View Full Version : Sicka Vs 7 Loads 4 9 girls.

Big Risk
10-15-2005, 11:45 PM
When you come here, I drop a phatty.. wtf is a phatty?

Big Risk
10-15-2005, 11:57 PM
fuck it
A rap tyrant, I rule mics wit my fist.
gums bleed with my lips from the darts when I spit.
you gone within the mist.
jet when im pissed.
ya dissed
think again before ya fuck wit big risk.
ya fucked up ya get cha god damn wig split.
a big slit, down ya bitch throat.
a quick choke
drowning in ya own blood.
Kick ta shits, dragged through tha mud.
Im raps chosen one.
dissin hoes for fun.
Quit rappin
Ive heard similar sounds come out my asshole when i be crappin.
A murder scene sa bound ta happen.
youre lyrically challenged.
lopsided flows aint got no balance.
bring sick violence.
leavin ya eyes violet.
takin ova ya secta quick bubonically.
I spit supersonically.
Im sick wit tha rhymin scemes.
raps prodigy.
sicka blowns ta bits, and shits when i be bombin g.
rippin and flippin tracks till you vomitting.
just like monopoly
Ill snatch up ya properties.
Ill properly, give it to ya raw,
Ive got ta be, invincible.
break it down in hip hop's basic prinicples.
im mystical.
Im gone within the vapor.
youre gone when the pen hits the paper.
lyrically rape ya.
enraged in my cage.
my face on the front page.
Im sickening.
My Clans just thickening.
youre weakening.
Bitch just give up.
You a frontin peice of shit, ya neva LIVE UP to ya ego.