View Full Version : Sing Like Bilal (Sheep Style)

09-17-2010, 09:55 PM
the beat:

Sing like Bilal, my rhymes are like bladow
relay the free, to ya radio, ipod and or CD/
cuz I am the Blastmatic sicker than any craftmatic
mastering graphics in every target they sending to market
my lines are like PLOW to those that aren't WOW/
you ain't Whoa see how I flip flows inside out
without cha puzzle being solved my flow is that evolved/
now I am the sun that revolves no one,
yall revolve round me/
see saw bring out the beast baby paw
you ain't that raw, when you write I rip inside your out of sight/
can't even get cha ghost right, too high or too low
your a freak show with no flow unload cha gasoline/
if you got skills then this lunguistic assassin is passing points of no return
think if I burn you get burnt to a crisp think I can make a Barbque off you?/
spaz from the sight of those that dare and test
if you want to bare the brute of this bruce
then my game isn't anything you could pass nor lose/
get the cues by views few can skew if you ever knew
then you knew i'd be the brew ya drinking or pinacolda you be sipping on
thinking less when you penning with game everybody plays and all loses/
I out last all free's with styles they cannot breeze
by when I kick a 50 gigabytes when I begin to write/
get defused by bombs used few can screw with technician
speaking wisdom tripping those with more V-ism than anybody can compete with/
if you Alpha then I am IV ripping it raw
when I sick my Ibuki on these Guy's/
or on these cheap Chung Li gun ho g's
my speed is ninja run didn't cha get the memo dunn/
it's hard not for me to pick up the mic
and rip it to shreds while u still in bed/
astound me, never catering to no such townies
get squashed like brownies/
get cha bars tight, my mic is in sight
watch me silent scope ya GOODNIGHT/