View Full Version : Neeed Feedback. Droppin lyrics

Inspektah Meth-Tical
10-05-2010, 08:07 AM
i got sick cyphers, ill rhymer
i'm breaking your bones
take your throne
never rest, cause theirs cake to own
i shine brighter, rhyme tighter
like a virgin vagina
release deadly poison like spiders
stining niggaz like Scorpions
crushing any opposition
i'm no match for my competiotion
fuck with me, outcome tragical
you better than me, haha muthafucka you hysterical
my shits magical, causing miracles
like Christ, i decapitate mics
exterminate lives and eliminate wives
to scared to insult, i cause deadly results
release lyrical thunderboltz
strike niggaz paralyzed
i dehumanaize and personify
i strike clinically
when i rupture arteries
capture scenaries
crack your ribs, break both yo legs
hit you in the dome and leave you brain dead
decapitate the mic like an extremist
our gap skill gap is too big
now you're being an embarrasment
i got beats like a pulse
deadly results, lyrical thunderboltz