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10-08-2010, 09:34 PM
Rappers are robots & dinosaurs, except this fucker:
In Kokayi’s world, most rappers fall into one of two categories: robots or dinosaurs. Robots blindly follow popular trends and thrive by reinventing the lyrical wheel, while dinosaurs are archaic fossils, too old to compete in a game dominated by brash 20-somethings. http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/artsdesk/music/2010/10/01/reviewed-robots-dinosaurs-by-kokayi/

Drink a couple of beers, smoke a bowl, cus you don't know what you're getting into. Most versatile rapper/singer/producer out.

GhettoGnom presents:
Introducing... KOKE!
01. Okus Akoben - Crush
02. Kokayi - Salvation (? Got The Gun)
03. Kokayi - Knowus Mayne
04. Kokayi - DCB
05. Opus Akoben - Forgive Me
06. Kokayi - Dream Without Boundaries (Campfire Mix) (feat. Jen Corey)
07. Kokayi - Over There
08. theCaesarz - Blow
09. Kokayi - Ninety 5 (feat. Substantial & Tonedeff)
10. Dastardly (Kokayi & Sharkey) - Nasty Girl
11. theCaesarz - Seams Seems
12. Kokayi - Drive
13. Bop Alloy (Substantial & Marcus D.) - I'm Here (feat. Gods'Illa & Kokayi)
14. Kokayi - Sunson (Dun)
15. Opus Akoben - Open Your Eyes


And when you've been impressed, go buy Robots & Dinosaurs (and Mass Instructions too, great piece of work!)..
The Grammy-nominated artist shows that vulnerability isn't just an occasional admission of heartbreak amid a bunch of player talk, or a quick mention of depression surrounded by lines about feeling like Superman. He carefully details his lowest moments and yet still makes an album that bangs.http://www.tbd.com/blogs/tbd-arts/2010/10/kokayi-s-robots-and-dinosaurs-tbd-tracklisting-2621.html
The former Opus Akoben front man proves unequivocally that urban music is a game for all ages, and that black people shouldn’t rely solely on hip-hop to express themselves. What results is an amazingly brilliant album that is easily one of the year’s best recordings — not just in the Nation’s Capital, but the entire industry. http://www.okayplayer.com/reviews/new-reviews-2010/koyaki-2010100711918/

Earlier work:

10-12-2010, 06:44 AM

Tonedeff on Ninety 5 - illest flow I've heard this year, completely ridiculous!