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Shown is an image of a statue of the Virgin Mary which an Israeli Army tank fired upon on March 14, 2002. The hated statue stood high above the Roman Catholic Holy Family Hospital and Orphanage in Jerusalem adjacent to the Vatican flag. The Israelis fired on the statue at close range. It was not an accident. It was an act of hatred reflecting a traditional Jewish hospitality to Christian sites and relics in the Holy Land. (Inset, the Virgin's face.)

In a predawn raid on March 14, Israeli tank shells slammed into the Church of the Nativity,

the holy site of the birthplace of Jesus Christ, slicing off the hands and nose of the Virgin

Mary statue.

The church, which also houses a hospital and orphanage, sustained a barrage of bullets

and artillery including a tank shell, which punched a bowling ball-sized hole from Israeli

tanks, stationed less than 50 meters away. Sister Sophie, the nun in charge of the

compound, moved patients within the church hospital to a safer locale. These included

maternity patients in labor and just delivered.

The statue of the Virgin Mary remained standing atop the two centuries old church amidst

all the shelling but this was only the beginning of the atrocities. Israeli Occupation troops

began laying siege to Bethlehem, March 29th and the daily serenity, which lies over the

holy city, was replaced by an eerie quiet. More than 50 Israeli tanks have invaded the

Manger Square, located in front of the infamous site of Jesus Christ’s birth. Inside the

church are more than 260 Palestinian asylum seekers, in search of safety from the soldiers

of the Israeli Occupation Forces. The priests and nuns are remaining inside as a show of

solidarity, although the Israeli press is accusing the Palestinians of holding them hostage.

Tanks barrel through the streets of Bethlehem, announcing by loudspeaker that a curfew

has been imposed and anyone found in the streets would be shot. While at the same time,

Israeli radio has made false allegations that those seeking refuge were armed militiamen,

although church elders testified that they are old women, men, and children, unarmed

innocents and under the protection of the church.

Water mains have been destroyed, thereby depriving the diocese of water supply. Food

and medical supplies are not being allowed delivery to the holy sanctuaries in an effort to

starve people out. Naturally, normal traffic is impossible, as Israeli checkpoints have

denied entry into Bethlehem, even to human rights groups, ambulances, and the press.

One of the first tragic casualties of the Israeli siege was the murder of the 45 year old,

mentally disabled the Church of the Nativity when he was struck by a bullet to the chest.

Samer Ibrahim Salman, a Palestinian Christian, who has been the bell ringer and caretaker

of the abbey for the past 30 years, was on his way to ring the morning bell on March 29th,

when Israeli army snipers hit him.

Archbishop John P. Foley, a senior Vatican official, declared on April 5th, that the violent

developments and deaths in Bethlehem “must break (the Pope’s) heart.”

Israeli Occupation Forces, (IOF), have destroyed the gate leading to the Milk Grotto of the

Church of the Nativity and blown off the rear entrance to the main building. They have

justified these blasphemous actions by making their false allegations as to the quality of

persons seeking asylum. Raanan Gissen, spokesman for the office of Ariel Sharon told

reporters in defense of the IOF’s actions that Palestinians, “use churches and other holy

places to conduct attacks on our forces.” The Vatican called for a negotiated solution and

sharply criticized Israel for what it called humiliating treatment of Palestinians. Meanwhile,

Israeli Occupation troops prevented a delegation of senior Christian clergymen, amongst

them the Latin patriarch of Jerusalem, Michel Sabbagh, from entering Bethlehem. These

holy men had been intent upon mediating a peaceful end to the standoff at the Church of

the Nativity but were stopped by the Israeli soldiers aggression.

Further acts of aggression upon Christianity

Israeli gunfire has caused damage to the face of the Church of the Nativity and has set fire

to the parish building in front of the basilica. Father David Jaeger, spokesman for Catholic

sites in the Holy Land called the Israeli invasion of Palestinian lands, “an act of

indescribable barbarity” as well as “a violation of every law of humanity and civilization.”

Furthermore, he stressed that Israel, through it’s action had broken the covenant with the

Holy See and the consequences would be “long-term and incalculable.”

The Russian Orthodox Church has reported that a hospice used by pilgrims to the holy city

of Bethlehem has been taken over by the Israeli Occupation forces prompting strong

protest from Moscow by Russian Orthodox patriarch, Aleksy II.

A Palestinian, who was trying to put out a fire started by Israeli troops at St. Katherine’s

Church, was shot to death for his humanitarian attempts.

Three groups of Israeli Occupation Forces have entered the Evangelical Lutheran

Christmas Church in Bethlehem. Reverend Dr. Mitri Raheb alerted the bishop in

Jerusalem, Bishop Dr. Munib Younan, who called Israeli military, government, and

diplomatic corps demanding that soldiers be removed from church property. Soldiers went

from room to room for nearly 2 hours, breaking into offices and holding the Reverend

hostage. Mary E. Jensen, communications assistant for the church testified to this and

reported that the gift shop of the church had been damaged by 2 tank shells and could not

be secured.

The Church of Our Lady Fatima has been invaded simultaneously, Father Magdi Siryani

reported. Father Siryani gave testimony as to the damage of the surrounding the church

property from heavy artillery and tanks. Israeli forces are refusing any food, medical or

water supplies to the men, women, and children inside. “Dozens and dozens of churches

are full of people who have just fled this terror,” said Father Siryani.

> http://www.jerusalemites.org/crimes/crimes_against_christianity/34.htm

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