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Lex Lugor
09-28-2010, 03:36 AM
Who down? Huh? Im down:spin:.

09-28-2010, 01:36 PM
For those who dont know, Photoshop Tennis is a game whereby someone chooses a starting image, it could be anything, though generally a decent sized high resolution image usually works best, and then people edit the image following the guidelines that the person who posted the original image lays down, then post their image, then people edit the edited image and post their creations, and so on, the game ends when people stop posting new edits.

There are no winners or losers in the game, it is an exercise in collaborative creation, and fun! :) Often quite cool pictures can be created in this way. And though the group is called Photoshop Tennis, you dont need to use Photoshop to participate, any decent image editing program will do.

The way the game works is for people to start a new thread in the forum i.e create a new post, posting the photo they want as the starting image (see the faq on how to do this) and also post the guidelines for players, on how they should proceed editing.

Example guidelines for starting a game could be
"each image should contain at least 20% of the previous image", "comedic sitation/s", "tragic situation", "no heavy use of photoshop filters", "anything goes", "who the contestants are, eg whether its a "1 on 1" game or a free for all
how many "rounds" there will be, etc etc

Though you dont need to use those ones, whatever you fancy, the scope is practically limitless, just use your imagination :D

The person who posts the original image and sets the guidelines can decide if people arent following the guidelines and disqualify images from their thread. But generally this shouldnt be necessary if everyone plays nicely.

Before starting your first game, you should participate in at least 2 other ongoing games to get a feel for how the game works.

When playing the game, you should obtain the image to work on by firstly clicking the last image in the thread, this will take you to that image's flickr page, where you should click the "All Sizes" button, this will take you to the highest resolution version of the image, which should be used for editing, as usually the image posted to the game, is a smaller sized version to allow for quicker loading times of the game thread.

The games will take place in the forum, with people posting their images to the discussion threads, but you can also freely post images you have created in the course of a game to the group pool.

All images posted to each game should be hosted on Flickr.com and tagged with the "game id", which will enable people to view the game as a slideshow. The starting "game id" for the first game will be PSTennisGame001, and the number will be incremented for each subsequent game. Please also tag each image you submit with the tag "Photoshop Tennis" (including the quotes)

When you submit your image to a game, you should include a link to the large size version of the image below your picture, to enable viewers and players to easily see the full size version in all its glory.

Each image submitted to a game, should also have in its description the following text "This image is part of a game in the photoshop tennis group, taking place at:" followed by the URL (web address) of the thread in the forum where the game is taking place.

As Flickr is a photography website, please do not add cartoon elements, or CGI (computer generated image) elements or graphic design elements (such as text) to the photos, unless they fit within the "photorealistic" frame of the photo, eg a cartoon is ok on a tv screen or cinema screen, but a cartoon character should not be pasted in the middle of a photo, as it just looks silly and out of place. Also graphic design elements for instance will look ok pasted on a wall or shop window, where they would look realistic but not right in the middle or all over the photo.

Remember, these group rules override any in-game rules.

Lex Lugor
09-28-2010, 05:49 PM
You overcompensated in answering one question and completely ignored the other... Whos down to do this? Seems like it might be interesting

09-29-2010, 12:13 PM
actually i copied and paste lol good luck