View Full Version : Billy Dobbie (Silly Moby RMX)

11-21-2010, 06:25 AM
rap to the beat of Moby - Porcelain

mister billy dobbie, mister silly billy dobbie
mister silly billy dobbie your a fool
i saw ya bloody crew in a shopping aisle in tesco
i never knew you was so screwed in the mental
just-Get-out-the Way ya little Dickhead
i see you doing a jig that you enjoy
... But i know ya got Hemmorrhoids
Bet-ya-know, i diss ya wit ya walkman
You, spitting out aids, on the people when you talk man
But it isnt happenin ya Permanent Prick
Ya used to wear that Demin but take it off Quick
Ya family, stinks like a Pig Unintelligent Irrelevant
Ya used to take Base, but now ya wanna Sell-a-bit
So ya gotta smoke it with the Dobbies
But the Powdered Toastman wanna just spit on ya Homies
the, God thought about this and never have i seen a, loser who could look like
Mista Really Silly Billy DObbie