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  1. Draconians
  2. Deadly lake that turns animals in statues
  3. Ancient Archeological Sites That Were Destroyed By Stupid Humans
  4. Migrating birds fly non stop for six months
  5. Ancient confessions that prove the Romans invented Jesus ?
  6. Obama's alien secret service (part 2)
  7. 30 million people are in slavery, half of them in India
  8. Sonic Geometry
  9. Documentary of Indonesia's Muslim Transvestites
  10. Judgement Day: The ultimate court case
  11. How long do you think we have?
  12. Anyone else into astronomy here
  13. What's the point in having religious super heroes?
  14. Meet the last Jew in Afghanistan
  15. Bushwick Bill Speaking The Truth About The Military On Geto Boys Fuck A War
  16. 40 years of Hip Hop by KRS-One (Full Movie)
  17. comet ison
  18. Ving Rhames And Terrence Howard's Animal Movie Shows That Black Men In Prison........
  19. serial killer cover ups
  20. RIP to Famous Psychic Sylvia Browne
  21. Mountain Man Arrested for Trying to Feed Himself, owns judge
  22. Charles Manson gets married to a young star?
  23. What is the Asiatic Black Man.
  24. Roger Morneau - A Trip Into the Supernatural - Demon Worship
  25. Was it possible for this half ton woman to be a killer?
  26. 8 Atrocities Committed Against Puerto Rico by the US
  27. Why do black people complain about racism?
  28. Why do people say, "Rest in Peace"...
  29. Unthinkable: Is scepticism a sustainable philosophy?
  30. Michael Tellinger: Ancient Civilizations and Free Energy Talk
  31. Controversy over whether Santa Clause is white or original asiatic black man?
  32. How would a Caucasian-less world be?
  33. The rapture finally happens
  34. Is Wallace Fard still on the mothership?
  35. How long would we survive for if...
  36. Neanderthals could speak like modern humans, study suggests
  37. Thoughts on being pentalized for having a lot of kids?
  38. Bigfoot in Texas
  39. Stargate Cern
  40. Ariel Sharon is dead
  41. Dude who was jailed for sending gay text dies after not being given medical treatment
  42. The Collectivist Conspiracy
  43. Incidents of Bestiality and Canabalism video
  44. The nazi occult, hollow earth, vrill etc
  45. My ginger neckbeard caught fire
  46. Nigeria ranked as the most homophobic country and Spain the least homophobic, in poll
  47. EARTH IS RUN BY...Insectilians
  48. Legends & Myths
  49. UFO Caught By Security Camera Or Ghostly Apparition
  50. Martin Luther King a shapeshifter reptilian?
  51. YOLO, watered down allister crowley philosophy.
  52. Taliban kidnap military canine
  53. The effects of slavery
  54. Denzel Washington says Nigga on Letterman
  55. North Korea dictator may face charges over atrocities comparable to the Nazi era
  56. Dr. King's dream
  57. Hebrew Israelite disses that cause people to go bezerk
  58. "No more excuses!" - Obama
  59. Dr. Ivan van sertima
  60. Documentary on gay prostitutes in Jamaica
  61. Most talked about plane conspiracies
  62. Texas death row inmate compares prison sentences to slavery
  63. August 1908: Winston Churchill and druids
  64. Legislature tries to stop Hawaiians from eating dogs and cats
  65. Zodiac Tarot
  66. Tornadoes, autism and dementia are God's punishments for abortions
  67. Leader of Westboro Baptist Church dies
  68. Frustrated Black Men Migrating to Brazil in Record Numbers
  69. Why Do White People want be Native Americans?
  70. A profound work of art
  71. For Pale & Eagle... as they both love A.Jones..
  72. Can dreamers predict the future?
  73. Afghan President says beating wives is the law of all Muslims and Afghans
  74. Baby accused of attempted murder
  75. True Power
  77. Are engagement rings a feminist scam?
  78. Why would you be ashamed that your ancestors were slaves?
  79. Hiding behind satan, but acting the ways of christ
  80. NOI and Afrikan KMT