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01-21-2011, 09:54 PM

read along to this.

how should i act to get hot women?
oh yeah i should be not thinking, fuck stop thinking!
i start sensing my 5 senses and got listening
to what shes saying and all of a sudden i stopped stressing
the only rapper not spitting nonsense shit
instead spreading a message that leads you to gods kingdom
too noisy at home, avoid the living room
labelled it irelevant not worth listening to
intellegence can get him in a shitty mood
but he meditates and sits it through accelerates the chemicals
which get him to a silent place
brain operates at a higher state having all thoughts erased
used to hide his face looking for signs of change
but now hes dominating, it aint shit like constipation
egos grown but he can see through it
a lot of issues too deep rooted fuck it keep moving
got a plan atleast do it
he digs that deep music decided to keep to it
you know that time sloiws
used to look for happiness inside of nice clothes
Now I know you cant find happiness outside yo
Searching everywhere but i see more with his eyes closed

drop some feed yo

01-22-2011, 11:05 AM
not feelign it much, you have some cool lyrice but you need to learn how to mix better. also step up your delivery and overall mic presence. keep bangin' and elevating.