View Full Version : Did anybody check out Krondon's 'Let Em Live" 2010 mixtape?

Undiluted Karma
12-28-2010, 08:50 PM
Shit's fire from what Ive heard of it(pretty sure ive listened to all of it) really good beats and good rhymes. Idk all the production credits but I know one song 'For A Fee' was produced by The Alchemist.

Krondon aint a super lyricist but hes got the raw lyrics and flow could hear this guy spit for days reminds me of Styles P in many ways. The DJ doesnt put his fucking voice on every 30 secs of a track either which is nice

Favourite song on the mixtape beat is fire and the hook is dope too on some solemn Southern shit would love to hear shit from more producers like Moonshine who produced this one.

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Dope smooth beat , Sean P would sound dope on this too.
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Not the best track on the mixtape but shit sounds good with good headphones/speakers. Prod by Alchemist
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DL LINK: http://www.dubcnn.com/media/albums/krondon-letemlive/

1. I Aint Runnin Feat. Fashawn
2. For A Fee
3. Calling Me Back Feat. Chace Infinite & Phil The Agony
4. Never Be (Sucka For Love) Feat. Phil The Agony & Stylistik Jones
5. Devils Run Feat. Planet Asia & Bad Lucc
6. Revenge Feat. Skinhead Rob, The Jacka & Blaqthoven
7. Cha Ching Feat. King Trubb
8. Come Around
9. Watch Em Feat. Curtains & Chace Infinite
10. Smart Niggaz Feat. Big Twins
11. Dillacated Freestyle (Outro)