View Full Version : Tame One's Albums Suck

09-25-2010, 01:05 PM
Tame One used to be with the group Artifacts. He's a ill mc but i don't like his solo albums When Rappers Attack, OG Bobby Johnson, Spazzmatic. I haven't heard his album Ol Jersey Bastard but i wouldn't be surprised if it sucks.

09-25-2010, 01:20 PM
Hmm well you obviously haven't heard Parallel Uni-Verses or Acid Tab Vocab then.

"Suede Adidas" is one of my fav songs of the past 10 years.

09-25-2010, 01:37 PM
What was the most recent album released that you enjoyed? You seem to hate most albums.

Mr. R&B
09-25-2010, 05:30 PM
I've only heard the Leak Bros. joint with Cage.

That's dope.

09-25-2010, 06:12 PM
shit, CJ, you trippin.

when rappers attack & the leak brothers joint aint nothin but pure HEAT!!! better than his stuff with artifacts in my opinion.

o.g. bobby johnson, the ol jersey bastard, the cheech wizard ep & the album with del are all quality hip hop albums too.

tame one is that dude, for real. cats spits tight shit.

10-02-2010, 11:47 AM
LOL@Main Man saying some of his solo albums is better than the Artifacts albums hahahahahahahahahaha. I don't think so. Artifacts albums are better than his solo stuff. Tame One and El should get back together and do a couple more Artifacts albums. They were good together. Cmon Wit Da Get Down song is my favorite by them. I love the video too.

Dr Sleepwalker
10-02-2010, 02:19 PM
Spazzmatic is one of the best albums when your fucked up., and his only solo album worth the actual retail copy. Tame One is dope, but his solo albums are crazy weak for someone at his skill level

10-02-2010, 03:19 PM
i really dont see how anyone can shit on "when rappers attack".
that album is straight HEAT.
tames rhymes on it are some of his best. he has beats by j-zone, rjd2 & camu tao. its really just a dope ass album.

and yes i would say when rappers attack & the leak brothers album are way, way , WAY better than the 2 artifacts albums. its not even close.

10-02-2010, 04:08 PM
Thanks for agreeing with me Dr Sleepwalker. Main Man, i don't care what you say. His solo albums aren't better than the Artifacts albums.

Prolifical ENG
10-02-2010, 04:16 PM
What was the most recent album released that you enjoyed? You seem to hate most albums.

There arent any. Its because CJ doesnt like hip-hop beat production in 2010.