View Full Version : Nine diss aimed at Foxy Brown?

David Daniel Davis
09-21-2010, 01:38 AM
I was listening to Nine's sophomore l.p. Cloud 9 earlier today and picked up on something I never really noticed before; there is a part in one verse where he says "Female emcees even rhyme about flipping keys; couldn't work a triple beam."; it made me think he may have been referring to Foxy Brown on Affirmative Action when she said "Keys is one and two fifth; so how we flip; thirty two grams raw; chop it in half; get sixteen; double it times three; we got forty eight; which mean a whole lot of cream; divide the profit by four; subtract it by eight; we back to sixteen; now add the other two that 'Mega bringing through; so let's see; if we flip this other key; then that's more for me; mad coke and mad leek; plus a five hundred; cut in half is two fifty; now triple that times three; we got three quarters of another key." It Was Written was released on July 2, 1996 and Cloud 9 was released on August 6, 1996; so it is quite possible that he could have heard that while he was finishing up his joint and added that on there; or perhaps I am just overanalyzing again as usual.