View Full Version : What is the meaning of this Nas verse/Would you consider it as one of his greatest?

Inspektah Meth-Tical
10-08-2010, 08:39 PM
Blunts, thugs and alcohol, what a mixture
Just picture... ya life as a whole judged in court with convictions
They telling u your state of mind, like you worthless
So he curses, his moms saying Bible Verses
That's all she works with
But miracles, neva leave the churches
Instead, it hits the pockets of the Preacher just to purchase...
A house, with a swimming pool
Labels me a sinning fool
I'm just a nigga who inherited a winning jewel
To be a trendsetter, wheneva sub-ject to respect...
This and all respect through is the essential
The streets life, hustlin the struggle broke ghettos
Ballin coats settles, slowin inside a glass kettle
There's a Lee-V on my T.V,
Lifestyles of living easy
Got my crew tense, plottin to gips... to get whips... with V.V.'s
Pushing cakes... new and erect is what ten plates
Celebrating and Elevation in the seeds that we make...
So How You Like That?

What are Lee-V? V.V.? What is Nas trying to tell us in this song? And do you consider this one of his greatest verses?