View Full Version : Enter ya initials (freestyle)

11-03-2010, 08:20 PM
BIG UP TO BRONZE AND MENES for this track, loved they joint
sometimes ya never know when you'll be inspired

Remember Me..........S-H-double E-P.....
Street fight cha flow Mortal Kombat cha bars
throw a Hadoken, then a Shoryureppa making you dazed and confused/
refuse ya code got my Game Genie & Game Shark Instant replay flow
decode cha buffs wit the Super Mario Crossover ya Nuts!/
kill emcees in this Contra, flash you back it's 1941 all over again
got them on a Top Gun with a Kung Fu blow with an After Burner turnt on/
put up your Medal of Honor cause your Halo got shattered
or is your Call of Duty too spooky for Black Ops/
Guilty gear spear you fear drill near heads dread with styles
making you tap quickly like another RAW versus Smackdown Game/
can't match wits when I Shenlong you like King Kong
bring your Smoke where I got them Cyrax and Jax next up/
coming with a Bad Company dummies
pump forty flows with a wave you ain't Skate or Die/
rip the rawhide conclave dominate age facing NBA Jam
He's ON FIRE!!! taking that bitch and give me the money like Jerry McGuire/
juggle up your con flow Tekken Tag arm dram though ROMS
come with cha nices team I'll Paul Phoenix
show n prove you don't skills to loose
toss up them coins, tokens what's your position/
break you down throw you off the track ROAD RASH
ROAD RAGE, stone cage DRIVER Loman Roman didn't cha get the noodle/
blow up your spot propane, close but no cigar
come out the shadows NINJA GADAIN/
Test my top score, rock stars plot bars
knock you out of the top ten, and enter my initials in/