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  1. Hi, my names DJMethods
  2. Are your kids safe?
  3. Best idea for a video game
  4. This whole website is fucked (cause Cilvarabdickringz and his dick-ring stanz)
  5. Question to Cilvaringz
  6. Snow
  7. Are wu-members not rich?
  8. Nasa Photo Confirms that Absolute Truth!!!
  9. don't click here
  10. Hurry You Must Enter!!!!
  11. Slappin Crackers in their face!!! hahahaa!!!
  12. The OFFICIAL WHITES vs. BLACKS thread
  13. Appreciate The Statue of Liberty
  14. Whats with the race wars in Gen Chat?
  15. Method Man is the kiss of death
  16. Which Faggot U Hate The Most?
  17. Bill Clinton
  18. What do you like?
  19. A message to my black brothers
  20. Wu tang Is whack
  21. Wu beef cooking?
  22. jews and the j word
  23. Finding pics online?
  24. Is it ok for asians to say nigga?
  25. Who's Hatin on Rza?
  26. Wutang Diss!
  27. Its funnyCilvaringz gets no respect
  28. rae's been fat since when?
  29. Baggage Handlers Is Average
  30. anybody know details about gfk v.s. wu-music?
  31. I like Cilvaringz! Stop the nonsense!
  32. Ruined Songs
  33. Wu-Tang mad at Souljaboy's perfection?
  34. The Essence of Wu-Tang Corp Gen Chat Humor and/or dating etiquette
  35. solomon childs- no credit on BDR???
  36. fuck a wu tang.
  37. About Wu
  38. 7/11 has some crazy bums
  39. maybe Wu isnt responding because...
  40. London VS New York
  41. Wu tang members are broke as fuck!
  42. killarmy questions
  43. She hit the flo'! Next thing you know!..
  44. Old but Interesting Article Regarding this site
  45. Enter The 36 Strangers
  46. i think i might be wu-bi-polar
  47. Who Is The Old Hebrew That Method Man Brought To The Studio With B.i.g.?
  48. official post your latest infraction points thread
  49. one world
  50. *scarz* an emo poem
  51. Blackula
  52. The Truth About 8 Diagrams (Everybody click here !!)
  53. guess who stylemaster,queen of poetry,and that other 5%'r
  54. ***prepare 2 Get Mind Fucked***
  55. Is being gay wrong?
  56. eva notice that the wu fell off when...
  57. Revolution!
  58. You guys are still faggots
  59. If you had to pick 1, RZA or DJ Premier?
  60. Raekwon to do Shark Niggaz pt 2 skit, aimed at D.O.C
  61. Only built 4 pointy ass ring niggaz
  62. I love black people
  63. Would you give a wristy to a tranny for $100,000,000?
  64. 5.000 posts..
  65. homophobia, hip hop and the jews.
  66. new Shyheim (ahem) freestyle video. discusses Rae beef
  67. Who'd ya Keep?
  68. Is there any rap producer in the same league as PRIMO and RZA?
  69. White people who dress, act and talk like their black
  70. honestly...who owns this site? and how much cream does it earn monthly.
  71. I had faith in RZA, but im confused after reading this..
  72. Help..
  73. Attention all uk corp members!!!!!!!!
  74. Big Brother : US
  75. How Long You Think...
  76. killing wild animals is a no no
  77. Seedy porn addicted nerd cunts; A Call to arms
  78. Shaq Terrified Of Phoenix Suns After Reading About Supernovas
  79. CHECK OUT THE NEW Popa wu Visions of the Tenth Chamber part II
  80. hey, anyone here stay in colorado?
  82. i say we start a new forum
  83. big dick, little dick.
  84. New GP The Grain (Formerly known as GP Wu) Interview
  85. Offical Guess how Skampoe pays for his weed and food
  86. Wu Tang Mural
  87. don't read this
  88. Peace
  89. Who's Toughest in Wu?
  90. Do you respect Technician?
  91. The downfall of the WU-TANG!!
  92. Labia Majora
  93. So anything new with WU TANG?
  94. Choose: hardcore muscular female or feminine curvy tranny
  95. is it gay to...
  96. White man can Rappin? NO
  97. Pink Bitches
  98. we just ate karate
  99. Wu Tang Chamber
  100. New advertisement worse than cilva's ?
  101. Byte Me 20 Hottest Women Of The Web
  102. All Men Have Gay Tendencies......
  103. The racism on this forum (and really in general)
  104. Grand Opening "Ladies Resort"
  105. homosexuality
  106. would ya smash?
  107. When Was The Last Time U Beat Ya Dick? And Y?
  108. So I was masturbating when a dudes face cam on the screen...
  109. I just want to start a thread
  110. Post here only..
  111. ***Mwah***
  112. The Nebraska Nostril ''@ Home''
  113. What is your favorite Eric Clapton pic?(Cooley classic)
  114. Anyone Been In A Mental Institution?
  115. My Hair Too Long?
  116. Learn Chinese In 5 Minutes!!
  117. Is Rza too preachy?
  118. The Official "Dick Size" Thread! (homo thread)
  119. I love you guys
  120. I'm feeling negative energy on wucorp and I don't like it
  121. Does the Clan realise they just blew their last chance?
  122. QUESTION: Why did my lady friend take...
  123. Shenkie
  124. I masturbated over Blackula
  125. i dont jack off to mrs rzarectahor blackula
  126. What would you do if your best friend tried it on with you?
  127. How Would U Spend It?
  128. U Know Ur A Fat Fuck When......
  129. Slampoe is making too many threads.
  130. When was the last time you cried? (yes homo)
  131. strange dream
  132. Besides DJ Methods
  133. odb hit 50 cent
  134. CL2 leaked...tracklisting inside
  135. Besides DJ Methods and HarlemDiplomat
  136. Besides DJ Methods and HarlemDiplomat and Jasper
  137. i'm about to get banned for what i said about the italians...
  138. Raekwon's "Only Built 4 Cuban Linx II" Finally Set for Release!!
  139. CUBAN LINX PT II MAY 27th................................
  140. Jeru the Damaja and his new '08 S600 Mercedes
  141. GZA - InvestiGAYtive reports
  142. clone porn
  143. mirror masturbating
  144. Women
  145. What does your shit represent? What do you see?
  146. I'm Back
  147. WANTED: Some one with a bumpy face and glasses to be used for sex
  148. Majority of Wu is Pussy
  149. "The Official" Tranny Appreciation Thread (No Homo)
  150. Sunny snitched like Bis Fan and was racist like Pablo
  151. Should there be a usergroup for the main gen chat posters?
  152. The Official DJMethods Retirement Thread
  153. ward, say it loud!
  154. Immobilarity Cover
  155. i was gonna make a sexy pics thread but...
  156. The Shit on Sunny Winters thread
  157. Stylemaster's sig
  158. rumors about rza
  159. The Official Lizard King Retirement Thread
  160. The Official ''skampoe's Retirement Thread''
  161. I just noticed something...
  162. The Suicide Thread
  163. Do You Read Sicka's Posts
  164. post your post posts per day rate!!!!
  165. the fuckin FUCK thread and shit (questionable homo + spelling mistakes)
  166. My Drop
  167. Ya Crampin My Style
  168. Will there be a Rock The Bells concert for 2008?
  169. look!
  170. Im tired of "COON" Shit.
  171. No Homo??
  172. ThE GHOST FACE KILLERS!(cumming soon)
  173. ''i Will Never Let A White Boy Beat Me!!''
  174. 4:20
  175. ok if you got jumped
  176. A Day In The Life of Supreme Mathematics
  177. Its wack to be back...
  178. Does Hentai make you horny?
  179. What is Love?
  180. I would, but I haven't got my special hat.
  181. !!!Da Ninja takeover!!!
  182. Miley Cyrus gets real
  183. Retard or Dickless?
  184. Supreme Irondan Cooley MathematicS - Hall of Ghey Norway Threadz ...
  185. If Wucorp was Dragonballz....?
  186. No Norway
  187. classics vs cooley
  188. A New Chamber Is Opened...
  189. Hot or Not
  190. ! i've been gone 4 a minute and all i could think about was sicka.... And food
  191. Do you pronounce it WU TANG 'CORE', or 'CORP'??
  192. Have you ever ever ever in your long legged life...
  193. ((((((((( Whores Gallore )))))))))))
  194. What's the time Mister Wolf ??
  195. Learning History...
  196. Supreme, I Offer You My Hand. (No Norway)
  197. finally
  198. I can't keep track of people who grudge against me so post here if you do.
  199. R. I. P TekinecalStylez
  200. I just about called my dog "wooz"!! ....
  201. Boobie Chew. Was it real?
  202. How come I'm not getting any +rep points?
  203. I havent changed in five days...
  204. How big of a Wu fan are you REALLY?
  205. Who Closed the Ghostface Killers Thread?
  206. deadly techniques
  207. White Power!
  208. mic check one two, one two
  209. Skampoe A Mod?
  210. OFFICIAL: off your fucking cunt thread (no norway)
  211. 6,000
  212. ima piss drunk, can you ban TSA and skampoe for me
  213. post about the fight'z u been in
  214. What Kind of Soap Do You Use?
  215. Do you have a name for your penis?
  216. Cooley vs. Gen Chat?
  217. What on Earth?
  218. what should i have for lunch ??
  219. Official Pack your basket Thread:(sticky please) NSFW
  220. TheWolf has left the building
  221. White folks, gangstas, and the thugs....
  222. TheWolf staggers back in to the building, pleading forgivness.
  223. its obvious were jealous of the modz... Pat bateman lost
  224. For Supreme Mathematics
  225. I think we need a General Chat subforum for TSA bitching about mods
  226. Skamp vs. Shao
  227. A marriage question.
  228. This is really needed.
  229. If 3=5 ... what's 4?
  230. the "new thread" button(s)
  231. Fuck Did Rae & Ghost Come Correct On...
  232. The Official Begongo Retirement Thread
  233. The Official Tonearm Terrorwrist Jigga-esque Retirement Thread
  234. He draws a breath deep inside his virgin lungs
  235. IZ been hooked up wif sum info, nigz
  236. retirement?! wtf?!
  237. The Official 002 retirement thread!!
  238. STYLEMASTER retirement thread
  239. "Mr. Sandman" from the album TICAL is terrible!
  240. yo!!!
  241. tsa
  242. The Shaolin Masta Chilla's Official Retreat Thread
  243. Any answer to this?
  244. Solved Mistery!!
  245. The Vaseline Appreciation Thread
  246. HahA!
  247. If i am a Method Man fan, does that make me a Methodist??
  248. Are balls supposed to suck back up?
  249. New Tattoo
  250. The Worst Christmas Ever