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  1. David Noakes: 'Exposing The EU Dictatorship' 2HR
  2. John Pilger - Lies in the War on Terror
  3. OSHO on Truth, Awareness and Enlightenment
  4. What Is Reality?
  5. The Weird World of Quantum Physics
  6. Unitarian Universalism
  7. The Sociological Imagination - C.Wright Mills (1959)
  8. Ron Paul Concedes, Rand Paul endorses Mittens.
  9. Truth Frequency Radio
  10. Morgellons ( Spiderweb fibers chemtrail )
  11. OBE tips or techniques? Does anyone have any guides or tips for OBEs?
  12. Tsarion Gold Coast
  13. is Ian R Crane credible?
  14. What Does Bilderberg Want?
  15. Why racism and prejudice still exists
  16. Why are nudity and sex considered to be obscene?
  17. Bystander Effect
  18. NAZi Pope
  19. Argentine Patagonia
  20. The Power Of Giving 1/4
  21. Words from 'Unity Of Good'-MARY Baker Eddy
  22. how do you study
  23. The Ultimate Truth
  24. David Icke Speaks w/ The BBC
  25. Alan Watts
  26. Nostradamus Quatrain 66
  27. David Icke Speaks
  28. As Above So Below.
  29. Manna - psilocybin mushroom inspired documentary
  30. The Good, The Bad, The Outcome
  31. Noble Drew Ali Speaks On Religious Controvesy
  32. Sepher Yetzirah Chapter 4, Verse 2
  33. Iran Can Destroy US Bases in Minutes
  34. Romney, an Eye on Campaign, Plans a Trip to Israel
  35. The Indigo Evolution Full Length Documentary
  36. What's your number?
  37. The Age Of Transitions
  38. Alan Watts Speaks On The Music Industry
  39. Arrogance
  40. This 10 Minute Video Will Change Your Life
  41. Kurt Sonnenfeld?
  42. For or Against Alex Jones
  43. The 6 Mental Faculties
  44. Empathy
  45. Grounding/Earthing
  46. Thoughts on the Frank Ocean biz
  47. 1973 Saviour Days Speech ~ The Honorable Elijah Muhammad
  48. The Origin(s) Of Zen
  49. There's A New Book Called Why We Hate Black Women LOL
  50. Roger hayes
  51. Black College Graduates Are Having A Hard Time Finding A Job
  52. WikiLeaks targets Syria
  53. Mitt Romney on RomneyCare vs. ObamaCare 2010
  54. Secular Humanism
  55. Requiem For A New World order
  56. Mind Control,
  57. Tips on making a successful blog/vlog? (not meant for GEN CHAT)
  58. Simple question....
  59. It is important that i tell you this (More Infowars News)
  60. whats really happening in Syria/iran
  61. Versus Hip Hop on Trial Debate
  62. Neocons Float “Mushroom Cloud” Condi as Romney VP
  63. Chavez: Venezuela is no threat, Obama is a "good guy"
  64. some info on...The U.N & Eugenics
  65. The 81 Solfeggio Tones
  66. Persecution Of Our Leaders
  67. The Unit
  68. Syrian rebels converge on capital, Russia pressed
  69. Rik Clay
  70. Coast to Coast AM
  71. Did Romney Endanger His Campaign With Lies About Bain Capital Post?
  72. Astral projection
  73. The Hemp revoltuion
  74. Introducing MintChip: The Evolution of Money
  75. Obamacare
  76. any of u brothers in america know any moorish american nationals?
  77. The I Ching
  78. Geocentric Truth
  79. Secret of Voynich Manuscript, an Ancient Book Written in Code
  80. The Lethal Presidency of Barack Obama
  81. HSBC exposed: Drug money banking, terror dealings
  82. How Big Banks Manipulate and Influence Your Health
  83. The Fluoride Decepption (ebook)
  84. Romney Rice?
  85. Solar Flare Heading For Earth Not Likely to Disrupt Communications
  86. Another glitch in the Matrix
  87. Is mind a metaphor?
  88. The irony of chess
  89. Where did astrology come from?
  90. I keep seeing 3:33, 11:11, 1:11, and 12:34 wtf?
  91. Healthful living or the science of health
  92. Your Interpretation
  93. new eyes-no eyes
  94. Jesus = Lucifer
  95. Why are more people dying of cancer?
  96. For all my book cats
  97. The Devil's Grip
  98. Is this racist?
  99. Soundwaves and Words
  100. wanting to be The One!
  101. Characteristics of the whisperer/satan
  102. Behold A Palehorse
  103. The Fruit We Eat ....
  104. Black Runners and White Swimmers
  105. God = Satan
  106. The Four Living Creatures
  107. wu tang is 4 the children
  108. Cro-Magnons time is almost up
  109. Arrogance In Knowledge
  110. RH Negative blood
  111. Thoughts on Pussy Riot?
  112. Why so many helicopters flying around london keeping me awake?
  113. Vanity Smurf takes out Valuable Time to visit KTL
  114. Unrighteous righteousness
  115. Subliminal Cartoon Sex
  116. are stereotypes needed
  117. Suffering
  118. Who Nose ?
  119. What do yall think about the Black Egyptian theory
  120. The Language of Math
  121. Nation of Yahweh
  122. where do emotions come from?
  123. NOV. elections in the U.S.> Obama-Romney, Republicans/Dems... any sentiments? Opine.
  124. T'ai Chi & QiGong
  125. Signs of The Times
  126. What Can Be Done
  127. Tavis Smiley And Cornel West Have A Book Called The Rich And There's The Rest Of Us
  128. man speaks on metaphysics of green lantern
  129. As a white supremest, does my opinion of sunny winters matter ?
  130. fear in 120
  131. woman is God too
  132. Corbett Report presents - 911 A Conspiracy Theory
  133. Paul Mooney talks Life Lessons
  134. What Are You ?
  135. Is black women's obsession with their hair related to an innate fear
  136. The Dangers Of Porn
  137. Is the world objective or subjective
  138. C2C NOORY - Ancient Cataclysms 09-19-2012
  139. Confirming the Electric Comet.
  140. Thoughts on God and why we are the way we are.
  141. Nasa censoring the sun/the changing sun
  142. World as Will and Idea
  144. E.C.C.O. - Earth Coincidence Control Office
  145. Now that wutang isnt uncool
  146. If You Are Not 100% Healthy,
  147. "a God of justice is....
  148. A panoramic fact based view of the situation in africa
  149. Question for all you fuckers who...
  150. ffff...7 dimensions and beyond for dummies
  151. How can AnyThing Non-Physical Exist ?
  152. What is this?
  153. Knowledge is power
  154. are peoples of an african descent genetically more rhythmic than other peoples?
  155. its a good idea NOT to speak on things people dont wanna hear and...
  156. to not believe in the God of scripture is.....illogical?
  157. willie lynch speech is a hoax
  158. The hate just keeps on coming …
  159. The Mirror System of Self
  160. Anyone play Mensa?
  161. What is Righteousness ?
  162. The truth of our existence
  163. 21 -12 - 2012
  164. symbols of an alien sky
  165. Go To Youtube And Watch 5723Michael's Message About Black Women
  166. 5723michael Speaking About Trayvon Martin, Hoodies, Sagging Jeans
  167. KRS-One Interview in London 1989
  168. how much of a gift is it to be aware of your own presence
  169. The Clock Of Giza/Pyramids history
  170. N.R.A. Press Conference: Armed Guards In Schools 12/21/12
  171. Some people
  172. starch..whats the ill effects?
  173. Jericho Sunfire
  174. talk to your food before you eat it
  175. Raw vegan fermented beverages
  176. Help my parents say they want me dead in the astral plane
  177. The cross
  178. boosting creativity
  179. Fortune Cookie Stuff
  180. questions about personal destiny/soul purpose
  181. Positive+ -negativE
  182. Jewish Rabbi Ethers all Blacks & Whites
  183. Neville Goddard ish
  184. bow before god, god bows to you...
  185. Planned Parenthood
  186. What Sticks to your Soul more securely ?
  187. Is The Government Covering Up Their Knowledge of Bigfoot?
  188. How to Save the World Interview with Jose Arguelles/Valum Votan
  189. The wisdom of charles manson?
  190. Reptilians: Demons NOT Aliens (100% Proof?)
  191. CIA Brainwashing techniques
  192. Illuminati chip (black man dont get in prison)
  193. Satan in the vatican
  194. Haarp
  195. The Caste System
  196. Crazy..
  197. Do you think your parents did a good job?
  198. KRS ONE Speaks on Kanye West with SABIR BEY
  199. The Truth About Sandy Hook
  200. It is the duty of the average person to stop the gay (sinful) advance
  201. You have no FREEDUMBS, prove me wrong! (I love to argue)
  202. The Illuminati: Trying to help us...?
  203. Eric Dollard - Sun Theories
  204. Why I've decided not to read the bible
  205. The Dred Scott People
  206. God sniffs coke?
  207. Popa Wu quote
  208. the ants brought geronimo food
  209. The Matyr Hajj Malcolm El Shabazz
  210. Does anyone find it strange that death of bin laden has gone largely unnoticed
  211. Bilderberg conference
  212. The May Flower............
  213. Alex Jones rant regarding Bilderberg
  214. Bill Cosby rips black christians about crime at NAN Conference
  215. If you are tired of World Star Hip Hop please sign this petition
  216. striving for something u cant have
  217. It Was Written vs Choose Your Destiny
  218. Is Pluto just as powerful as the Sun ?
  219. Cispa
  220. Knowcheeze
  221. my details
  222. Emerald Tablets Of Thoth, 50,000 Year Old Tablets Reportedly From Atlantis
  223. Enki
  224. ZipLock Baggies
  225. Marijuana
  226. Yasiin Bey (aka Mos Def) force fed under standard Guantánamo Bay procedure
  227. Your Time and what you do with it
  228. Where you can get energy from
  229. Natural Gas Fracking
  230. Cartoon Violence
  231. What The World Owes To Muslim Spain
  232. This is a Snow Flake Under An Electron Microscope.
  233. Subliminals, Shams, The Sun, and Salami
  234. Daily Bible Quotes
  235. Mos takes one for the detainees
  236. What did the Prophet Muhammad Prophecy ?
  237. Lord Nose, Check Out Gang Starr's Conspiracy Song
  238. The Words of The Great Lauryn Hill
  239. why do silly religious people....?
  240. 'Hungry Games'
  241. Comet ISON
  242. The ABZU Anunnaki
  243. Nonoxynol 9(N-9)
  244. My first full length Documentary Film
  245. Harriet Tubman Sex Tape: Simmons Apologizes
  246. Interim life coach of KTL
  247. Jack Van Impe should post in KTL
  248. Hmm...
  249. I prefer to be an ign'ant simple cunt
  250. Water is powerful