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  1. how many years
  2. are you DOING THE KNAWLEDGE about anything at the moment?
  3. Which General has got the best looking partner?!?
  4. My cock thrust is running shit. Word is bond.
  5. What puss spewing bodily oriface describes the originality of the posters on here?
  6. The Mods Speak
  7. Seriously...
  8. So .. at what age did you start jacking off?
  9. u thinking what I'm thinking
  10. Which is the cutest Gotti boy?
  11. Attention: Check'em!
  12. Pat Bateman EXPOSED
  13. not 2 sound gay or anything...but...
  14. Ghostface Comments On Ironman's Dick-Size
  15. Who has the smallest dick?(Rza's classic)
  16. I' 日本人を取るmか。
  17. Cocalari
  18. The Art of Busting Profusely
  19. Blackest Wu Member?
  20. Wu-Tang is...
  21. What's up with this gay err i mean guy?
  22. Bonerfarm Jerkerwrists
  23. Anyone ever see this shirt before
  24. Rza doing stand-up comedy in L.A. on Tuesday??
  25. hey wutage!
  26. benny hannah and wutage star in a movie
  27. Duh Faggiest Of The Faggies?
  28. Jigsaw is a hormonal young man
  29. Meth & Red: A Wedding Story (wtf)
  31. only pussies change their names on wu-corp
  32. Infinity Duh Slob Is A Fag
  33. Rob Digi aka NBA JAM aka Slang Gargoyle aka The Friendly Ghost
  34. In What Sense Did RZA Mean He Could "Blow A Good Flute"?
  35. The vegetarian recepies
  36. Pissing/Scat
  37. Dear Mr Senator
  38. I just found out what my 'rep' is...
  39. i sometimes smell the bad things
  40. Do you imagine giving Method Man head everytime you kiss that ho?
  41. Which Jew moved my Gaza thread to the VIDEO SUBFORUM OF DEATH??
  42. Which Wu General PROBABLY is best at pillow talk?
  43. I'm waaaay ahead of my time.
  44. Heat Tries Wu Slang On Ms.rza, Short Story Of A Club Encounter
  45. Any theories on why most black dudes got such weak popshots?
  46. Why are there so many topics here regarding black men?
  47. Bonerfarm Jerkerwrists = Fag
  48. Art Is Oh Soo Sexual
  49. An e-mail I got from Tauro
  50. World's youngest/Hottest Tranny, would you smash? (wera)
  51. why is faggy gargoyle posting peter grffin all the time
  52. dee jay meffit --- DUH FFREAD
  53. This is Howie-do it (supreme math)
  54. Tell Me The Story
  55. BENNY FAGA ACTS A FOOL---then chokes his sister..
  56. Help me with rapidshare
  57. What mentally inept moderator
  58. Sperm Dawg!
  59. is like cool and the fag
  60. Day after day, love turns gray...
  61. this shit needs to stop
  62. Ban SKAMPOE
  63. why is GAVIN banned?
  64. "R U Professional!?!?!?!?!?!?!?"
  65. WHEN I BEAT MA SHIT, its alien hand syndrome
  66. Why does everyone love skampoe?
  67. Choose Brocks new nickname
  68. when saggin pants turns into a homo mating ritual
  69. Moments to prove and re-prove wucorp is an idiots breeding ground.
  70. Skam-popo Duh Snitch
  71. Attention All You British Faggits!!
  72. Ghostlace is the physical embodiment of E.99 ETERNAL
  73. Step To The Gawd
  74. im in pain
  75. Baby fusses, laughs then knocks himself out
  76. Attention Goddess
  77. On some homo shit? Na, son, we on some real shit.
  78. Fuck you, BonerBoy JackingBitch!
  80. Ok
  81. What happened on February 17 - World events by date
  82. M.I.A's #1 Fan....LOLOLOL
  83. I Can't Stand This Shit No More
  84. add this to the thunderfucktoiletfaggot thread
  85. SKAMPOE (The Official PoP Da Question Thread pt. 2)
  86. BB & Skampoe's E-Wedding Gift Table
  87. Why do peple call themselves Wu tang fans but think Raekwon is a wack rapper?
  88. for u all
  89. About Weed And Hash
  90. Tissa Wins
  91. Dont Wash Ur Nuts The Wash Ur Face Nigga U Goin Backwards
  92. Niggaz Got That Food Tongue Man Wake Up Mouff Smellin Like Shit Sun
  93. Hollow Dartz and Erquel appreciation thread.
  94. ****The OFFICIAL "FUCK RAEKWON" Thread****
  95. Make Sure You (BITE BE 4 YOU BARK)
  96. I Told You Dont Fuck With Me, Magma!
  97. Pictures of Red Boypussy
  98. selima
  99. Go Wank Wit Perfecta
  101. Emperorles reality show
  102. *poop*
  103. memoryman
  104. Brand New Original Unlocke Back Berry Storm 9530 at 300usd
  105. How is Wu-tang the greatest group of all time?
  106. TSA Sent Me NOODZ!!!!
  107. How do you cope with getting Ethered?
  108. TSA Hangs Himself After BB Circulates Nude Photo of Him
  109. My dog keeps busting nuts everywhere
  110. arabic speakers, can you TRANSLATE this?
  111. The bottom feeding Stan thread (Official wu-fan rock bottom)
  112. which member of the wu is the most ashy?
  113. Would fuck a guy in the ass
  114. GHOSTLACED you faggot!!
  115. Is Ramesh? (admin From Cuban Linx And Old Member In Here) A Gangster Or Just A Liar?
  116. I sent Beautifly B my dick pic!
  117. Poh Behind You
  118. who'z tha faggot? man up!
  119. White people saying nigger
  120. Is Pat Bateman anal retentive
  121. Shemale / Tranny porn
  122. does the dick matter when your BEATING YOU MEAT?
  123. I went to see the Doctor this morning
  124. Request
  125. what a shit is it!!
  126. america will be to chineese people
  127. My dog eats her own shit...
  128. do you like me?
  129. Should I get banned from this site?
  130. White People Modding A Wu-Tang Forum...
  131. So its been almost 24 hours since I CHIN-CHECKED Slick into his Dog's shit.
  132. What is This places Obsession with DICK?
  133. I'm a pussy pirate my names jake sparrow//take off my pants and u can c my flesh arro
  134. inspectah chek is a mark
  135. Let discuss...FUCKING CUM.
  136. Does SUNNY WINTERS make you hate black ppl just a little bit more?
  137. Has raekwon blown it...again?
  138. This Thread Smells Like Shit
  139. Hahaha guess who!!
  140. The Devil showing & proving his system is made for him to get over on the world.
  141. The Obama Deception
  142. why did the pervert cross the road?
  143. Headlines
  144. Raekwon's playing love games (lol).....
  145. EtHeR
  146. RZA signed a new band, Stone Mecca on Twitter: 'why?'
  147. Sen. Arlen Specter joins Wu-Tang (not anywhere near as good as the onion article)
  148. oh man Im gettin this bitch bad!!
  149. Analysis the shit out of New Wu's Vid
  150. Whoever placed the Black Lips F. GZA....
  151. Ugod >>> GZA
  152. Spain Basemenet please show me ur passport!
  153. some wu-latinos with mental problems..... LOL
  154. Plenty of Pics of Shawn Wigs acting the class-homo
  155. SUNNY WINTERS, Your Father Was The Fucking 'LIER', Not Mine!
  156. This seperates me from you magdiddyan pawns
  157. dude cheack this out shits funny
  158. Well you see god.
  159. Who is looking at your profile page? (list the last 10 homos who are watching you)
  160. eating bananas like dick sucking thread
  161. Why Does Wu-Tang Hate Its Fans?
  162. wucorpers, don't you find it funny
  163. If you had to fight a general, who u fighting first?
  164. I think Blackout 2 is utter nonsense
  165. brock talks about poker....
  166. How do you catch the sperm when you beat your DICK
  167. Some celebrities ashamed of their black ancestry
  169. Yo Ringz, REM & BigShawn are now part of CLUB NOUVEAU
  170. An attempt at Understanding where begongo fits on the Kinsley Scale.
  171. Is It Ok For White People To Say "Nigger" Yet? (2009 Edition)
  172. Rza biting off of the great Chambermusik
  173. The freemasons secret handshake revealed
  174. A disturbing Rumor about RZA
  175. Wanna-Be Uncle Murder (ZIGFAG) trying to expose members...
  176. I am suprised it's not uploaded on here yet
  177. I think if i were to get robbed it would go like this
  178. Dr Dre use Dr.Pepper for detox
  179. Young Spade? Biggest Dickhead in world?
  180. Fuck jews fuck israel free palestine
  181. imbrator u are a new american
  182. The inventor of the vibrating bed passes away.
  183. The truth about our occident fuck america
  184. Who's your favorite reptilian? (ktl)
  185. Opera
  187. SUNNY WINTERS OFFICIALLY: XPOSED, yet again this cracka is OUTED
  188. b real`s use of the n - word !
  189. Do you live a wu tang lifestyle?
  190. Blackula has been posting for 24 hours straight
  191. Rings and his little crew are a bunch of computer thugs, dick riding, Wu-Tang groupie
  192. why do muslims look dirty
  193. Is it ok to call Sunny Winters a mindless sheep in this forum?
  194. Would you like it if Blue Sky Black Death became official Wu Elements?
  195. Do you think that Cappadonna should have...
  196. Do you think Old Dirty Bastard was a burden to Wu Tang Clan?
  197. Raekwon keeping it gutter on the Story of Wu Tang d.v.d.
  198. Yes, I am indeed a toothless fag
  199. Petition to have Sunny Winters de-modded
  200. Does my boyfriend look weird with his aids chin strip on?
  201. Do these cream cheese crackas really think Wu Tang was down with NOI?
  202. Wherever I go I take the closet with me
  203. I gummed down on Slang's cock and now I'm extremely worried
  204. I'm hiring a team of professionals to stretch out my asshole
  205. Does anyone share in my affection for Mel Gibson? (seriously)
  206. Guys, serially, i think im having breakdowns
  207. Bizzy Bone fucked Luther Vandross and I'm their living shitbaby
  209. OMG - This is the funniest thread I have seen......check this out
  210. Wu Forever V. The White Album.
  211. Night in Blackula.
  212. My sis is gay, I own a gemmagic but I justify why I'm not Gay pt 2
  213. gay part 3
  214. Watch me slob a Crooked knob
  215. Gay pt 3
  216. should be killed homo people
  217. Gay: THE THREAD: part 0
  218. I am a cunt faggot
  219. Skeletor Gargoyle
  220. who like slang more look
  221. Blackula=Herpes on Your Virgin Dicks
  222. Mario & Luigi are Gay (with unfitting Wu-Tang Music)
  223. WuCorp`s Most Ethered
  224. Joe Budden's new emo tattoo
  225. This is why skampoe should never go swimming...
  226. Yeah spank that ass Karamel Cumdae!!
  227. .
  228. im coming out of the closet/wu corp dating
  229. The official- who can use the n word thread
  230. why westerners always have to lable people with a racial slur
  231. Check my blog!
  232. Can we please close the Wu-Latino subforum? It's a disgrace.
  233. Eye notz sonlee typz n returdz, eye speekzit two
  234. Thundercats are on the move thundercats are loose
  235. The Offical TSA and Food FOR Thought.......
  236. Official TSA and Bronze Fist's pic thread.
  237. Palehorses breath must smell like a brick of wet fart
  238. yo can someone hook me up !!!
  239. 9th princes flow on serving justice is straight wack
  240. skampoe i will always love u
  241. LOL look at this video Razah posted with Rza in it
  242. Who's the most impressive looking wu member
  243. chess
  244. If Jesus rapped?
  245. Rappers that are multi-racial ??????
  246. Hey Sunny Winters...??
  247. hza hector most stupid member award
  248. Drunken monk the jewdas escariot award
  249. In Gravel Pit he WU travel to 2,000 B.C. w/ dinosaurs. The WU are extreme Christians
  250. do black people have to be coconuts to get ahead in this world ????