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10-20-2010, 09:31 AM
Twisted with metal chopping up flows and delivering
eulogies to emcees that apparently ain't got the gaul to get they dental cracked/
write cha darts down your stats are padded and not packed with facts
get cha clips right when I write, leaving the top of church steep and stable/
game on glaring eyes facing wives living life off the grid
bounce back into the crib claiming kills you ain't built off of/
my game be PS3 with no utilities or peripherals
rip down the walls and put up new bathroom stales/
insanity kill a calamity trigger rigged up just to split cha down the middle
riddle me rhymes in the sight cha still can't see with just a peephole dream/
facing falls fail at cha yawls given gull making you as Guam as possible
rip you down to morsels my court sells shots leaving shocked/
never knocked down I stay blocking semi auto shopping
even while those that's daring to test I watching, waiting and plotting/
watch me transform into “Rodimus Sheep” you ain't forming drives like mines
ripping minds down out cha lives when Galvatron dies/

I went from Techwon
to the Sheepish Lord of Chaos
to the Almighty Blastmatic
to The Ripper to Rodimus Sheep
address me as thee
didn't cha see me
hehe..(insert laugh here)

cancerous caltrate found dates made Kate's wanna debate
facing fades watch my razor blade, came off the game/
now that's walk off soft toss blast cost fast route
down your doubts til they just clouds in the skies/
float cha hope your soft ice cream never eatten
seek readings when these websites be leaking your ish/
piss in the shit you rip your newest disc
isn't worth the plastic it was built off of/
moth to the flames that's hatred in the heart,
fear factor protractor subtraction/
it's ejaculation creation first phasing
now we raising hope dope as don't drop the soap/
quote cha folks in whoa never blacking out robs
that's a sob story now ain't that noteworthy/
dirted cha way to the top haunt cha pops
didn't cha pap the cap draft the rap slip the slap/
clip the clack mickey the rip n
ow slip e'm spike corn flakes in his cereal bowl, now that's cold/

10-28-2010, 08:46 PM
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hahahahahahaa the corp makes me laugh

lmao always appreciate the feed back regardless my ninjas

10-28-2010, 08:46 PM
u come hard!!!!
word up Sheep!