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10-12-2010, 11:49 AM
Only really clued up on French when it comes to european hip hop, what else out there is that you recommend?

10-21-2010, 04:28 AM
Deep space cameras tryin' to find an answer for us
'cause we are dangerous and they are furious 'cause they can not display all the fuss/
Take my bus now/ I won't pray for your sorry smiley cloudy monkey ass,
I never linger/ smell my finger now/
God bless/ yes
Both sides of the Universe are temporarily disconected because of the wide spread of globalisation/ what?
Recharge my body and position karate inside the party/
my groove never lost its fizz/
gonna cool your Coca-cola with a couple of Moveknowledgement ice cubes........
Interplanetary vortex travelling/
Have you in another reality/
Fuck gravity/ come back when all 74 minutes of your album are quotable/
Imagination taking me places where you can't afford to go/
Intuition contacting spirits you won't reach on your portable phone/
Uncontrolable soul with nowhere to go/ like a rodeo horse
Tossing me around the whole world ever since I was a 4 year old/
No place called home/ tell my kids Poppa was a rolling stone
who could hold his own on any microphone/
stole the show/ body, mind and soul searching high and low/
trying to find a road that would take me to the place we're all tryin' to go/
Walking around with my blindfold on

N'toko from Moveknowledgement [most of N'tokos solos are in slovenian, but Moves albums are in english]...he's really really dope