View Full Version : Ed Miliband Wins Labour Leadership Contest In UK

09-25-2010, 03:59 PM
i don't know which forum to post this in, so i'll post it in here too

Yeah ed milliband won that shit, he ain't old labour but most importantly he isn't new labour either, he ain't a blarite(a tony blair school of thinking supporter) or brownite(a gordon brown school of thinking supporter), you get what i'm saying, he's a centrist that isn't some fake undercover tory(the conversatives goverment thats in power over here) in new labour sheep clothing, for real

i'm definetly gonna vote for him at the next general elections to kick out this fake coalition thats in power, i can't belive i voted for this power hungry(but has know real power, he just likes the prestige of power), weakheart, can't stand up for his values, lets the tory's trample all over them wit there evil policy's, believes anything he hears, sheeple nick clegg, the leader of the liberal democrats the tory's are in coalition govement wit over here, is this is really what i voted for?, i'll never make that mistake again, no i won't

its ed milliband all the way, thank god, because i was gonna abstain from voting at the next general election, the rest of the candidates were blarites and brownites, fuck that shit, hell nah, ed milliband all the way, lets go, he wants to lift up miminum wage(if he could lift it it up to 6.50($12.25) or 7($14) this would be great, because i could get a miminum wage mc'd's(mcdonalds) job today, because i need a 6 an hour mininum job just to pay the rent and bills and i live in the chepest type of accomadation you can get out here, thats housing association rented flats through being in homeless hostels linked to these housing associations, imagine how expensive it is in the council and private rented property sector, thats how expensive london is, big up all my human beings living in the poverty trap in uk, especially heads who have kids and shit) and reverse these evil cut's bullshit, hating on the poor & powerless that the tory's are doing to public services over here, fuck the tory's