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11-24-2010, 04:48 PM
Hey all.. let me introduce myself. Names J'e'Karie. I'm a guy from Holland. Mother's Surinam.. and father's a dutchman. I was raised in Amsterdam.. at a pretty calm neighborhood. There's a small park there named 'De Kuil' which is dutch for The Pit.. it's a pretty small park but nice enough, got a pond, some trees and some gravel roads. This isn't some wacked out cry for attention.. just too many coincidences for me to ignore. When I was a younger there was a gate there.. kids around there said it was inhabited by a childhunter. Didn't really care for it at the time and went in anyway. Came into the 'Pit' there. I met someone there.. a person, I think a girl.. but I'm not sure. She took something from me.. after I said something like 'I'm allergic to annoying people', Not long after that strange wind like sounds came from the tower/gate. 'When cut across the neck a sound like wailing winter winds can be heard is the first line that comes into mind'. My father's a hardheaded man.. a 'whiteman'. But not a bad person. I can get through him sooner or later I'm sure.. as I've seen him improve allot over the years. He gave me the nickname 'Samurai' later in life and my brother was nicked a wolf. My parents were divorced.. dad was dominant, and so was my mother haha.. can't have that and still get peace.

Life was pretty much the same as any poor family.. but yea we made best with what we had, can't say it was as bad as the things going down in the states. Though It's starting to form here too. Seen crips and bloods starting to form... know why they're here but yea still.. it's fucking ridiculous. I remember sitting in my fathers garden where there were bees.. without thinking I said they should die.. my brother replied that I sounded like a little hitler. I went to school.. wasn't the man there.. hahah not at all. Though there were some friends I made. This brings me to the line.. 'Should've learned about the flow from kinky afro' this line aplies to a guy named Norman. He's surinam like me and is probably the most laid back honest person I know, said some bad things to him.. for reasons unknown, but yea made up with the man. I went on with school.. and haha there came the line 'Watch out for haiiti bitches I heared they throw hex' the hex won't amuse you guys. As it was 'Je bent een rapper' dutch for You're a rapper. School went on.. and even though I wasn't bad at it, it bored the crap out of me. Same for the endless hours I had to spend in detention.

I've recently turned 21 now.. and I went back to the park 'The Pit' I sat there against a tree at night, there was a fog there. I sat there for like 20 minutes before I decided it was too cold. When I opened my eyes the fog was everywhere. 'Tapping into my rapbanks causes blizards'. Hah, there's another poet, a little man named Bob Dylan.. with a tale 'It's alright Ma, I'm only bleeding' I like the lines.. but they seem to be the mix of the two. One saying the Pit is Eden.. and the other the gates to the darkside.

Do ya'll think it's possible for these lines to manifest themselves in actual life? I've been a silent person most of my life and have observed people most of the time. But recently I've had a night where I'm sure I was struck by lightning... and had the extreme desire to go to my fathers house. I was agressive as hell and hyped up not to say petrified. Felt like my head being chopped off mentally. Was seriously mental for a while.. thrown in hell so it seems, but yea I came back.

I've been reading about knowledge, wisdom and the like here. Would like to add into that. I've been at the colleges.. economics and law. Basicly they tried to teach me how to cheat my fellow man and how to make records of it.. couldn't take much of it so I left. I tried the next thing, which was law. Let me all tell you about Law. These were NOT made by us, expanded by a stage that people keep reaching for during electiontime. laws made by people already dead.. from times that are much better off forgotten. Law is a religion.. and a sneaky one. It's clinged onto the christian way so much it's insane. I'm not attacking Jesus here.. love him but yeah.

Ensurance being the same scam priests tried to pull in the dark ages. Drugwars only caused by laws which outlaw the drugs.. and then leave it in the dark for whatever dumbass to pick up, police gobles it up and voila. It's done so sneaky here in Holland, and everyone just loves it. I won't rule out personal responsibility.. but man with a world obsessed with money . Same for whores.. I'd rather wack myself off then go there.. and I do frequently.

Then there's the race/identity/sexuality thing. I consider myself above this not meant in any arrogant way.. as it is the only way I can have peace within myself. I consider you.. a me wearing a different set of glasses. I've taken of the glasses long ago, and have burned many people because of it.. and the fog between us is just painfull at times.

I don't condemn gays, lesbians, treelovers.. shitfuckers or anyone, I have in the past... and I've tried my way around freaky sex to say, it ain't a big deal. Love got many faces. When put in a circle like this it can be hard to stay amused right?

Religion is fog too.. I'm the word, Brahman, allah. Rules and penalties.. sounds allot like state + police + prison, just in different words. Sin? I know no sin.. just bad that learned me what not to do. I've tripped over the ledge.. fell down and say that there isn't one.

Acting on a thought is still different then thinking one I'd say. It creates unnecisary drama in my eyes. Perhaps I'm an alien.. or evil. But I believe we all came from darkness, which turns into light simply by willing it. This isn't skin type.. just the difference of being a loud asshole, and a gentle person, without losing the ability to look through bullshit. Culture's all nice and all.. but nah want peace before culture.

What I'm concerned about is the circle most of us live in. Myself included. All based on that infamous line.. 'geld groeit niet aan bomen' or 'money don't grow on trees' when in fact it does. From the paper, to the food you buy.. to the girl/boy you fuck.

I'm a hypocrite I know.. but who here completely gets their food from the earth completely? Might be some rich folks who fucked the earth first.. then sit on their throne and tell people to step their game up.

Want peace.. close your eyes, and let it flow behind your eyes. Then realize, we're plural manifestations of I. Books have to be read before they apply.. use the knowledge to create good. But man it all still came from that spark, can't have your creation rule you now? And haha sadly that's exactly what it is.