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01-08-2011, 02:10 PM
Today I look at what we learned from 2010 and what we should focus on going into 2011


Welcome back to reality everyone. While many people spent the last couple of weeks with family or simply just soaking up all the holiday cheer, it’s now time that we all get back into the regular grind and start making all these resolutions for 2011 that we’ll have forgotten about before MLK Day. But if there is one resolution that we should take into this new year, it’s that everyone should strive to be as original as possible and to create their own lane as opposed to dickriding whatever is hot. 2010 was most definitely the year of the swagger-jack, and going into 2011 let’s focus more on what got us here instead of just sticking to the same formulas and bullshit that have dominated for the last few years, “get familiar” was never meant to mean “jack my shit”, but recently that seems to be the trend.

One of the things that made hip hop so great back in the golden age was diversity. Even though the culture was still small there were all types of different people creating hip hop and each one had their own style and sound. Run-DMC had Adidas and leather, Public Enemy had the messages of great leaders, and De La had some flowery hippie shit (at least it wasn’t fucking skinny jeans). Boogie Down Productions taught lessons while EPMD essentially made party music, and while everyone was doing their own thing, they all respected each other and were just happy to be finally getting recognition for their take on the culture of rap. So what happened that suddenly made biting the official trend in hip hop?

Last year we saw Kanye West take back his spot as the greatest rap artist (keyword: artist) out right now and that deserving title was earned partly because after Kanye started doing a once-a-week track leak, everyone (http://www.thisis50.com/forum/topics/lloyd-banks-blue-friday-3) came up with their (http://www.monstermondays.com/thankyou.php) own (http://nahright.com/news/?s=rockness) version (http://djsmu.wordpress.com/2010/10/11/mood-muzik-mondays-joe-budden/) of it. And of course with that came everyone jacking his artwork template (http://cdn.nahright.com/news/wp-content/uploads/2010/09/Vado-Celebration-450x450.jpg) to promote their useless throwaway internet leak. How come a culture that once was known for only putting you on if you brought an original idea to the table was now the culture of taking whatever is popular at the time and doing it to death? Is there really no originality left out there? Is that why Puffy is dropping albums that completely jack the Euro-pop sound and then wondering why mafuckas don’t bump his shit anymore? Is that why everyone was going sequel crazy last year because something familiar works better than something original? Is that why every single Lex Luger beat is exactly the same? Is that why I actually welcome some bullshit like Mixxie (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDeICzNcR4M) cause at least it’s original slang and I know I ain’t never seen someone pour Grey Goose on they moms carpet before?

I know I sound bitter, but I miss the days when you had groups like Kris Kross clowning Another Bad Creation, not because I remember which group actually came out first, but because there was this sort of unwritten rule that doing the same thing someone else was doing was not acceptable, but now the common practice when a dope single drops is for every MC (both popular and irrelevant) to take the beat and spit their own 16 on it, even if it’s average as fuck and isn’t even worth the 5 seconds it takes to download. Therefore the biggest resolution we need to make for 2011 is to start celebrating original shit again. I know it’s hard for us to do that (and if you saw Kanye’s “Runaway” movie you’ll know why as his symbolism brilliantly points out our cultural denial of all things different) but there was once a time when that’s what was celebrated most in hip hop, so fuck the “let’s get back to the 90s” shit cause that will never happen, but at least let’s get back to celebrating greatness and not just safely choosing familiarity, that shit is played out like Kwame.