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10-16-2010, 12:18 PM
Saladin Allah's enlightener Emblem!!!!!!


yow.....eye love the multiple levels on this shit


and owl just add this other shit from his blog
cuz eye found it amusing...

"After eating a pound of raw garlic, drinking a gallon of apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, and distilled water laced with cayenne pepper my blood pressure was still higher than a giraffe's ass. As physical of a person as I am and as much as I work out I just knew I could knock high blood pressure around like Floyd did Sugar Shane, but despite my best efforts my blood pressure still looks like a solar fact. Fuck that, Emblem ain't stroking out, or going to join the Father in that great Allah School in the Sky anytime soon. I'm a mean movafucka, and I won't give my enemies the satisfaction of dying first. A God once told me he wasn't coming to my funeral. I guess he said it to hurt me. I'm hard to hurt. A movafucka such as myself will take four punches to land one. After he said that shit, I thought to myself 'Who da fuck said the prescribed law of Islam is for me to die first? I'm not da one that gotta stress out, paying child support til I'm 70!' A movafucka ain't gonna out 'live' or out 'evil' me-I'd take a shit in a nigga'z casket to win a spite contest and if da nigga gets cremated I'd piss in the ashes in da movafuckin' urn, and make piss tea to serve at his wake. What the fuck is this blog about again? Oh! 'The Mystery Of Dumb Becky's Tattoo'-I digress: writing about shitting in caskets and shit! "

peace em...eye will be calling you soon!!!

10-21-2010, 12:39 PM
eye likes how he brings up the point
about so called orthidox muslims who
hide in the Hip Hop culture

and steal the swag and perpatrate