View Full Version : Can't Be broken

10-18-2010, 10:56 AM

My mental shell can't be broken or programmed
Peace to the phrophets that died curse my enemies dammed
prey for the week that they may one day become strong
fufill your phrophecy before your time is gone

verse won

take a look through the eyes of living words
"Kids in the street" dying over reserves
formalities of the game poison innocent souls
trapped, and abandoned so their outlook's cold
expectation's to succeed are dangeroulsy low
i sit on the balcony and balance out flows
the positive, and negative views of life i with-hold
to the time is right to ignite what's written
too much frill substance so the games no longer smitten
lusting a poetic queen fertilize her dreams
see how a fantasy can become reality
she tried to gull my trust to fufill the travesty
It was a distortion of mockery
a shock-wave to my network
you think polluted wisdoms respect birth?
Cosmic karma had her broke, and out of work

verse two

God sent me an angel out of anguish i lost
spirit broken heavy smoking lungs payed the cost
My team i left traded like Randy Moss
A Viking fighting patriots their symbolism is a cross
Worn around the neck
The Bishop he flew little boys to islands with congregation checks
so he could mutilate their self-respect
He denied the allegations but the truth came as sweat
dripping down his forehead his horns red
he sowed his oats in eternal hell he'll choke
Many will lie in the face of God and be casted with the rod
Won't read the Koran your ignorance is your failure
I'm not interested in your hoopla the time tellar
of a war neverending marks and numbers
some will fall for suburb, country, and slum slumber
your life is over when the beast takes you under

last verse

He said i did works in your name and you still reject my sane
But the master said i never knew you and your false claims
he tried to explain with explanations subjects changed
he became so angry his heart was bitter with hate, and disdain
deep inside he knew he had noone but him-self to blame
So he cusred his master and was casted from his presence
He was given wordly power but it was no match for the armies in the heavens
he influenced the holy houses with an evil reference and took over the minds of reverends
Money, drugs, and lust were his three strongest weapons
Niggas were like how can we get down with you he was a master of deception
He gave his followers all the wealth they felt untouchable
They drank blood slaves to occult rituals