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When you take away the way we look, our clothing and even our skin, underneath it all ... we are actually vibrational beings made of energy. *While most of us may have forgotten (because we are currently caught up with playing the role of being human) this 'energy' is our true or authentic form. *It is 'our energy' that is seen by the Spirit World and also by us once we are taken outside of our current physical body at the moment of transition or during the moment we human's call, "physical death". *However, it will be in this moment many of us will once and for all give up any fear of death or doubt of an afterlife, as we will immediately realize and completely remember our total connection to the Spirit World.*

The moment will be magnificent, and as you allow yourself to notice, you will find that you are being surrounded by one exploding epiphany after another! *You will realize the wonder behind all Creation, and you will know, absolutely, that God is certainly real, eternal and atomically thriving; in you and in every single manifested object! *You will understand that all things and events hold an intrinsic purpose and for even one of them to go missing, this would tear a huge gulf into the very fabric of time and space. *To consider this using human intellect may seem meaningless, but from the perspective of Spirit you will see how vital all things in Creation are and how they all fall perfectly in sync to a masterfully, intelligent design. *And then lastly, you will come to realize what an amazing being in Creation YOU ARE! *There is no one like you in all of God's Super Universe and there never will be again. *You are so important to all of Creation that without you, even "God" would cease to exist. *I know ... incredible, huh? *Well, it is true, and the most wonderful thing about it is .... God would not have it any other way! *We are LOVED that much!

As you might have noticed, very few people look alike in life, one of the reasons for this is because no one person's Soul energy looks exactly the same either. *This is because each of us experience many different events lifetime after lifetime, apart from one anotherand these moments create a ripple of energy that is captured and held in the Soul forever. *And what the Soul experiences on the inside, it soon seeks to demonstrate and exhibit on the outside as well. *The first demonstration coming from these experiences is an energy called: vibration.*

When you take all the events that have ever happened to us and mix them with the way they have made us feel ... you have a huge amalgamation of many different frequencies. *We call the sum total of this amalgamation vibration and vibration forms what we have come to know and call, personality. *Our personalityis always being affected by the choices we make in life, pro or con. * Taken a step further, the energy will actually also seek to manifest density and sculpt into it creating form.*

In Divine Reality, "Thoughts are things" and every single thought we have produces a frequency that beckons toward it another frequency like its self. *This is why we draw toward us or attract into our lives, people who think similarly to how we think and manifest desires we consistently focus upon.

Another thing we must consider about our own energy, is that [within] we are always in the process of emitting some kind of Colorful Light and Tone ... (or) we are the process of manifesting some sort of form of Shadow and Distressed Tone.
When we are loving in life, then our vibration becomes elevated and in so doing, our conscious perceptions of what is good (and the will of Heaven for our lives) become heightened as well. *In this frame of being, our inner colors glow radiantly and the tones we produce are majestic to the ears of angels and all who are closely connected with the Divine.
As our vibrations remain high, we enjoy life and hold a powerful ability to see what is possible for us to achieve at our highest level. *And while our vibration remains up, we create massive amounts of positive and healing energy, thus navigating ourselves toward a life that leads us (and others) toward one successful or fulfilling life-affirming event after another.
Consistently exhibiting good will, affection, generosity, grace, temperance, forgiveness, self-discipline and self-control, appreciation and obedience to what we know to be the will of Spirit ... elevates our inner vibration, causing us to remain strong and effective in life.
However, when our behaviors become the opposite of these ways of being, then our vibration gradually plummets and we fall into lower forms of consciousness and inferior ways of thinking. *Our inner Light then becomes patchy with grey like bits of supernatural matter now hovering over the place where there was once Light, and because of this, the pure tones that were once produced by the colorful Light ... now sound distressed and dysfunctional.*
When I was a boy, I soon realized that I was born with a gift to be able to perceive and intuit the level of Light and Tones coming from others, and since then I have always had a firm understanding or sense of 'who is who' in this world strictly on this basis. *After I had my NDE, my clairvoyant (or clear seeing in the Spirit) abilities increased and so did my ability to see the auric presentation (or surrounding Light) that others' gave off spiritually. *This event helped me greatly to visually put a representation around concepts which I have felt or perceived for years, but not always understood. *For instance I have always been able to feel a kind of rhythmic pulsing and inner glow coming from people. *Yet not everyone gives off the same rhythm (I now call vibration) or auric glow. *Today, I have clairvoyantly seen some people give off so much Light it looked like they had a literal spotlight behind them and with some, it looked like a hovering, dark, shadowy presence. *I know this Light has a great deal to do with the way people think and live their lives on a daily basis. *Those who live with the most Love vibrate the fastest and glow the brightest. *Those who live in despair or self-destruction, only attract toward themselves, more of the same. *I have lived long enough to see really good people (that you would think would never go wrong) darken, and people once seemingly lost to themselves or the rest of the world, brighten. *So I know the importance of staying in the moment and paying attention to THE NOW!

Believe me when I tell you that seeking to always be fully aware of the moment or THE NOW, and not being caught up with the past or even being too preoccupied with the future is one of the smartest things you can ever do for yourself. *Because the only thing that can help us bring real remedy to the past or bring hope to the future is all based upon who we are choosing to be (as a person) right now! * Why? *Because all of life and our very destiny is relying on the actions we produce today. *Therefore, it is vital to learn how to Self monitor your own personal feelings and behaviors at all timesso you can honestly come to a place of Self-realization. *My advice is that you even pay attention to the person you are in your dreams, because some part of *Soul sees you as that person and to your Soul, that person (in the dream) really does exist. *Therefore, ALWAYS project your own intentions positively, so that life ... in your waking and sleeping hours, you can work all things (with God) for the better.

Yet in this nutty world, which seems to be becoming more self-indulgent and maddened with every new comparative and competitive-based ambition we think up every day, it can be difficult for even a naturally sweet person to stay that way for long! *And to those really good people out there, who are truly Earth Angels, to you guys I say please fight for your own values and goodness! *YOU ARE WORTH IT! *Say it out loud for you and all the Universe to hear: YOU AND YOUR OWN GOODNESS ARE WORTH FIGHTING FOR!! *There is nothing wrong with exploring a detour and going through life-lessons, but do not allow yourself to stray away for long from what you know in your own Heart to be right for you. *And if you have strayed and are starting to feel stuck, pray for Heavenly help, live right and get ready for a comeback to what you know to be your very best Self!

Because, if you do not Self-correct your thinking and behaviors, then over time you will find yourselves forgetting what means the most to you in the Spiritand all too soon, you will suddenly find yourself having landed into a murky swamp of fear-based thinking and despair not knowing exactly how you got there or how to get out. *This is, after all, the story of millions of lives right now.

The deal is: Deep down, our Spirit always knows when we are doing wrong, even if it only seems to be a 'small or insignificant wrong', yet our Soul and ego always holds us accountable.*
There is no escape from us having to face and take responsibility for the things we have done or been a part of in life, because all our deeds form our eternal and logical self-opinion of ourselves. *(Remember, everything we go through in life creates a ripple of vibration that follows us wherever we go!)
If we allow ourselves to 'slip' while walking in the ego, then you better believe ego will also be there to enforce the fall!

When (from ego) we perceive ourselves as people who do wrong, then we will eventually judge ourselves as worthless and unworthy of Loveas we will have seen ourselves as individuals who have strayed from the ways of Love and Light. *And the more we do what our own Spirit sees as maladaptive, then the more we will throw ourselves into a swirling, dark abyss and state of utter oblivion that causes us to sabotage our lives.*
This then opens us up for attack, not just by ego, but from other lower energies (who have fallen far from Divine viewpoint), which are now led toward us ... because of the ailing frequency signal we are now omitting or broadcasting vibrationally. *
In my near-death experience, I clearly saw that it is a spiritual law that we each draw toward ourselves an energy that is likened to ourselves. *Like oil and water in a jar, no matter how much they are shaken together the oil always finds the other oil in the jar ... and so does the water. *

The 4 levels of Consciousness

In our most superior spiritual state, our mind exists in a free form of consciousness that most resembles how we think when we reside in the Spirit World. * I call this state of being, "Super Divine Mind Consciousness." *This state helps us hold the actual Christ mind and see life as Christ would see it. *In other words, this is a mind that exists in the highest place of Love, which always seeks to create miracles for The Higher Self and also for others at the same exact time. *Super Divine Mind is not interested in personal benefit or ambitious indulgences of any kind. *It doesn't feel it has to be. *The reason for this is because this individual deeply knows there is no greater act than the one that seeks to bestow the energy of great generosity, grace, kindness and Love in the world, as sustaining this way of being always creates an energy of abundance for all in the end. *A person who works from Super Divine Mind Consciousness is always Spirit-led, and because of this, they are able to seek and follow a more pure and Divinely inspired path, which perpetually leads to right action when problem solving. *Individuals who are able to sustain this form of consciousness in life are the miracle workers of the world and in the process of them being alive, many, many lives are healed, transformed, restored and greatly blessed because of them. *Wherever they walk, they fill the atmosphere with the energy of hope. *Once recognized, it is easy to see why Super Divine Mind is such a hugely beneficial stream of consciousness, because it lures toward us others who are of a similar vibration and frequency and together we are able to do great things. *Those inspired by Super Divine Mind do tremendous good in both the Earth Realm and (whether they are aware of it or not) for the Higher Astraland as this occurs The Light and Love of God Almighty follows these individuals wherever they go. *If your own personal vibration is high enough, you will actually feel a sensation of holiness or tremendous goodness coming from the person who is able to walk in this station. *You will want to listen to them and follow their advice. *While they are still very human, we tend to think of these people as 'Angels' in life. *Possible real life examples of such Souls could be Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi. *If you are a person who has managed to find Super Divine Mind Consciousness in your lifetime, you are truly blessed! *You will be granted with a tremendous wealth of wisdom, self-confidence and faith in both God and people. *You will have doors of opportunity open for you that would seem impossible or beyond the reach of others. *The perception you will have of your own life and journey here will not be judged using a worldly perception, but of one that is Divine ... and you will find yourself attaining a level of Self-mastery and Vision that yields a kind of happiness that is not of this world.
The state of consciousness that falls directly below Super Divine Mind is what I refer to as, "Higher Consciousness." *This is a powerful mindset where a Soul has become comfortable with seeing themselves as a unique individualwho no longer has a need to "follow the crowd" or a consensus viewpoint in any way, shape or formunless the idea being presented is truly appealing to them. *A person who sustains Higher Consciousness seeks to enlighten themselves constantly, seeking to surround themselves with those things or people who might help them find their better Self. *These are people who do not mind spending large amounts of time alone, vested in some sort of self-development project or simply sitting quietly, as they consider their own thoughts. *These people usually become great artists, and many go on to become the architects to the life we seeing going on around us. *These people bring to us our music, movies, buildings, science, gardens, great food, clothing, human ambassadorship, amazing inventions and great works of art. *Great minds who might be examples of those wlo have sustained Higher Consciousness, could be Martin Luther King, Mozart or Albert Einstein. *Yet, one does not need to be famous, or a great leader or a brilliant mind to hold this state consciousness. *All one needs to do is see themselves as a perfect demonstration of Godwho yearns to discover all that is best about themselves and what might make them even better.*

** The one pitfall of those who reach the level of Higher Consciousness (especially in the beginning stages) is the potential of becoming arrogant (feeling superior to others) or becoming stubbornand even when this happens, it is not too long before this individual falls right out of Higher Consciousness and soon finds themselves making a journey to the same lower levels of Self-awareness that they may have already visited or explored before. *If one is not walking in Super Divine Mind Consciousness, he or she is traveling in the lower three modes of humanness, which are each stairsteps, helping us to reach to higher ways of thinking that are more Divine and less animal in nature.

Below Higher Consciousness is the group mindset, "Common Consciousness." *It is from this state of mind that we get and maintain all of our known traditions and social ways of thinking about ourselves and one another. *It is from here that we derive the viewpoints our world calls: religion, education, social order (right and wrong) and fashion. *All of these are strongly enforced by so-called authorities, who dictate order; and "the ideas" are only changed until such time as "the group" becomes comfortable with the authorities' shift in perspective. * This is not to say that some traditional ways of doing things are not the best ways, however; it is with a Common Conscious mind that we rarely think of new or even better ways of making life more rich for all. *A Soul who is steeped with Common Consciousness finds is difficult to see themselves as an individual, therefore they are constantly adopting the trends and ideas of others and making them their own. *If it is unpopular to wear red, then you will see to it that the color red is never seen in your personal fashion. *It is Common Consciousness that dictates that those who are ample with weight are worthless, so you are to see yourself as such and hate yourself for being fat. *If it is unpopular to be low on funds, you will learn to resent yourself in this state as well. *And where does all this resentment lead? *It points us toward a constant search for answers, and in common conscious society, those answers are to be found in the latest book or TV show that is being promoted. *Funny how that works, huh? *It is because of this that media conditions the Common Conscious person to feel as if they are dying if they are not connected to the TV, radio or latest trend. *If you are wondering whether or not you might be a person who is stuck in Common Consciousness, one sure sign to know for sure is you will feel pained when made to think outside of the box that has been already provided for you by those in media or from those in your environment. *Or, perhaps you live in fear of being abandoned by "the group" and left on your own. *If this is you, break away from Common Consciousness by giving yourself permission to see what is good about you AS AN INDIVIDUAL right now, apart from everyone else or any material excess you might use to add 'fluff' to your own Self-image. *And please know that it is not that a person cannot have a great body or use awesome items or accessories to help them enjoy their lives, my question to you is based on whether or not you can still see yourself as worthy without these things? *Can you stand totally naked as you are in a mirror for ten minutes and still Love your Self when you walk away? *If not, then you may be a person who is still too motivated by a Common Conscious mindset and not even know it! * An example of a person stuck in common consciousness might be a teenager who is trying to figure out who they are, by following or imitating others who do destructive things to personal property, themselves or even other people. *However, it is remarkable how often many people in society never learn to grow past this adolescent right of passage and into more mature ways of beingeven when technically they are far into their 'adult' years...

In our lowest state, our mind exists in "Animal Consciousness." *This is a level where we exist in our most raw and seemingly Spiritless state. *When we operate ourselves from Animal Consciousness we become strictly governed by our reactions to our environment, the emotions they make us feeland also the chemical impulses they create. *When we are upset and not aware of our own Spirit, we easily fall into states that encourage greed, sloth, sexual lust, rage, dishonesty, unbridled ambition and ingratitudeall these exhibit the inferior traits of our animal nature. *A person (in an out-of-power animal state) is the one we see as the savage, the criminal or the addict, as their largest preoccupation seems to be based around Self-indulgence. *This is usually a person who is not only becoming lost to society, but lost to themselves. *The more they seek to gratify their own fleshly appetites, the further they slip into an endless need to experience all things in a sensual way. *Their intuitional Soul becomes trained and twisted to only focus on the thing ego tells them to chase and they become so caught up with deriving "that thing" (ego has convinced them will grant instant gratification and comfort) that they fail to see that this might be the very thing that also leads to their destruction! *Bottom line: *Animal Consciousness is the seat of all forms of addiction and unbridled ambition. * If you want a happy life, stay away from those things that promote addiction and make you sick inside for having done them. *This feeling is your own inner Spirit crying out to you saying, "Please don't do this... *This is not your highest path!" * If you feel stuck in an addiction and can't seem to break free, *then confess with your own mouth (to your Heart) that you have gone past the point you know you should. *And then ... go for help! * Go first to God. *Tell God everything. *Empty out the trash can in your Soul and let your Almighty Parent clean it out for you. *Ask for guidance as far as what you should do and if you hear silence ... then ask yourself even deeper questions. *Ask yourself *why you feel you cannot be happy without your addiction. *Sit down, give yourself time and write down what comes to you. *And if your inner guidance tells you that you need the capable assistance of another ... then go get the help you need from someone who is actually able to provide it. *There is no shame in needing or asking help, as all of us at one time or another have been in addiction before. *This is all a part of life. *We are all here after all, not just for ourselves .... but for each other.
The truth is, until we make peace with and balance out the animal side of our consciousness and nature, we will never be able to ascend and remain in the higher levels of consciousness.


We truly DO become what we think about!

If inferior thinking and behavior is perpetuated over time, the Love we once held within starts to leak from us and so too does the Light we were using to lead us to a more happy life. *Again, we lure toward us what we are ourselves, and in this state of mind we attract both living people and supernatural beings from both the Earth Realm and the lower astral plain of existence who are individuals devoid of Love and Light. *Soon, a sad supernatural event unfolds around us ... that usually leads us toward a life filled with addiction, low energy, numbness and feeling hugely unfulfilled. *This then leads to dis-ease (of both the mind and body) and us performing even more wrong action, which only adds complication rather than bringing the relief and feeling of peace we really crave and wish to have. * The truth is, those who live in a perpetual state of animal consciousness have abysmal lives filled with fear, anger and dread and there is really no where left for them to go, but down.
It is incredibly easy to become influenced by the energies we surround ourselves with, both light filled and challenging. *And every day (several times a day) we must make a conscious choice as to how we will aim our intentions, so that our behaviors attract toward us influences which help to keep us strong--instead of constantly adding even more challenge to our lives and bringing us down.
The more darkened, lower vibrational influences we allow to surround us (when we are in a lower vibrational state) the more we tend to become hugely naive and ignorant as to the long-term cause and effect of our own actions. *We cease to see ourselves properly and we misjudge our own ability to be self-respecting or properly self-nurturing in a balanced way, so we turn to Self hatred as a means to punish ourselves for not being exactly what or how our ego has convinced us we must be.*
Whether it be anger, food, materialism, ambition, drugs or searching endlessly for sexual gratification....
Addiction (in all forms) is a form of Self hatredand returning to a Life of Love is the only way out!

When existing in a lower vibrational state: Seeing down the road and visualizing a better future becomes near impossible, as ego will have made us fixated on only trying to bring "addictive, quick fix" remedies in order to relive the pain we believe we feel "right now! *Instead of us (taking a deep breath and) enforcing self-restraint and enough Self parenting, which gets us to higher states of consciousness ... and helps us to do what we know in our Heart is the right thing to do.
When we are existing in Self Hatred, ego causes us to become uncomfortable with the idea of being uncomfortable.*
However, the absolute truth is: It is ONLY through the process of us being willing to face what is uncomfortable that the greatest growth and happiness can be found.
Ego causes us to forget that ALL our thoughts manifest our destiny. *And by luring us to only think and behave in a chaotic way, we create even more chaos in our lives than is already existing.*
It is vital for us to become aware of the influences we have around us.
Whether our influences are societal, media-based, relationship-based or even supernatural ... we must remain aware that part of being human is us being easily influenced by the energy we take in daily.*
Some of this energy is good and some of it can be absolute poison. *Part of 'growing up' is being able to tell the difference.
As all thought flows on a stream of frequency, the low vibrations we pick up on from those around us may cause us to subconsciously adopt maladaptive thoughts and attitudes, which cause us to do deeds that bring further darkness to our lives.*
If too much darkness is created over time (and every Soul has a different tolerance level) our inner Light will become diminished, as it will have become covered with shadowy energy that is now manipulating the way we think without us even being aware of it. *Because of this gray-like energy, we will find it very difficult to hear from our reach our own authentic voice of Spirit. *This is how all persons become lost in life.*
The Bible says, "As a man thinks in his Heart ... so is he."
This is true, as we hold our core energy and authentic identity (our Spirit from every life we live) in our Heart center. *(And by the way ... when we depart from this lifetimethis will be the authentic part of us (that I was speaking about earlier) that moves up and out, evacuating the physical body.)
This energy emits the tones that create the 'songs' of our lives that draw others and certain experiences near. *When the tone is good and pure then so are the experiences, but if the tones are disturbed and challenging then life lessons and difficulty must come. *This is not to say that challenge will not ever come to good people, however, good people will experience challenge less frequently and will always be able to overcome it. *This is why it is important that we always seek to do good in our lives ... all the time.*
So that a way of life and kind of vibration is created within us that not only helps to protect us from harm, but also brings to us good fortune as well.
As we think of ourselves and others, we create energy that forms attitudes and disposition. *If we are unclear or not paying close enough attention to these thoughts, we become sloppy or inconsistent in how we demonstrate our lives and we fumblecausing our vibration to become snagged within a lower level of consciousness.
It is for this reason that we must always cherish and respect the vibration of Love (which is the true Spirit of God) in our lives.*
We must show Love to ourselves and others as much as possible every single day--as long as we are alive.
If we fail ... we fall prey to lower influences and open ourselves to be dominated by energies that oppose and challenge our Spirit.
With Love present, we will never lose touch with our own Light ... and when challenge arrives, we will easily recognize it for what it is and overcome. *The reason for this is because our devotion to the ways of Love will have helped us to always feel and hear from Spirit within, as to what our true destiny is ... and we will always be Divinely helped (by those surrounding us) to reach it.



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the brain is a transmitter and receiver of frequencies, you can tune into life and experiences like changing the dial of a radio station.

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^^ True dat!! :thumbup:

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looks like an interesting book/post

yes - we are all vibrating

check the sig for proof

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evrything is vibration!!!!!!! realy everything!! even the nuthing is vibrating

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I read the first two chapters of Christian Andréason's book "Remembering Heaven" on that site. The book will be completed before the end of 2011. It's deep. Here a are few quotes I've taken from those first couple of chapters:

When we fail to have faith in ourselves, we cannot perpetuate the higher vibration of Self Love, Inner Love is the core power which helps us create and maintain everything we enjoy about ourselves. Without Self Love we descend our consciousness to a lower vibration, and in so doing, we open ourselves up to lower energies and destructive thoughts and habits soon follow that pull us away from our ability to tune into God, The Higher Heavens and our Spirit.

As I sensed the energy of all those who were around me, I was helped to remember that every child of God is considered very precious, is always seen and never forgotten. There is nothing any of us could possibly do to keep us from being eternally Loved by God forever.

If you walk in Love, you will always understand God.

We are not just given the gift of physical life so that we can obtain a singular, Self-focused experience, but so that we might also use, share and bequeath our own uniqueness, talents and life to help others “experience life” for themselves.

Jesus Christ came to the planet to be a way-shower for all people and all religions. He lived his life with great passion and dedication to this word LOVE, so that each of us might have a role model to compare ourselves to. This is why he said, I AM the truth, I AM the way, and I AM the life, no man can come to God but through me. If you replace I AM and ME with LOVE IS ... you get ...





Christ had become LOVE WALKING AND TALKING ON THE PLANET. One cannot understand God until one understands and WALKS AND TALKS in the ways of LOVE. If you walk in Love, you will always understand God.



Uncle Steezo
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Chapter 3 excerpts. (For those of you wondering, this man had a Near-death experience (NDE) and is reflecting upon it through his book:

Q/ Does God always hear our prayers?

Absolutely! God is the Spark of Light we hold within our Spiritwhich also gives us the ability to have physical life.


If God is this Sparkthen why wouldn't our Maker hear us?

Have you ever been around a body that is no longer alive (whether a person or an animal) and felt for their energy? You know they are not there any more because, not only has their core energy or Spirit left their body ... the Spark of God is gone too. You know this is true as you clairsentiently and inwardly compare the Spark that you hold within yourself, with theirs.

As I witnessed my life-review, I relived all the many times I had asked God for help (with certain issues in my life) and I also observed myself lose hope over and over againthinking that God had either not heard me or didn't care. From the view point of Heaven, I saw that quite the opposite was true! I saw that every time I made a request to God, the Universal powers around me were literally moving both Heaven and Earth to help me manifest my request! Only what I did not know at the time was that much of the things I had asked forwere being scheduled to happen in later lifetimes.

There is a verse in the Bible where Jesus Christ says:

"Ask ... and you shall receive ... knock ... and the door will open!."

Jesus was able to confidently tell us this because He knew that life is never ending and that our God (who Loves us so much) honors all requests sooner or later, (whether it is in this life or in the next.) All we have to do in the meantime is have faith that God knows what is best for us. And if we truly believe thisHeaven will send us a Spirit of Peace to tide us over.

In truth, "Heaven" is all around us. It is not just above but directly in front, around and even (just as Jesus Christ said) within. It may be difficult for those who exist in a doubtful mental state of lower vibration to imagine what Heaven is exactly, but Heaven is certainly here with us (as is God) right here and right now!

Everything in God's Super Universe is regulated by vibration, electrical current and frequency. The higher our Soul's level of vibration and frequency, the higher and further we are able travel throughout the Divine Realms and God's Super Universe. What is interesting about the Realm is that our energy automatically brings us right to the place that either most interests us or resembles our own energy.

Q/ What does the inside of Heaven look like?

Glorious! There are great cities very similar to the ones we live in now, only these places have great harmony and balance to them. I saw one city that was made entirely of gold and precious stones. It actually glowed! One city that always stays in the back of my mind is a great metropolis made entirely out of what looked to be sapphires. It glows with the most luminous blue and white Light. It reminds me of a white Christmas tree with beautiful blue glass balls. I had a knowing that this place was where Loving Christ-like communicators choose to gather and exchange thoughts. There is a tremendous amount of Love and Grace in Heaven. No matter where you go, the feeling of Love and Joy is everywhere. There is no other place you would rather be.


Every time you choose to participate in a LOVING THOUGHT, you are manifesting the feeling of HEAVEN ON EARTH. The reason most are so unsure about the place from which we all came is because we have not yet learned to LOVE ourselves or one another enough. Once we learn how to LOVE enough and keep this LOVE perpetual, we will build up a tremendous inner Light and this Light will be used to help us see glimpses into Heaven. Not only will you be able to see or sense spiritual things, you will also understand how to work through issues that trouble you in your life.

For many, seeing or sensing Spiritually can happen quite suddenly. Close your eyes, take a deep breath and ALLOW the peace, presence and Joy of Almighty God to wash over you like a warm, gentle, flowing stream of water. Concentrate on this feeling for as long as you are able. Just imagine to your best ability what the word "JOY" might mean to you. If you feel doubt or have "jumbled" emotions about this word, it could mean that you are holding guilt, shame or unforgiveness in your Soul. These things have no place in the Realm of God! Let them go now. Think only what it means to LOVE and be LOVED. Be patient.

Look for your dreamsACTIVELY, PASSIONATELY AND POSITIVELY ... and they will eventually come! I promise! God is never unfair and wants to see us all get what we want.

The 7 Realms of Development

From Heaven I remembered that before each of us are sent forth into our various incarnations or missions; we were first taught and instructed within many of the various compartments of God's Great Ream.

For those who are preparing for incarnations in a humanoid form there are approximately 7 levels to graduate from. Each of these spaces constitutes a special enclosure within the Realm, much like a small suburb or township, that exists within a cityrepresenting a specific compartment utilized for Soul-based training.

Each is energetically colored and seen by the Spirit to coordinate with the various 7 hues of the rainbow. Because of this, there exists a Red hued Realm, an Orange Realm, a Yellow Realm, a Green Ream, a Blue Realm, an Indigo/Pink Realm and then lastly, there is the Violet Realm.

In the Red Realm we will have just come from having been manifested and incubated as an individual Spirit by God. Once we are aware of our own uniqueness, we go before Elder Spirits who assign to us guides. These wise Spirits who are much more evolved than us, usually remain with us for our entire incarnation process. While we get to know them, we visually tour all of God’s creation and are taught one-on-one about all the vast purposes and intentions that each part of God’s Creation can provide for a visiting Soul. It is during this time of tremendous growth that we are educated about the different worlds, creeds and cultures that exist. Our time in this Realm helps us to build up our inner confidence in ourselves, while we look to those we know we can trust. Not only is it a time of questions and answers, it is a process that makes you grateful to God and full of awe as you realize just how wonderful the Creator is to have given you the gift of life. The Red Realm infuses a Soul with tremendous energy and helps give them the courage to have their own sense of identity and unique perspective. Some Souls having had difficult or traumatic incarnations often return here to the Red Realm to be nurtured by the more feminine, Mothering force of God so that they might be re-infused with vast amounts of positive energy.

In the Orange Realm we are introduced to many other Souls who share similar energies to our own. Socially we co-mingle with one another until we are eventually divided up into schools or various groupings called, “Soul Families”all according to our mutual gifts and interests. It is here, in the Orange Realm that we mutually begin developing our creativity and intellect, while also learning how to manifest our own personal, unique feelings and impressions about God’s Super Universe in a group setting, with other like minded Souls. This is a very happy place in the Realm and a great deal of fun. With our Soul family in tow, our group guides will often take us out to explore specific parts of this Realm which help us to prepare for what it will be like to interact with othersdifferent from ourselves. After every incarnation, we always return here to parts of this Realm to discuss our mutual successes and our failures, as well as our future intentions with our Soul Family.

In the Yellow Realm we separate away from our Soul familyand part ourselves at a distance from the opinions and view points of other Souls. This event helps us to grow in wisdom. For brief periods, we are encouraged by teachers and guides who pass through this Realm. Masters and specialists of every kind of incarnation you can think of speak to us from a place of authentic experience. Their job is to help us truly begin to a refine and cultivate our own perceptions. While they only visit with us for periods of time (so as not to overly intrude upon our solitude, which is vital for our development) their time with us is deeply important. We are taught, reminded and cautioned about potential difficulties, pitfalls and challenges we either have or might eventually encounter … even before having ever experienced such things. The life books of Soul's our teachers want us to know about are shown to us here and as this happens, we are allowed to step into a kind of simulation that helps us to experience what it might have been like to have been that individual. It is here in the Yellow Realm that we also have our life reviews and once it is over, we are left to ourselves to play out some of the memories from our former incarnation ... so that we might reflect about who we are and who we see ourselves becoming.

The Green Realm is often used as a point of re-entry into the spiritual Realm once a physical incarnation is completed, and many Souls will return to Heaven via this portal ... as this is where the deepest and most spiritual form of individual contemplation occurs. There are no teachers or guides here; Only A Great Master... a warmly compassionate and engaging personage, who exists as a flowing and rippling form of bright Light. This Being is never far away from us so that we always have a friend who is instantly available for us to walk, talk and hash out our inner most concerns with. This event all happens within the confines of a magnificent, lush, never ending garden that is filled with every kind of beautiful aspect of nature a person could never imagine—even in their wildest dreams. I feel it important to note that this garden always retains the same look and feel for everyone who visits there. As our wonderful and beloved Light Being friend speaks to us (once we show readiness) the vital importance of Love is shared with us and why it is our ultimate destiny to learn how to use and cultivate Love as often as possible. We are shown aspects of the Creator’s Light, which exists as a spirit of Love we have within ourselves. It’s tremendous healing and restorative power is revealed to us—as we are encouraged to utilize it as soon as it occurs to us to do so; especially during times where our physical incarnations begin to appear difficult. Before we leave the Green Realm, the Being of Light gives us a special blessing and a vibrational signature is then placed upon us, so that in the moments of our darkest hours … we will never completely forget who we are or where we came from. Christ’s voice calls out to us through this signature: ”You belong to me and I belong to you. The Light of God is your true home and the Light is where you will one day return once your quest is completed. Love is your greatest power. Learn to use it well.”

In the Blue Realm we reunite with our guides and Soul family. We also find old friends from the Orange Realm here, as well as advanced workers of Spirit intermingling with us. We gather all together to listen to one another—to share newly conceived ideas and concepts that were obtained during our time of independent contemplation. The Blue Realm is a phenomenal place of wonder. It is a fun place of invention and advanced creativity. Many Soul's who are often in between incarnations come here and enjoy the exciting and active setting as their vacation away from physical life. Older Souls share stories and experiences with younger Souls and sometimes some of these meetings present opportunities where new friendships are forged and future incarnations are planned. It is in this location within the Realm that we imagine what 'our Heaven' should look and feel likeand everyone who inhabits this Realm is always involved, at least on some level in the process of constructing the Heaven we all dream together. At the center most part of this Realm, we manifest an ever growing metropolis that is based around many different architectural images, which often resemble the same familiar traditional, Roman/Greek classic and modern, futuristic buildings we have become familiar with here on Earth. In fact, all design and reproduction that occurs here has always first come from the Blue Realm. Once something is manifested in this Realm, it lasts forever.

In the Indigo Realm, we enter into more of a serious state where we learn how to concentrate to use more fully the gift God gave us to manifest our ideas into actual form--to an even more advanced level. It is here in the Indigo Realm, under the supervision of our guides that learn just how powerful our own thoughts can be. As this occurs, we are allowed to work independently or as a group, practicing our skill at using our own energy to sculpt astral density into form, all so that an actual reality, of our own creation, might occur right before our very eyes. It is in this deep, warm, blue, starry cosmos, that we learn exactly what kind of energy it takes for us to be able to produce an object or an outcome, and because of this, we learn how to better cultivate our thoughts so that once we are put into a physical flesh body, we will be able to, at some point, truly manifest what we say we desire. There are many sacred schools of learning here and it is in this Realm we learn about some of the more mystical aspects of God's Super Universe.

The Violet Realm is a marvelous astral projection of what we mutually believe and desire for God’s Throne room to look like. It is here that we are infused with an "I can do" spirit, while respectfully meeting and and being met by the Beings of the Highest order within Heaven: such as The Grand Elders (who are among the oldest of our Creation and exist as a kind of panel of wise Souls who guide our guides) and the Arch Angels (who all help to shepherd us in all our many existences and lifetimes). Once our meetings are completed, it is then understood that we have accomplished the necessary preparation needed to begin incarnating into the physical Realms within God’s Super Universe. It is now time for us to leave the schooling, restoration and healing rooms and Realms of Heaven.

However, there is one final stop that must happen. As we are brought further into the Violet Realm… Our guides walk us into a vast domed Cathedral of Light. This is the moment we have all been waiting for and the excitement we feel is enormous! It is here in this gigantic room, which radiates pure golden Light and is bigger than a stadium … that we re-encounter the very essence of The One who brought us and all Creation forward.

A kind of graduation ceremony begins, as each one of us is gently lifted up and levitated toward our Creator’s massive presence so that we can be adored.

We are each spoken to privately. No one hears the conversation that is shared between us and God. The Almighty reveals His thoughts to us about the unique purpose and reason our Spirit was brought forth from His womb and into existence. Yet, as this happens, it is clearly understood that no one’s purpose is any less than any others, as everyone is destined to play out a vital part to The Creator’s phenomenal and eternal plan.

And while God knows we are more than likely to take many different roads and alternative paths to get to that final outcome, The Almighty knows, absolutely and confidently… that we will indeed arrive back home victorious!

Many individuals whose primary purpose it is to serve the world in ministry spend a tremendous amount of time here in between incarnations. The energy and presence of God fills them with the faith necessary to strive to deliver a replication of God's Love to those who look upon them for guidance and leadership.