once and for all settles the question on 9/11
  121. Spiritual vs Religion
  122. Rand Paul: Civil Rights Act?
  123. Hubble Finds Unidentified Object in Space, Scientists Puzzled
  124. Stories from the Quran : Prophet Salih
  125. Bank con exposed on MSNBC .
  126. anunnaki?
  127. In a few years Europe will be dominated by islam
  128. The Cuban Revolution
  129. the muslim world is in fashion FAKE MUSLIMS EXPOSED!!!!
  130. How susceptible are humans to subliminal thought manipulation
  131. Human need for a sense of belonging.
  132. Symbolic Warfare, a movement in motion
  133. ego death vs being at peace
  134. How Would Society Fare Without Money?
  135. The Gospel of Hip Hop
  136. Slavery Today Book
  137. Farrakhan...The World Leader
  139. essential veiwing for prof zooruka
  140. Was he running for President of the United States or ....
  141. Do other people even matter?
  142. Do muslims pray to satan. (serious question)
  143. Israelis Celebrate "Death to the Arabs" After the Attack on Aid Flotilla to Gaza
  144. Boogiemonsters!!!
  145. Is the natural word the true language of God's voice?
  146. The Industry Part 63
  147. Don Tolman
  148. What is Reality ?
  149. Nasa Scientists: Alien life might exist on Titan.
  150. do you watch the documentaries i post?
  151. Catholic Church
  152. H.r. 8791
  153. The mechanics of Ascencion -Ashayana Deane aka ana hayes
  154. Amorc
  155. Divisions
  156. Let's talk about this
  157. akhenaton and the real jews.
  158. FBI covered up a secret diversion of Uranium from Pittsburgh area to Israel in 1965
  159. Dreams can be watched on monitors
  160. Extreme Right Party Wins allot of seats in Dutch Elections
  161. Sacred Texts online
  162. da God Emblem "Hoodishly simplified"
  163. The New Prince
  164. Visual Limits
  165. What Are We ?
  166. Cymatics: Visualizing Sound
  167. First self-replicating synthetic bacterial cell
  168. Tool-"Lateralus" - Fibonnacci personofied
  169. hybrid cd
  170. Opinions on this site?
  171. Communism vs. Capitalism
  172. 2012
  173. Bishop Richard Williamson: Not a single Jew died in a gas chamber.
  174. How do you estimate the possibility...
  175. How To Stop The Illuminati
  176. obamas advisor worries me
  177. why are ceilings Speckled with dotted shit??????????
  178. prayer
  179. What ya know about Comm 12 and Aquarius
  180. New book claims Death Row Records was an FBI front
  181. bp oil spill vs other current spills
  182. Obama plans
  183. 359 missing fragments of the book of enoch
  184. ask me a question about secret societies
  185. Who Are The Real Children of Israel?
  186. Black Hebrew Israelites
  187. random food for your brain
  188. g20 protests dude gets snatched the fuck up lolol
  189. Help a fellow Wu-Corp brother out LOL
  190. I noticed something important in the news this past week
  191. http://www.blackwebportal.com
  192. Originalthoughtmag.com
  193. Ability to judge distance is amazing.
  194. The Deadly Gulf
  195. Modern Egyptology-Minus The Racism
  196. Theremin- Musical Instrument (Very Interesting)
  197. texas
  198. From Spice Girls to DEAD BABIES (a must see)
  199. I just had a guided tour in Hell - Srsly
  200. Paganism
  201. Hidden track
  202. Celtic Troy
  203. mind master subliminal message program
  204. Truth: Paganism is the answer
  205. by bringing african slaves to america
  206. Is Time Disappearing from the Universe?
  207. Do you want to live forever? (Aubrey de Grey) documentary
  208. Will enhancement destroy the "real you"?
  209. The System's War Againgst Tupac
  210. Law of One: Pyramids
  211. guess what Muhammad said? LOL
  212. David Icke and Jordan Maxwell in conversation
  213. Free energy is decades old!
  214. How do you feel about schools being resegregated?
  215. Google Spies on the world with streetview vans
  216. Bill Cosby Should Look At Poor Unemployed Blacks Situation Differently
  217. Walmart tracking customers through chip in clothing
  218. Podcasts & Audio Books
  219. Chakras, The Sephiroth and The Microcosmic Orbit.
  220. Oliver Stone: Jewish control of the media is preventing free Holocaust debate.
  221. Pentagon Papers II?: Wikileaks and Information Control in the Internet Era
  222. video: From Homo Sapien to Homo Evolutis
  223. A Wake Up Call !
  224. Marijuana Legalization Vote In CA
  225. Obama signs legislation to reduce racist cocaine/crack sentencing disparity
  226. Lord Save Us From Your Followers
  227. Blackwater
  228. First People on earth
  229. how to clean a rabbit
  230. The Official Black Thread.
  231. spells, magick, alchemy & symbolism
  232. The Bermuda Triangle
  233. Reincarnation documentary
  234. The Day before Disclosure..WATCH HERE
  235. Pakistani People Kill Innocent Boys
  236. Meet Your Meat
  237. Does certain rap music perpetuate violence in the inner city?
  238. Life Raft Makes Sea Water Drinkable
  239. Indiginous People fight the power and win!
  240. Zeitgeist Addendum
  241. SunSpotz
  243. Look what the cat dragged in
  244. Man has lived without money since 2008
  245. Rev. Jeremiah Wright. The God.
  246. Truth and Lies of 9/11---Prove It!
  247. Jesus is your word!!!!!!!!!!!!
  248. The Originator
  249. Conspiritus
  250. Jesus' relevance to African-Americans