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02-05-2011, 12:14 AM
Yeah son is droppin hidden gems ALL OVER amazon. Grab a fork and plate THE GOD got food for thought and profound insight to expand your mind.

Blackstar review
some people shouldnt be allowed to rap. those people are mos def and talib kweli.

BSBD & Holocaust review
how did it get 5 stars. its amazing what some people like. this guy is the most off beat, no flow having rapper ever. he makes RZA sound like Bizzy Bone. and he raps about unicorns and leprachauns and fruity stuff like that.

Copywrite Cruise Control review
this is painfully bad.. everyone who wrote a good review is probably one of copywrites family members

DJ Quik Rhythm-Al-Ism review
...he only bought this for the cd cover
and thats the only good thing about the cd. dj quik sucks, but he got good hair.

Reba McIntyre??? #1 review
what can be said about reba? an attractive women with a great and great lyrics (not to mention a talented actress)... reba seems like the perfect woman. and if i cant have her, this cd is the perfect companion! over 30 tracks of classic country! buy this now!

Kris Kross Totally Xrossed Out review
i remember i used to chill on the block and bump this cd all day, reminds me of the old times. kriss kross delivered dope lyrics over tight beats! this is a must have for any fan of real hip hop!
on the block all day...http://9001chan.org/b/616/bfo-rlmente.jpg

Drumroll please...


Cheetah Girls Christmas review
the cheetah girls have great voices and have great chemistry together! a great cd, and the kids will love it. really gets you in the christmas spirit

02-05-2011, 12:19 AM
The crown fukin jewel.... your mind power will TRIPLE on this gem...

Rakim 18th Letter review
i dont know who this guy, but he sucks. i found this cd in my girlfriends car and it looked gay. i asked her about it and she said "hes the god mc"... i say ok whatever trick. so i listened to it though, and the only good song is "i know you got soul".. and thats only like a 3/5. so dont waste your money on this garbage, buy some real hip hop like gucci mane or jeezy

RESPECT THE GOD James Moose!!!!

02-05-2011, 12:41 AM
hahhaahahhahahahaha hhshhahah i want this guy on the corp

02-05-2011, 12:54 AM
If it's the same moose from the BG boards it'll be tough to get him, last I checked the BG boards are beyond a waste of internet space and since they re-styled them I can't get on there from here. He was given mod status last I been on them tho.

here's one for the road...

Macho Man Randy Savage Be A Man review
i dont know who dude is or where he came from, but my homeboy gave me his cd and it bumps!!!! cop it!!!
best tracks are "R U Ready" "Macho Thang" and "Be A Man"

02-05-2011, 12:57 AM
who the fuck is this Randy Savage guy

02-05-2011, 01:06 AM
The GOD James Moose says RESPECT THE SAVAGENESS!!!!!!


02-05-2011, 01:09 AM
sorry i'm drawing blanks he does what

oh the slim Jim guy why the fuck does he have an album. pff the'll give any one a recored deal now a days