View Full Version : Yo Claaa7 U should do a Cappa 96-98 Comp

02-05-2011, 08:41 AM
Whats good Claa7. I'm a fan of your lost tapes blog. I like those Ghost albums you put together with the lost tracks. A cappa one would be dope. Like the way the pillage would have sounded with 97 mentality, its alright with you and some tracks from wu-forever like Heaterz. I always fely that the pillage could have been a classic but something made it not a smooth listien. Thanks bro. Keep doing your thing


02-05-2011, 08:56 AM
i don't know man, i like "The Pillage" as it was plus my copy actually has '97 Mentality'. if i was to do anything with Cappa it would be a compilation with all his guest spots and solo tracks that was not on his albums, i'm not sure how much there is. i mean you could do a full album with his guest spots on "CL", "Ironman" and "Wu Forever" but everybody heard those and they are classics in their own right and i don't like fucking with the classics.

but maybe use standout moments like "Winter Warz", "Daytona 500", "Ice Water", "'97 Mentality" with tracks like "'96 Recreation", "Wu-Wear: The Garment Renaissance", "If It's Alright With You", "If It's Alright With You pt. II", "I Can See", "Real Live Shit Remix", "One More to Go (Earthquake)", "Strange Fruit", "Taking Drastic Measures" and that track with Genaside II whatever it was called. it's a good idea and i might do it sometime later, but right now i got other shit planned. mostly in the real world lol but also compilations with DJ Krush and US rap artists and a second Jazz/Hip-Hop compilation + then i got the Wu-Tang Legacy Review with Beautifulrock we're working on.

02-05-2011, 09:09 AM
but if you wanna change "The Pillage" with tracks like those you mentioned just do it yourself, i mean it ain't rocket science lol. just rip the tracks from your "Wu-Tang Forever" and "The Swarm" CD, etc and just add them where you want them in the tracklist and delete those you don't want to keep.

glad you like my blog btw