View Full Version : Florida DJJ Will Soon Be Ran By Florida DOC

Dirty Knowledge
01-02-2011, 05:04 AM
Basically the Florida DJJ is behind budget because the last asshole used taxpayer money for trips between his crib and his office which were in two different parts of Florida. And that's just the tip of the iceberg, because that's all they've told us. The abuse documented over the years in this system speaks for itself as well.

And this chick is coming out talking about how she was a troublemaker as a kid? Anybody can say that shit. There's a difference between getting in trouble as a kid and getting locked up as a kid.

Florida DJJ has also been sending non-violent youthful offenders to tougher "juvenile prisons" because of space and cost. Because the fat fags are pocketing the money and saying fuck the kids. So a kid on his first charge they send to a Level 8 instead of a Level 2 because the kid has to stay at the 8 and that's more doe.

I dunno how the kids are treated where ya'll at but it is a mess down here. Some "juvy prisons" down here would prolly scare grown men no bullshit.

I'm waiting for when they just start locking kids and adults up together or atleast in the same place. There's already juvy floors at all county jails down here, and there's even a few older heads who may be 19-22 who get caught later in life for juvy crimes and actually go to juvy for a day.