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02-07-2011, 10:37 AM
When Lebron was with Cleveland, i'm sure he tried to get some NBA stars to play with him. I heard he tried to get Chris Bosh to come to Cleveland. I don't know if that's true or not. Cleveland was only another star away from getting some championships if Lebron had stayed. Cavs had gotten close in the playoffs the last few years and i believe they would've won some championships if Lebron stayed. Lebron is impatient and he should've gotten on Cavs management to get him some help. I blame management for him leaving because they didn't make any moves to get him a star player to play with him. Cavs fans can be mad at Lebron all they want but they should be mad at management for not getting him a star player so he could have some help. I don't understand why star NBA players don't wanna come to Cleveland. If you got a lot of money, nice cars, nice house, what else could you want? I know the winter in Cleveland sucks but there's other cities that have nice weather that basketball players can visit when the season is over. I'm not saying NBA players have to stay in Cleveland forever but if you're trying to win a championship, that's all that should matter. Fuck the other shit like going to the club and a city having a lot of snow.

02-07-2011, 10:48 AM
I remember when Carlos Boozer played for Cleveland and he left to go to Utah and former Cavs GM Jim Paxson got mad at him because he said he was gonna sign a contract extension. I don't know why Carlos left because i know Jim would've paid him what he wanted and it would've been nice to see him and Lebron still playing together and possibly winning championships. I'm so sick of athletes being money hungry. How much money can athletes want when they're already getting paid a lot? How many cars can you buy? How many houses can you buy? How many clothes and shoes can you have? How much jewelry can you buy? It seems to me that materialism and wealth is what consumes athletes and that's why they're always demanding a lot of money. Athletes say they wanna win championships but i don't believe them because if you wanna win championships, you shouldn't be demanding a lot of money when you're already getting paid a lot of money.

That was messed up what Joakim Noah of the Bulls said in last year's playoffs against Cleveland when he said i've never heard anybody say i'm going to Cleveland for a vacation. I'm from Cleveland and i gotta defend my city and say that there's things to do in Cleveland. So fuck what Joakim said. Cleveland has some nice restaurants and clubs. I really like being in Cleveland during the summer. It's some cute hot black and white women in Cleveland. I just hate the winter there.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-07-2011, 04:11 PM
Boozer wanted to be more part of the offense, and got more money from Utah than Cleveland was going to pay him.

Alot of free agents didnt come to Cleveland because Lebron wasn't committed to Cleveland and they didnt want to be stuck on a siinking ship.....like Byron Scott did as a coach.

Had LeBron committed and signed a long contract, they would have attracted free agents.

Larry Hughes turned out to be a huge bust and Ray Allen chose money to stay in Seattle at the time before being traded to Boston.

Michael Redd also chose money to stay in Milwaukee.

Had either f those two signed with the Cavs, they may have wona championship, u never know.

Same situation is happening in Denver. NO Free agent is going to go there not knowing if Anthony is going to stay.

The whole NBA labor situation is a result of teams not being able to keep stars. A franchise tag will probably be introduced. Like in the NFL

02-07-2011, 04:17 PM
Nicky, can you explain me the concept of franchise tag, please ??

Olive Oil Goombah
02-07-2011, 04:18 PM
noah was just talking shit...thats what he does. he embraces that role.

Usually teams aren't even built through free agency. The Celtics did it through the draft and trades.

Orlando right now is through draft and trades....and the traded Lewis because they overpaid for him in free agency.

Shaq and Barkley were some of the biggest names to leave a team thru free agency before Lebron. So its pretty rare, and its pretty new right now.

Guys make so much money now that money isn't the only motivation. They want superteams and dynasties.

ANd LA and Miami are party spots and people that love the limelight will be attracted there.

New York can't compete with the weather, w hich is why they really dont land to many FA's either, but they might get lucky cuz Carmelo is a new Yorker.

Other than that....all of your recent champions are built through trades and the draft....with Shaq being the lone exception.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-07-2011, 04:23 PM
Nicky, can you explain me the concept of franchise tag, please ??

in the NFL, a team can "franchise" a players (usually its best player) for the next year thus not allowing him to leave. they can do it even if he's a free agent or if he has 2 or less years on his contract.

But players who get the franchise tag get alot of money for that year. i think like 10 to 20 milliion depending on the position.

Every sport should have this.

But teams are only allowed on franchise tag per year....they dont all use it.

But its safe to say, the Cavaliers would have used it for Lebron and the Nuggets would have used it for Carmelo.

It could happen in the NBA because their Union isnt as strong as the MLB's...witht he NFL's being probably the weakest.

Dirty Knowledge
02-07-2011, 11:47 PM
HAhahaha, CJ, you a fool for this one my nigga.

02-08-2011, 08:21 PM
Dirty Knowledge, what's funny about what i said? Lebron should've stayed with Cleveland because if he had, some star players probably would've came like NickyTooch said and the Cavs would've won some championships. Why do athletes have to be so consumed with getting a lot of money? Carlos Boozer would've still been a big part of the Cavs offense if he had stayed. Cleveland i'm sure was paying him a lot of money. So just because Utah offered him more money, he leaves. You see that he didn't get far in the playoffs with Utah. I don't think he'll get far in the playoffs with Chicago depending on how long he stays. LOL@Michael Redd choosing money to stay in Milwaukee over possibly getting some championships with Cleveland hahahahahahahahahahahaha. He'll never win a championship with Milwaukee and his career is over now because he's been injured for a long time the last few seasons. I didn't know Ray Allen was thinking about playing with Cleveland when he was with Seattle.

02-09-2011, 11:00 AM
Nicky, thanx. That would be a good move.

02-09-2011, 07:31 PM
I'm sure Joakim Noah isn't the only one in the NBA that feels this way...he's the only one who's actually said it out loud. Maybe LBJ wanted a change of scenery/lifestyle. How old is he? 25/6? I know Cleveland has its nightlife and all but probably not comparable to Miami, LA, NY, or even Chi. Some markets sell themselves and remember these guys are young multimillionaires that want to be where the action is at. You think A-Rod would consider going to the KC Royals if he were a free agent? A co-worker of mine basically echoed what Noah said about Cleveland...and the dude is from Cleveland.

02-09-2011, 07:38 PM
In movies Cleveland is always made fun of, so I assume it's a shithole lol, maybe that's why:b.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-09-2011, 07:54 PM
Anyone who has played here loves the city. Especially sports, its a great sports town and it has everything you need. WInters are cold, but thats everywhere in the midwest and northeast.

Its blown way out of proportion.

The Cavs were lowere level playoff team the years Redd and Allen were free agents, and those guys chose the money to stay in Milwaukee and Seattle. Larry Hughes was the third option and they got him.

Everywhere is what you make it. If you want to play in a city solely for its nightlife than your an idiot.

Lebron went to Miami because of Wade and Pat Riley and Bosh. Not cuz of the nightlife.

People go to the Lakers because the Lakers are a historic franchise. You notice how nobody flocks to play for the Clippers or the Sacramento Kings....Houston Rockets....Phoenix Suns etc.

A-Rod aint playing for the Royals because the Royals can't pay him 200 million. Baseball is a whole different animal. 90 percent of the teams can't pay the top free agents.

The biggest reason the Cavs didn't get anyone was because LeBron was not committed beyond last year. Otherwise they would have been able to do it.

If San Antonio can do it, anyone can do it. It has nothing to do with market so much as it does with the players you have. If Duncan leaves the Spurs they go downhill and have to rebuild.

If Kobe left the Lakers it would have been the same.

Your looking too deep into it.

Lebron wanted to win as many championships as easy as possible....thats why he chose Miami.

Nasty Nash
02-10-2011, 01:42 AM
Magic Johnson donated blood

Dr. Dre was still in med school

Pluto was still a planet

the only wizard in the league was Magic Johnson

haha add on to the cav's plight!

Olive Oil Goombah
02-10-2011, 11:01 AM
the cavs have never won a championship. LOL.

I didnt realize that we were so hated. I guess its the beatdowns and lebron and his buddies laughing it up and posing.

I owuld hate that shit too. I didnt like it even as a cavs fan.

but coming from a suns fan, its a little awkward, seeing as how phoenix never really won anything.

Nasty Nash
02-10-2011, 01:31 PM
I'm talking in context of this season, but if you want to talk about past that ok. We are pretty disappointing this year but we are the best sports franchise to NOT win a championship, big fish in a small bowl.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-10-2011, 01:54 PM
I got family in PHoenix and they are big Suns fans. So i dont mind the Suns, i been to a game. I liked the arena...the women are beautiful.

Dirty Knowledge
02-10-2011, 05:42 PM
ahahahaha CJ

you just a damn fool my duke

Art Vandelay
02-11-2011, 03:35 PM
Kids In 'Scared-Straight' Program Visit Horrifying Cleveland Cavaliers Practice
FEBRUARY 11, 2011 |


CLEVELAND—As part of an effort to help at-risk youths turn their lives around before it's too late, organizers of a local "scared-straight" program exposed a group of at-risk teens to the horrors of a Cleveland Cavaliers practice Wednesday.

The 13- to 18-year-old juveniles—who were enrolled in the program by concerned family members or teachers hoping to show them the possible consequences of delinquent behavior—endured a long and painful day at the Cavaliers' training facility. While there, they were subjected to the same environment of hopelessness and despair the Cavaliers face every day and were forced to watch the NBA's worst team attempt layup drills, run the most basic offensive plays, and play a full-court scrimmage.

"I don't want to ruin my life and end up someplace like this," a visibly shaken 13-year-old Calvin Roberts said after witnessing three straight hours of poor ball-handling skills and terrible shooting. "It was the worst thing I've ever seen. I can't imagine going through day after day of that. All I could think about was apologizing to my parents for being such a jerk all the time."

Cleveland Scared Straight organizer Doug Whitney touted the program's ability to instill fear in teenagers by subjecting them to the sight of dejected Cavaliers who repeatedly miss free throws, turn the ball over during fast break drills, and look completely lost while working on their full-court press. Whitney believes that exposure to the 12 broken men responsible for the most atrocious losing-streak in NBA history has deterred countless teens from choosing the wrong path.

"Watching the Cavaliers practice—actually being right there up close, where you can see the anger and the desperation firsthand—is a really harsh experience for these kids," Whitney said. "But it makes a huge impact. All of them are ready to straighten up and fly right after they see the consequences of not even knowing which player is responsible for taking the ball out of bounds."

Whitney said that early on, some critics questioned whether the shock tactics were truly effective. Visiting teens often cried when the reality of their situation struck them, sometimes from the moment they were instructed to put on their mandatory Cleveland Cavaliers T-shirts. Many were nearly struck by the endless barrage of mishandled basketballs, and there were questions as to whether attending the Cavaliers practices put the youths at even greater risk than they had been before. But the vast majority of participants displayed improved behavior after seeing the fundamentally unsound losing path their lives could take them down.

"And in those rare cases where seeing a practice doesn't work, we take them to an actual Cavaliers game," said Whitney, explaining that it is a last resort used only with teens who are hardest to reach. "By the end of the first quarter, even the toughest kids are begging to leave and promising they'll never get into trouble again."

During Wednesday's practice, several players interacted with the teenagers, intimidating them with the bald truth of pitiful statistics and telling them horror stories about the team's dreadful season, including the time the Cavaliers were embarrassed on their home court by the Miami Heat.

"You want to end up like me?" said forward J.J. Hickson, screaming at the teens. "Broken down, hopeless, and barely able to complete a bounce pass without turning it over? Then you just keep living your life they way you have been. Look at this. This is you in 10 years."

"What are you laughing at?" added Hickson, staring directly at a snickering 14-year-old. "You think getting blown out by the fucking Toronto Raptors is funny? That's what I thought once. But this is some serious shit right here. I wish this life on no man."

While the teenagers attempted to present a tough exterior as they listened to the Cavaliers talk about how they turned the ball over 17 times against the Detroit Pistons or how they were pathetically optimistic after almost beating the 22-28 Indiana Pacers, a majority of the troubled juveniles became so frightened that they ultimately burst into tears.

"When we first showed up, I told everybody I wasn't scared," said Eric Carter, 17, rubbing at his red eyes. "But after five minutes, all I could think about was going home and trying to improve my life. I'm definitely better than something awful like this. Hell, my brothers and I run a better three-man weave than that."

"One time I visited a prison with Scared Straight," 15-year-old Clayton Jackson said. "But this is way worse. I'd rather be serving a life sentence in jail."

Tony Manuel, 16, said the intervention made him realize he needed to improve his attitude, avoid making poor decisions, and spend more time practicing his dribbling.

"Until you actually see these guys, you don't see what a waste it is," Manuel said. "And really, the only difference between them and me is that they can't move the ball up the court, get takeaways, rebound, or drive into the paint without dribbling the ball off their foot."

Cavaliers point guard Daniel Gibson told the gathered teenagers that they were lucky, saying that if he had participated in a scared-straight program as a youth, he would have stayed in school and might have actually made something of his life.

"You may think you have it bad," Gibson told the kids. "But come talk to me after you've been completely abandoned by your best player and left to fend for yourself. Come talk to me when you have no hope."

"No fucking hope at all," Gibson added, almost to himself.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-11-2011, 05:05 PM
ahahahah....u bitches


02-11-2011, 05:08 PM

Charles Barry
02-12-2011, 01:05 AM
Glad to see the Cavs finally get a win. That was one hell of a streak.

Olive Oil Goombah
02-12-2011, 09:25 AM
if Hickson would only play with that intensity every night, he'd be ok, but he is too stupid.

Plus, if the Cavs, on top of LeBron didn't lose Shaq, Z, Varajao, Delonte and Mo WIlliams and Boobie Gibson for most of the year with injuries, they wouldn't be this terrible.

but its better they are because they need a top 3 pick.

02-12-2011, 01:37 PM
NickyTooch, nice picture of George Washington Carver and you're right that a NBA athlete is a idiot for only wanting to play in a city that has nice weather and nightclubs. Like i said, a NBA athlete can go on vacation to cities that have nice weather and nightclubs when the season is over. The main objective of a NBA athlete is to win a championship with any team he plays on no matter what city he plays in. I don't give a shit about people from outta town dissing Cleveland. The city isn't as terrible as outta towners think. The winter sucks there but during the summer, it's nice and Cleveland has some cute black and white women. I have a problem with the jobs there and the winter but if i had gotten a good job there and if it didn't snow there, i would've stayed. I think Lebron was too impatient and he should've stayed with Cleveland because if he had, some star players probably would've came there and he would have gotten some championships.

03-19-2011, 12:46 PM
I take back what i said about i would've stayed in Cleveland if i had a job. I'm glad i live in Maryland now because there's nothing to do in Cleveland. The malls there suck and i'm upset Randall Park Mall is closed and it seems that it's gonna be vacant for a long time. The owners should renovate the mall and open it up again so the blacks in that area can have a mall to go to instead of having to go to malls far from where they live. My aunt told me that there's gonna be a casino built downtown Cleveland. I'm sure the Cleveland residents are excited about that. Cleveland gets their asses kicked regularly. I see they lost to Portland a few days ago 111-70 LOL. They're gonna be rebuilding for a long time. I don't understand why there isn't a lot of empty seats at their home games LOL.

Olive Oil Goombah
03-19-2011, 03:16 PM
dude randall park mall was ghetto as fuck when it was still operational....thast where all the black people went and carjackings took place.


03-22-2011, 07:30 PM
Whatever. Like i told you, i've been to Randall Park Mall a lot of times and my car never got stolen. I also used to go to Magic Johnson's movie theatre inside Randall Park Mall several times. NickyTooch, have you ever been to Fort Washington, Maryland and Alexandria, Virginia before? If you haven't, you would love the malls here because their malls are way better than Cleveland's malls.

Olive Oil Goombah
03-22-2011, 07:57 PM

Olive Oil Goombah
04-22-2011, 11:04 PM
do you know anything about sports??

are you an actual fan of a team?

debates always lead to shit talking. its part of being a sports fan.

you insult the other guys team.

jesus your pathetic.

04-27-2011, 03:32 AM
i feel pity for the cavs

i hope baron davis plays himself outta there and they get a player and a pick for him, so that'd amount for 2 first rounders and a good player for mo williams. probably would have to take someone with a bad contract who's good.

for next year they have jamison, baron, hickson, sessions, hollins, samuels

thats 3 good players and at least 2 redundant players. they gotta make a trade. keep hickson unless they could get something dope that fits with their team, but it's hard to find talented big men who are athletic, and hickson has a decent nose for the ball

Olive Oil Goombah
05-17-2011, 09:29 PM
Kyrie Irving is the newest Cavalier.