View Full Version : Swiss Beatz on Lord Lord Lord: worst verse on hot track ever?

09-30-2010, 05:46 AM
i was actually vibing to this new kanye track. but then for some reason swiss beatz was apparently given a mic and told to imitate drunken college freshmen who suddenly at the height of intoxication believe they were born to rap. or maybe (gasp!) that's just...how he raps. wow. no beef kanye but when i heard that shit i was so apalled. i mean, are you kidding me? mos def, kanye, raekwon & charlie FUCKING wilson are improbably united to record a smooth & mature, next-level type of track and this clown gets a verse?!? rapping like that? i want someone to show me an otherwise hot track that is similarly besmirched by an outrageously BAD cameo. i can't think of anything that approaches this level of blasphemy...no no no, that's RAEKWON swiss, not JAEKWON!!! the fuck type of track did he think he was spitting over? this guy just got caught with a crayola box in calligraphy class. i'm sorry y'all but i can't be the only one having a rough time computing this shit...