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12-10-2010, 11:01 AM
He said, ‘I saw the Lord of Power in my sleep, and said, "O Lord, what is the best act through which those near to You draw nearer?"

and He(ALLAH) answered, "Through [reciting] (sic) My word, O Ahmad."

I asked, "With understanding, or without?"

and He(ALLAH) answered, "With understanding and without."

. . . Ahmad was imprisoned and tortured for twenty-eight months under the Abbasid caliph al-Mu`tasim in an effort to force him to publicly espouse the [Mu`tazila] position that the Holy [Qur’an] was created, but the Imam bore up unflinchingly under the persecution and refused to renounce the belief of Ahl al-Sunna that the [Qur’an] is the uncreated word of Allah, after which Allah delivered and vindicated him. When Ahmad died in 241/855, he was accompanied to his resting place by a funeral procession of eight hundred thousand men and sixty thousand women, marking the departure of the last of the four great mujtahid Imams of Islam."

so yes....YOU CAN CEE ALLAH...or at least the
great Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal thinks you can

the battle continues against these spooky
ass Arab Nationalists trying to hide their
filthy affairs under the name of Islam and Allah

yeah.....Allah made it easy for you
in the Quran and you still fucked it up