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12-06-2010, 01:12 PM
verse one

keep the hacked heads of people once there heart had stopped
dancefloors and bars get rocked im so famous that the stars get shocked
serial killer makes the headline news 'two youths murdered
he could be comin to a place near you'
i straight evaporate the body parts disposin of corpses f
licker of blinds inside as i impose on porches
break in to ya home to end ya life enter ya wife,
make you watch before i get ya entire family sliced

deliver deez bars like they was written by a pyschopath
drown u in ya own blood i thought u liked the bath?
i can be a violent man if you push the wrong buttons
i'l bomb dozens with dynamite in case the song dosesn't
but the fact is the track kicks ass so let ya barkin stop
strike a match so itl'l catch fire to ya apartment blocks

verse two

Geronimo in a past life defiant since birth
my grandpa pointed this out to the nurse
now im trying to find a way off this earth
its cursed but im blessed so i continue to search
wont rest til my dyin breath i'll continue the work
u see my fist to the sky risin out of the dirt
pissedd filled with hate
the CIA perpetrates mind control
feel the pain of six billion tortured souls

dump the gascan in my hand burn down bohemian grove
these faggots practice black magick and nazi science
they summoned dark forces and formed an alliance
i stand on top of the pyramid in defiance
carved my name in the stone as i climbed it stabbed the devil's eye
with a rusty blade left it blinded each verse is tailor made to leave ya open minded


12-06-2010, 01:56 PM
i liked both verse JTS, i think if you were to make this a song a hook or chorus or some kind break would work for it overall dope lyrics fam

keep it up

12-07-2010, 12:48 PM
keep it up thanks fam