View Full Version : Mark Deez - Bootstrap Theory album sampler (DROPS 10/2/2010) (ft G Rap, Canibus,etc)

09-17-2010, 04:45 AM

The 3rd solo album from Mark Deez, Bootstrap Theory. Album entirely produced by Big G of Raw Substance Productions.

PRE-ORDER an AUTOGRAPHED copy of the album by sending $16 (US/Canada/Mexico residents) or $20 (International residents) via paypal to markdeez33@aol.com

Album will be available on UGHH, HHV, iTunes, Amazon, and more stores TBA.

1. Intro
2. On Top (Featuring Destro Destructo)
3. Summertime
4. End Game (Featuring James Ciphurphace)
5. Mozart Effect (Featuring Jaime Jones-Spatz)
6. Can't Stop Us (Featuring BURNTmd, Darkskinned Assassin, & Joe The Butcher)
7. My Time (Featuring Antonio Chance)
8. Act A Fool (Featuring Respect Tha God & Powder)
9. Verbal Earthquake (Featuring Tislam The Great)
10. Boot Rap (Featuring Kool G Rap & Canibus)
11. End The Misery (Featuring DChesron)
12. The Industry (Featuring Spawk One)
13. Turmoil
14. Conquest (Featuring Block McCloud)
15. Carnage Coalition (Featuring Lord Lhus, Dr. iLL, & Apacalypze)
16. Nothing To Talk About
17. Black Out
18. Chakra Stone
19. Outro

Cuts by The White Shadow of Norway, Madhandz, Chinch33, and Dr. iLL

Artwork by Michael Firman (Disc artwork by Powder)

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