View Full Version : Stoupe's Interludes Appreciation

09-17-2010, 08:42 PM
There's been millions of threads about The Enemy Of Mankind but I wanted to focus on his album Interludes. I'm glad Jedi Mind Tricks albums have always found room for them.

They not only add to the gloomy atmosphere of the albums, but they also showcase Stoupe's genuine musical genius. This isn't a paint-by-numbers producer who just loops samples over simple drum patterns. The shit he makes is so melodic that it often breaks outside the borders of what Hip-Hop is, or can be. The interludes are almost free ground where he can do whatever the hell he wants and take the album where he wants to.

Simply labeling something an "interlude" makes it sound negligible, and people want to skip it to get to the next song "with rapping!" immediately, but why? Every interlude he's made, although short, stand strong as musical masterpieces in their own right and are equally as enjoyable as the best Jedi Mind Tricks songs.

Violent By Design:


Breath of God. Still my favorite of all his interludes, this shit is blood-curdling. Layering Stephen Hawking lectures over eerie voices and sporadic chaotic drums is just a ridiculous combination that sends tingles down my spine. Violent By Design was a gloomy, eerie album in terms of production and every interlude on that album exemplifies that fact flawlessly.

Legacy Of Blood


This is one of the most well-produced albums in the genre and I don't care if anyone disagrees. Stoupe not only took it back to the gully haunting atmosphere of Violent By Design, he had grown a lot as a producer by then, so he took it to a whole different level. When Lupe Fiasco was first blowing up, he looped the instrumental from Stoupe's intro and rhymed over it, calling the song "Jedi Mind Tricks" for his first mixtape. Check how haunting Winds Devouring Men sounds and you have a perfect representation of that album.

Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell


This album was huge when it came out, and you knew it was going to be huge the second this beat dropped. That's all I really need to say here, this shit makes me want to stab my mother.

How can you not respect Stoupe as a producer? Sure, there's a plethora of underground kids jockin' him but for good reason. He continues to push the limits even now with side projects and for that reason, I'm absolutely certain that the next Jedi Mind Tricks album is going to be utter insanity.