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09-23-2010, 01:45 PM
verse one j.T.S.

i can grab the sky and put it my back pocket
hack hawkins ultra-sonics seen through eye sockets
break your guns, and sticks dog niggas i Micheal Vick
for the penalty sub-marine sandwich your shit
u keeblar elf niggas need assistance
i killed every game quarter focused open 4 buisness
crack gates where rats baked act snakes you half-baked
legendary legend hope-less with hate
marvel me drunk off margirita's in a cherokee
Set-up them emcee's like buju banton with the keys
u half-weak running fast shouldv'e joined the track team
Wide screens reveal the ugliness of Smack dvd's
i can plant a seed in the ugliest bitch and the kid will come out pretty
right hook the doctor eye cut like filopian tubes
me and majestik arrested yesterday high-noon
go to your wedding and puncture your eye with a spoon
mic mafia is the clique but section 9 is the platoon

verse two

fuck grammy's were gram thieves used to make grands every week
my fire hit the batter and know the butter's complete
that was good hustle lockdown was boxing and building muscle
got the recipee to make your block bubble
young and troubled the product doubled then came paranoia
And i came through sailing with a shot-gun for the struggle
Know i'm re-born another harvest with fields of corn
heart still torn from grief still dominate your form
leave em wetter than the V.a. Tech victims when i perform
yeah he operates give you brain damage off a shake
No checking us flex then bust off for the cake
half the game is fake when niggas imitate
what i orchestrate step on you orchards great
a long way home with villans with a knack for filling your dome
lectures broke up like calcium deprived bones
hit with bottles like ras Kass yo your game is glass
more painful than shittin' razors out your ass
ask a question clash in session my common resserection
I spit bars they spit teeth what a great profession

09-23-2010, 05:07 PM
not really worthless verses, definately some dope work here

09-24-2010, 11:36 AM
thanks i called them that because to me their like scraps!