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Inspektah Meth-Tical
01-20-2011, 10:04 AM
i moving with more motor in my system
than Michigan/keep my flow imprisoned
skills on the rise like addition
close my eyes and envision as i strike competiton
the MC Destructor/Heat Conductor
the cure of noise pollution
dig my brain to exploit conclusions
to decease wars/victory is what i sleep for
bring the supreme clientele
wearing the mask of a ghost murder and excell
my brain is the story science tells
the reincarnated Einstein/i rhyme fine
ultra violet on my toungue cuz shine blind
equipped with a deadly speciman/pumping andrenalin/
move with intelligence/improve with earths rotation
flow straight in line like army formations
verbals breathe fire scorch nations

yo know how it is/you can't define how i spit these
gems striaght diamond from Angola
life is a casino/these rappers bite like mosquitos
blood sucking creature/i'm pumping crack in your fucking speaker
captivate and electrify millions like a rock
eliminate and crucifiy billions on the block
but i ain't no 666/i spit on the face of the devil
step to this and you get slayed on the level
i rhyme heavy/you style pack no weight
leave rappers confused like a told a faggot to go straight
words come together like Voltron playing scrabble
charge like a football player coming for a tackle
me without the mic is like seeing Adam without no Eve
in other words i'm incomplete/with the mic i'm obsolete
slaying competition/from every direction
chop off both your arms and sever the connection

my rhymes so dope/i'm about to overdose
smoked so much ganja my brains all comatoast
i'm fried like chicken/
rappers all died when i'm spittin
i close my eyes and try to envison
a better world for the next generation
skills on the steps to elevation
but fuck that/let my mind drift into another dimension
far beyond the reaches of life
another discovery with creatures of christ
on the rise(rice) like a farmer
coming in a UFO with intentions to harm ya
i'm equivelent to a baker cuz i'm the origin of dough
your flow is borin and slow
ten seconds in i'll be snoring and cold
embarrass u in front of your girl
you'll be aborting your flow.

01-27-2011, 03:09 PM
inspired by the Wu every line echos the crew
readers digest but still fail to manifest what yo pen nest
red marks the spot were yo heart bled steal these mcs bread
cheesy smile for the camera not a novice or amature
im far from all the above my way in nothing but push n shove.